Android TV Kit from Vidtonic


DIY Android TV
This should be one of the cooler things to come out of CES this year. Vidtonic promises to have a build-your-own Android TV kit on display, much to the delight of everyone who hates prebuilt.

In the kit, you should expect:

  • Housing
  • Cables
  • 1080p LCD panel
  • Power supply
  • Motherboard
  • Software tools to piece it all together

On paper this looks to be on heck of a kit for any aspiring hacker to get their hands on, but what will the catches be? It may be a hard sell to most who are interested if the price isn’t right, sub $500 is the first number that comes to mind. How easy is it to brick? The last thing you need is to drop all that money on it, only to FUBAR your toy within the first hour.

Obviously this wont be for the everyday Phandroidian, but it’s hard to say that some interesting things wont come from something like this.

This platform is expected to launch 2Q2011 and early adopters can expect to get their kits as early as 1Q2011. User and developer forums will be launching immediately after CES, taking place on January sixth.

[via Android Central]

Yeah, but does it have Gingerbeard?

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  1. id rather just buy the thing ready to go out of box for $700

  2. Then I guess you clicking, reading and commenting on this article was a complete waste of everyone’s time.

  3. By Android TV, they don’t mean Google TV right?

  4. I think I’ll wait and see if Cyanogen does something with it.

  5. I’d like something like this if its pretty cheap.

  6. I’d go for something like this! DIY all the way!

  7. I would like to do something like this. Plus cyanogen-mod android tv, that would be awesome!

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