EVO Shift 4G for $150, According to Best Buy


Android Police got a hold of the above image which clearly shows the Sprint bound HTC EVO Shift 4G could be yours for $149.99, $549.99 sans two year agreement.

This QWERTY laden device is on track to make good on its rumored launch date, January 9th, and could be a great alternative to those of you that decided the Epic 4G just wasn’t the device you wanted, but really want to see what all the WiMax hubbub is all about.

[via Android Police | Seen on Into Mobile]

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  1. lame. how was everyones christmas!?

  2. My christmas sucked…but had this info cane out then, I would have been jumping for joy…I’ve been due for an upgrade since October, I am so happy I waited. I’m getting this day one

  3. everything really good!!! the family! the friends! the gifts! but the bad… no froyo for my Epic :-(

  4. glad to hear.

  5. so yesterday news

  6. Lame. Smaller screen, slide out keyboard that I thought android wanted to eliminate, gonna have screen switch problems, smaller screen(downgrade from 4.3 to 3.7), bulkier. Just a huge disappointment. Keeping my full touch Evo

  7. Anthony shut up. The g1(the 1st Android phone) had a keyboard…keep your evo. I’ll take the faster phone with a keyboard, especialy when its cold outside so i dont have to worry about gloves getting in the way….maybe the next phone will be more of ur taste, but thats no reason to shit on a phone that outperdorms ur own.

  8. Paris,
    Just based on the prices of both devices (you can see the EVO is still $199.99 on that list), I doubt we are going to see a faster processor. Processor changes are 100% rumor and nothing of fact. I am also not sure how gloves come into the mix here, as with using a slideout keyboard with gloves is almost as much of a bitch as a touch screen (these phones are NOT made to be used with gloves… period). I agree that this phone shouldn’t be condemned for this reason. The biggest problem is the name, IMO. I don;t view this product as an upgrade at all, but rather just another phone catering to a slightly different audience. I suspect they used the name solely because the EVO has done very well on Sprint’s network. Take the droid pro as an example. Is it an upgrade to ANY of the droid line? Not at all. Just because it is the newest of the droid line doesn’t make it the upgrade or the replacement of any of the other units. HTC is doing the same thing here. I’d be willing to bet we will be seeing much more of the name EVO on Sprint’s network.

  9. I thought that 2011 was the year of the front facing camera in the US. Haven’t been able to tell on this phone, but looks like no camera. On a side note, Sprint is starting to slack when it comes to phones. The flagship phone is still the Evo (Epic too I suppose, I just don’t trust the timeframe that Samsung uses for updates). However, the Evo is 6 months old? I like the form factor.. love the big screen. I’ve been waiting for 2nd gen Snapdragon to make it to the Evo2…. or whatever it gets called, along with an AMOLED screen or Super LCD.

  10. A front facing camera wouldve sold me. As to having a TRUE alternative to the EPIC. Since apparently they dont want to step on the Epics toes…i shall pass. If the pourage on the EPIC is too hot and the EVO Shift is too cold…..Hopefully an LG Slider will be just Right.

  11. I wish the Evo Shift was a 3G device with a front facing camera. Not everyone has 4G where they are and the only 3g device with a ffc is the Samsung transform which is garbage. I don’t know why Sprint is turning their back on the idea of a mid-high end 3G device

  12. As tempting as this phone looks, definitely not an upgrade from epic. @paris lol i do love watching those evo users take their gloves off to use the phone lol. I have small gloves and i navigate my screens and type like i was on a laptop. Even with 2.1 my epic isnt so bad.

  13. Exactly @dc I wear small gloves too and would have no problem textin on this lol

  14. Vlingo suffices for most tasks on my EVO. Taking my gloves off as little as I do is not a deal breaker!

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