Two Million Galaxy S Phones Sold in South Korea


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It’s no mystery that everyone loves the home team; so it should come as no shock that the Galaxy S has done very well in its native land, South Korea. They have moved 2 million Galaxy S devices in the six months it has been available in South Korea, more than 20% of worldwide sales. To give you something to bump against, the iPhone has moved around 1.8 million devices even though it has been available for twice as long as the Galaxy S.

To date, Samsung has moved a total of 9.3 million Galaxy S handsets. And with Samsung’s goal to go diamond with the Galaxy S family by year’s end, there is a very good chance they will make it with a final push this week.

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  1. 9.3 million, wow. Did any other Android phone sell more?

  2. Who cares? Please take the site down. Android is horrible. You know it I know it soon everyone will know. 2 Million people in S Korea just found out. The only people whi buy an Android phone are those that cant get an Iphone….again you know it, i know it

  3. Dammit, out of popcorn.

  4. What?? I choose a captivate over the iphone 4. I could have got the iphone it was the same price. On top of that I already had an iPhone and they suck.

  5. @donnydon stop trolling…android 4 life son.

  6. to prove how terrible the philosophy on the iphone is.

    I just spent 600 bux to get my gf updated on her iphone.

    I got her the iphone 4… but she has a mac. In order to get her iphone 4 to work with her mac and current music/contacts/apps library that she bought for the older iphone, she needs the latest itunes.

    well guess what, itunes won’t update unless you first update the OS to snow leopard.

    ok… 130 bux for that… oh but wait, in order to get snow leopard to install i need to get more ram… fine.. ok apple store person, lets get more ram.

    sorry buddy, you gotta go to “tekserve” because we don’t service the older macbook (3 years old)

    so in the end… iphone4 needs itunes needs snowleopard needs more ram.


  7. 9.3 million sold. now if only samsung could support their customers the way the customers supported them. Timely updates would be nice. As for the iphone, the iphone sucks

  8. lol that donny guy must not have a life, who cares what kinds of phones people have.. its there own taste and style

  9. I used to think android sucked and iphone was way better…..but know that I own an android I can see that it is far superior.

  10. @ kashif – well said. @ nemesys06 – real talk. @ Samsung – can I have a 4.3 – 5″ PHONE please! The fuckin stripped down US Galaxy Tab is a fuckin joke.

  11. Wow. Are there any other Android phones that have sold more? Now, as someone said above, Samsung needs to support their customers the way we support them. Or they’re gonna have millions of angry people to deal with.

  12. Two million people got fooled

  13. So my real question is do the google maps/google earth show tactical targets in North Korea? ROR (Raugh Out Roud)

  14. @ kashif Sorry to hear that but guess what the iSheep will swallow literally ANYTHING Jobs throw at them. So, no point arguing with them iSheep

  15. Listen, I love my Vibrant in many ways. I love the “philosophy” of Android. But I’m tired of my Vibrant rebooting 2-3 times a day due to locking up. At least once a day, I get a phone call I cannot answer. I try, but my phone won’t respond.

    I’m sorta anti-Apple; been so for decades. But my wife’s iPhone 3G doesn’t lock up. Her CPU is way slow, memory is tight, but her phone works without fail. I can’t tell you how often I’ve tried to map out a navigation, and can’t get it to work (either GPS or buggy OS), so my wife takes out her crap, old, outdated 3G and gets the nav to work.

    At the end of the day, Android has the market share, and can either push it further, or many Android fan-boys (like myself) are going to explore WP7, IP4, or something different. At the end of the day, my smartphone can’t continue to be a dipshit; it has to work consistently. And I can’t be expected to root/jailbreak my phone in order to make it function properly. That’s absurd.

  16. Wilco, I can understand you completely coming from a Vibrant user as well. I HATE, i repeat I HATE Samsung phones. I promise to persuade ANYONE I know Away from Samsung’s lame Piece of shit and their shameful Lies.

  17. Take AndroidToy with a pinch of salt, he’s the ultimate Samsung hater.

  18. Ive had 5 android phones!!! Im on verizon and dont even have an Iphone. I left ATT because I like Verizon service better. But man do I miss the Iphone!!

  19. Well, my experience is G1, and not Vibrant. So much of the Vibrant is way cool. But I really think the problem is the OS itself. I think the memory management and OS handling of resources requires a much stronger phone. Or Android might need to place some artificial guardrails to ensure better resource management for a phone. I can’t imagine these are limited to Samsung. I’ll assure you, I’m not going out a buying another phone for full price. My question is which phone will I buy next when my contract expires?

    The irony; my wife and kids would be Android users too if they didn’t see the performance of my phone. I’ve tried to sell them on the Android, but they don’t like the UI as well, and they always make fun of me when my phone locks up. It always does.

    Also, I’ve only used about 25% of my 2G of application capacity. I have plenty of storage availability too (several Gig on each of the internal storage and SD storage). I’ve limited widgets, and I use Launcher Pro.

    Just give me a phone I don’t have to dick with constantly. I just want to use it, I don’t want to feel like I’m part of a movement.

  20. I love android. I also picked captivate over ip4. I’m just saying this to prove something…If the ip4 sucks, then why does it still have the best looking screen and why alot of androids have ip like look? That is all.

  21. There are a lot of reasons why I like my Samsung Vibrant, and two reasons why I think it sucks: poor gps and lag. I’m hoping software updates from Samsung will fix both. GPS on my bosses iPhone can pinpoint us within the building, whereas my Vibrant sees one sat but can’t lock. Outside on a clear day my gps will work one minute and then start bouncing around until I get gps signal lost. What @Stephen said, Samsung better start providing support. If not, this will be my last Samsung.

  22. I guess that’s 2 million more people who will never receive android 2.2. Its amazing why stupid ass people still support Samsung, just don’t cry when your phones are stuck on old ass android 2.1! Samsung lie about their products just to improve sales, don’t buy in to their bullshit!

  23. Tyler will be editing this one. Racial bigotry has no place here.

  24. Galaxy S phones are indeed good, but their updates are sad. Very very sad. Its going to take months for all of the phones to even get an official froyo update…

  25. Galaxy S phones are amazing.

    And I seriously don’t care about OTA updates by the carrier coz I’m already running Froyo for months. LOL. Gonna get Gingerbread soon.

  26. yawn…

  27. that is one big feat. talk about national cohesion. looking forward to the Orion Dual Core!

  28. Threats what everyone says my last samsung ,yea right lol!

  29. @Wilco get yourself a warranty replacement. If you have to reboot constantly that’s not normal. There are obviously a few things that Vibrant owners complain about, but I don’t think that’s one of them.

  30. @jonco

    Samsung is Korean, HTC is Taiwanese. So your racist chink rant FAILS.

  31. I love my vibrant, just wish we could get updates.i used to have the iphone 4, even thought the screen is higher resolution, that doesn’t mean it’s better. The galaxy s has the best screen on market. Both phones are amazing. The only fallback for the galaxy s is the updates. I shouldn’t say the iphone sucks, it is a great phone but I prefer the galaxy s. As for samsung, they need to update more frequently. If touchwiz is such a problem then they either need to rebuild it from the ground up to be update friendly or eliminate it entirely. They are a hardware company that needs to get more comfortable with software.

  32. @snake lol I know right.

  33. Samsung should just stick with hardware.

  34. @ donnydon


    either very funny joke, or you are a complete idiot, just right for an iphone.

  35. @ son

    my galaxy S on froyo 2.2.1 JPX rom is FANTASTIC

  36. Donny Don, you’re a poet, poet, but you don’t know it, know it. Donny Don your all alone, alone, with your iPhone, Phone, you’re such a bone. Donny Don!

    Sing it bitch!

  37. @donnydon, i got the iPhone 4 and after playing with it for two hours i return it because android is too much of a plaform when compare to the iphone and is not even close, once you go android you never go back trust me, and in fact i was aproved for 5 i phone 4 if i wanted them, but my Samsung vibrant is too good to let go.

  38. @jonpo, i am very happy with my vibrant i get a new version of froyo almost every day hahahaha, i choose not to wait for Sammy to do updates, they already made the best looking android phone so i stoped complaining and did something on my own, i rooted my vibrant and i been using froyo all day since two moth ago, i am a very happy camper and very satisfied customer.

  39. people please stop complaining about samsung not doing updates, imagine if we all had an iPhone and had to wait for sir job give us an yearly update , it could had been worst.

  40. Wilco, come on over to the WP7 side of things(no lags or lock up here) lol

    I like the galaxy S devices especially those absolutely gorgeous screens however the lag, gps, and signal issues made a great phone into a slightly above mediocre phone.
    Good for them selling 2 million in their home state….The average consumer(like myself) do not care about the updates b/c most don’t even know they have an update…I say this all the time when i read “broken promises” or they are slow updating. If i was still a diehard android person and not using a windows phone, I may have gone for a nexus S….

  41. @jonpo
    This is about Korea not the US. They’ve been on 2.2 for months.

    To all the Samsung haters, there’s a new firmware out almost every second day. 2.2.1 JPU, JPX and now JPY are SMOKING!

  42. I chose my Samsung Captivate over the iPhone 4 because well lets face it the iPhone used to be the best but now ios is getting kinda stale if you know what I’m saying. Android is just much better and faster. Also I agree Samsung should have already updated the Galaxy S series to Froyo by now.

  43. “I guess that’s 2 million more people who will never receive android 2.2. Its amazing why stupid ass people still support Samsung, just don’t cry when your phones are stuck on old ass android 2.1! Samsung lie about their products just to improve sales, don’t buy in to their bullshit!”

    You wanna stir the pot, at least use your brains, dipshit. Just because the USA’s stuck on Eclair doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. Blame it on your carriers.

  44. @jonpo
    You seriously need to take a Prozac. Or maybe get laid. You are without a doubt the leader of the lamers. The bad language shows your lack of intelligence. Your raving over something as trivial as a phone shows a lack of focus in your life. Here’s a clue: get a different phone. You’re contemptible attitude and continued berating of Samsung is tiresome. Would there ever be a phone that could appease you? I doubt it. Maybe you should become a Jobs fanboy. You obviously need someone to lead you because you sure aren’t a leader yourself. Just a snot-nosed little wimp that makes himself feel big by using foul language. Grow up little boy.

  45. +1 cactuscat.

  46. +1 Cactus Cat

    @Wicked Dicks, it’s called XDA

  47. @jc29
    I don’t know what you’re trying to say. Where do you think I got JPX and JPY ROM’s from?

  48. ROR, was awesome.

    ROR my head off.

  49. people with the Vibrant’s that are being retarded.

    http://www.teamwhiskey.com Rooting is NOT illegal. its like becoming an administrator on your windows pc. and if you have a mac than automatically your just trollin cuz your that much of a loser.

    Rooting the Samsung vibrant literally form start to finish takes about 45 seconds if your slow. the instructions for installing a rom are clearly labeled on the forum. you will NOT want to go back to stock. i admit the vibrant’s stock software at the moment is a big bucket of ass but since Android in itself is kept alive by developers (everyday people just like you and me) were able to create awesomeness for our phones. just give it a chance and see what android can really do for you instead of whining

  50. Some people on here are literally so narrow-minded…either that or just showing the pure STUPIDITY of an average American. Just because the US is stuck on Eclair doesn’t mean the rest of the world is. Blame it on your carriers. Idiots and stop flaming whenever there is a post about Samsung, sick of reading idiotic posts on this site, they have made the best, most attractive mobiles for Android to this day.

    This is good news for Android. It means Android will attract Korean game and app developing companies from Apple e.g Gamevil Com2US etc and make decent games for this OS. The more they sell over there and the more popular it gets over in Korea & Japan, better for Android Community on the whole.

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  52. I understand custom software. I used cyanogen for almost ayear on my G1. But going with custom OS takes a lot of work, and I simply don’t want to mess with it. Why should I be compelled to be a superuser in order to have a decent OS? I just want to use my phone and not think or worry about it. I don’t want to have to blow hours reading forums, with smart ass geeks putting me down cause I asked a question that was addressed 6 weeks ago on a different thread. The root community can be exhausting.

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