HTC Mecha to the Incredible HD, now Thunderbolt?


This device really seems to be getting around, we first caught a semi glimpse of it five days ago in some half shots. But it may finally be settling on a name, the HTC Thunderbolt. Or at least that’s how HTC is trying to advertise it.

Android Central has a few readers with quick eyes that came across the teaser advertisement for the image included here with the following URL attached:


We can expect the silk cloth to come off sometime around the sixth of next month at CES, afterwards we will get elbow deep in details.

[via Android Central]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Its going to verizon hell ya im on it love the incredible verizon gets the cream of the crop phones

  2. Still pointless… Its not dual core. HTC is really slacking in the dual core department. Those LG phones are lookin gud

  3. Holy “The artist formerly known as Prince” treatment Batman!

  4. dual core, really?

  5. its all about that triple core BAY BAH!

  6. On HTC’s US webpage, the Thunderbolt is in the scroll-through.

    Oh, and http://www.htc.com/us/4G?extcid=Thunderbolt-4G-Disp
    ^^The NEW signup link.

  7. The one after my dream phone? So, this has a 4,5″ Super PLS Full HD display, Samsung Orion/Tegra 3, a 12mpx camera, 1080p recording and HDMI? WOW

  8. My dream phone would be on verizon, have 4g, a 4″ SAMOLED or SLCD screen, dual core processor, at least a 1750mah battery, the back camera should have 30fps 720p video. I would prefer better camera quality over a ridiculous amount of meaningless megapixels. The phone should also have a front facing camera, HDMI out, a NFC chip, and last but not least, gingerbread, preferably stock gingerbread. All of this would be packed into nothing bigger or thicker than a nexus s or galaxy s phone.

  9. Oh, and a sturdy build design with gorilla glass

  10. Dream phone, Basically everything the G2 is already, BUT a sidekick 3 keyboard, and Zune Software as the music player. YES I SAID ZUNE SOFTWARE! NO I DONT WANT A WP7, GET OVER IT. : ]

  11. It’s nothing we haven’t seen already HTC

  12. IF it’s not a better screen than iPhone 4, don’t even bother to release it…

  13. @linus
    Who cares if it doesnt have a better screen than the iphone. If you want that then go get an iphone

  14. @Linus I’ll take better OS over better screen any day of the week.

    Besides, I find a big 480p screen to be better looking than a tiny 640p screen. Its all relative, can’t really tell much difference but bigger is easier to read for many people.

  15. @julian thats a good phone just add 1080p video and too got have the option too go sense or vanilla

  16. It’s really dual core?

  17. Sidekick Twist!!!

  18. Before there was mytouch and G1

    Now new mytouch and G2.

    Now,Possible it’s SIDEKICK TWIST!

  19. Hmm…let’s see, dream phone for me right now would be: On Verizon, 4″ or larger screen, hardware keyboard with dedicated number row, world phone, with at least one sdxc slot, and stylus support. Software wise it needs to have root easily available (no hacking required) and a completely customizable interface. Unfortunately I think I’m going to have a very long wait.

  20. Let’s see dream phone I would want a 4.3 inch touch screen SAMOLED screen also gorilla glass. Stock gingerbread or what ever is the current update. No physical keyboard. Dual Core processor, LTE capability, Zune music player. Front facing camera 2 mp, 10 mp for camera. 1080p video taking, hdmi, 16gb internal and 16 gb for the card.

  21. @dork I totally agree, zune software on the android would be cream of the crop. I think Microsoft will eventually do it. They already have stupid bing on some of the android phones.

    Eventually it will be the age old motto: If you can’t beat them join them!

    Or some really smart developer will do it for us.

  22. Love the name Thunderbolt!

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