CM7 Hits Alpha on Nexus S


What deems a phone a success? Some would says specs, carriers and price; others would say units moved. But you know you’ve made it big when Cyanogen and Co. give their blessing and start working on a device.
Nexus S CM7

It should really come as no shocker that CM would be available, sooner or later, for the Nexus S. It is, after all, the latest Google Developer Phone.

If you haven’t already snagged ROM Manager from the Market, do so below. Give CM7 a whirl and let us know what you think. Just remember that “Alpha” means not to expect a 100% ROM.

[Talk Android]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Good work. What are missing? And what’s the value added on top of vanilla Gingerbread?

  2. You should not tamper with your phones. It will void the warranty.

  3. Hey Steve, SUCK IT!!!

  4. Priceless.

  5. Steve go die.


  6. Go buy the iPhone.
    It has no flaws and is silky smooth

  7. Steve, didn’t I tell you to not trick others into buying crap products. Your grounded!

  8. Awe man…ROLMAO

  9. Interesting how Cyanogen has avoided the entire Galaxy Line but NOW wants to chime in? Wonder why. I’ve been a HUGE fan of his work but started losing interest when he avoided them all together. Oh, until now that is.

  10. @Just the FACTS He didn’t ignore them it was because Samsung would release the codes so that CM could work properly but since Google did for the Nexus S last week now there is nothing stopping them. Nexus S is a modified Galaxy S anyways, so direct your disappointment at Samsung.

  11. So far, a2 is working flawless!! It’s missing most of the CM goodness, but that is expected to come. I installed cuz I got tired of the ota update trying to install on my rooted phone… (yea for status 7!)

    The market is still the oldschool one… I was hoping for the new one, but oh well :-)

  12. Still waiting for Cyanogen to hit the Samsung Captivate…
    and still waiting…
    and still waiting…

  13. @phil
    I find it odd that my brothers have the new market on there HTC hero and HTC desire, yet i have the old market on my nexus s??? weird

  14. awesome

  15. YES!!! FINALLY someone asked the only real question that needs to be answered so if you think you’re an android pro help me out. WHY ROOT AND FLASH MY NEXUS S??? It’s stock Gingerbread so no change needed there, no skins or custon UI’s to get rid of and no bloatware. So give me the pros and cons of CyanogenMOD’n my Nexus S . Oh and P.S., I’m running CM6.1 on my MT3G Slide and I LOVE IT!!!!

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