Mystery Sony Ericsson Device


Someone really took a cue from HTC and leaking some half shots of a mystery Sony Ericsson Device; and it certainly isn’t the XPERIA Play.
Absolutely nothing is known about this device other than the model number could be LT15i. Web Masters are deducing that the LT15i is a Gingerbeard device due to the two being tied together in user agent logs.

[Read on Engadget | Pocket Now | Picasa]

There is no typo

Tyler Miller

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  1. What’s with all the weird quotes/comments at the end of the articles?

  2. Is that a LED flash on the front? Wth?

  3. Is that the charging port on top? If so, that’s dumb!

  4. Yup it looks like the charging port.

  5. Frontal camera!

  6. the question is? Will it blend!

  7. yeah, wires out of the top of the device doesn’t make sense.

  8. Well top is better than the stupid left side like mytouch 4g!

  9. You all should get engineering degrees and become phone designers and put the charging ports where u want them. #peoplecomplainaboutanything

  10. @Hulk hahaha

  11. what is Gingerbeard?, I know what Gingerbread is

  12. @five
    Agree people complain about anything and everything everytime a new phone comes out

  13. If no one’s caught it yet, Tyler misspelled Gingerbread, and instead put Gingerbeard. Then, at the very bottom of the article, it says “There are no typos.” Just saiyan.

  14. @caleb
    Is it that big of a deal that he misspelled it? Everyone makes mistakes lol. This is about a phone not spelling. Just saying!

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