Motorola Adds Countdown to CES


Motorola CES Countdown
If there is one thing Motorola has been able to do, with their entire DROID lineup, it’s build hype. Yesterday we were treated to a video detailing the evolution of the tablet. And today we get a countdown to CES clock. Next thing you know they’ll be turning the countdown clock into an app, for iOS.

If you’d like to sign up for updates you can by visiting the countdown.

[via Droid Life]

Tyler Miller

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  1. This needs a clickable header, lol. But I’m stoked.

  2. yup… it has no header….

  3. Motorola would better be hyping us for a reason. If Honeycomb disappoints, I’ll be probably buying the second generation of the “giant iPhone”.

  4. @Ary, I bet they are hyping because it’s also going to have LTE. I don’t think they would be pushing this hard for just the relatively few of us that know what Honeycomb is. And the whole “Ready to skip a generation” tag line sounds like a “3g”/”4g” thing. I could be wrong, maybe they think Honeycomb alone is worth the buzz…

    Also, header is fine for me… And great work with the seemingly one-man-show Tyler :)

  5. just hope that whatever moto has to offer doesnt have blur, also whats the deal with tablets? i dont get them, they are just huge phones, that dont make calls.

  6. @Jeff J, Well, it could be LTE, but what about the teaser they released yesterday? When they call the iPad a “giant iPhone” and the Galaxy Tab a “tablet with phone OS”, I expect them to come up with a better OS. Also, I’m sure LTE would be big, but only for Verizon customers. What about other carriers? What about Europe (I’m European)? I hope it’s Honeycomb.

  7. Considering it’s Motorola & Verizon’s relationship, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Verizon exclusive in the US. :( But I would expect that Europe would have more availability. But I think just because a feature would only be for one carrier wouldn’t prevent them from hyping it. And if you look at the video where Andy Rubin showed off some of Honeycomb, they explain how it would look different on a small-screen device(phone) than a larger screen device (tablet) which would explain the “tablet with phone OS” in my mind. And I’m sure that they will have other optimizations he didn’t get in to. I have no doubt that honeycomb will be pretty sweet. But I still think that at least part of their hype is because of LTE. Not that I’ve heard that Moto’s tablet is going to have LTE from anywhere. It just seems likely because of how hard they are pushing and how Verizon tweeted they’d have android/LTE stuff at CES. That being said, I hope Honeycomb is THAT impressive, too.

  8. I am sick and tired of exclusive agreements and it’s getting real old real quick in the US. It’s to the point that the end users should stop purchasing the product, but I know that would never happen.

  9. I hope the hype also includes the Olympus.

  10. Let me have it with wifi only, please. Then I’ll bite. And I’ll be HARD, the more I hear about this product.

  11. I want Olympus info.. I still have no need for a tablet. I’ve looked at the iPad, and the Tab, and they are nice but my phone and a good laptop or netbook is a better combo for me.. Although I might go for a dedicated e-reader with the technology that makes extended reading on it acceptable.

  12. Hopefully Motorola won’t drop the ball like Samsung did by not releasing a wifi-only version as part of the lineup. Would be the biggest mistake possible if they did not have a wifi-only version from day one.

  13. I am certain it is a 4G Verizon phone. I would also think Motorola is going to hype the heck out of it to get a jump on a Verizon Iphone, which sounds imminent. I would think this phone may be out by March/April. Would love a surprise and have them say “shipping to stores now!”

  14. Let’s hope its a 4g phone because verizon is lagging behind not to mention if the iphone does come to verizon that could take a lot of sales from moto so they may wanna get it out asap.

  15. Motorola Tablet = Droid XL. LOL!

  16. I wonder how the ipad is doing on verizon….i’d buy an android tablet though(still considering a galaxy tab)

  17. im clicking on the link hoping there is a widget available ro put on my droid.

  18. Why would you whant a wifi only? It would suck not being able to surf without wifi.

  19. Something big is going to hit and it is just a matter of time before it does!

  20. @Linus Because we now have the ability to create our own wifi hot spots through our phones

  21. “Better not have Blur.”

    There’s really nothing wrong with the Blur that came with X and 2.

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