Intercept Issues: What Are They? Also, Possibly Fixed by Samsung


It’s well known that the FroYo update has caused issues for almost half of its users. Phandroid just got an anonymous tip detailing the all of the issues that users have been experiencing.
Intercept Issues

That’s quite a hefty list of issues ranging from “not a big deal” to “oh, crap”. Thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel for those of you who haven’t updated yet, and hopefully those of you who have updated and still have a working device.

Samsung has pulled the update, fixed the issues and are relaunching it now. With any luck this is the last we will hear of the Intercept’s Eclair to FroYo merge.

[Thanks, Anon!]

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  1. “Cannot access google.com website”. What’s the internet without google.com? :O

  2. will the update just overwrite my existing froyo update?

  3. Wonder if the carriers and OEMs will get the notion that if they just install stock Android they won’t have problems with updates. Probably not, but it would be nice.

  4. this is making me feel bad cause i talked the wife into getting the pink intercept now its messing up.

  5. Can Samsung do anything right? This is the reason I had to pass on buying the Nexus S.

  6. “Sprint Navigation is not pre-loaded” – Is that seriously really an issue? It would seem more like a positive feature to me.

  7. My husband recently received the update and his Intercept is acting just fine without incident. hmm… As for myself once upon a time I had the pink Intercept and had no issues either, but due to clumsiness of my part that phone met an bitter end and I wound up with an Evo.

  8. Is this going happen for the Virgin Mobile version? I’ve seen this question asked by multiple people in every Sprint Intercept post, but the bloggers never answer..

  9. I think my next phone after the fascinate will be HTC. I am so tired of waiting for froyo.

  10. @Aeries, with the exception of the bloatware installed by sprint, this update is stock android 2.2. That’s why it baffles me they can’t even get this right.

  11. You have a samsung, deal with it.

  12. Yes Samsung can do shiit right its just not in the time frame you want it. Your choice is either buggy ass updates or slow high quality updates.

    As for the Nexus S, Its ALL GOOGLE BABAAAAAAY!!!!!! Seriously you would think its just another galaxy S device but that would be like saying the Samsung Focus is just another Galaxy S device, sure the hardware is similar in various ways but definitely not with the OS. Stock Android 2.3 vs Touchwiz 3.0 over 2.1 is just oh my god amazing. The build quality of it is not even near the Galaxy S, and I say that as I hold my Nexus S in my hand. Only time it ever was close to the vibrants feel was when the battery wasn’t in. Its actually kinda a bit heavy but its not too heavy to the point where its like unbearable. The build quality is GREAT! its soooooooo… smooth in its operation I could not believe it. Nexus S is most certainly not a galaxy S phone. No sir no mam anyone who says it is, is really just full of crap. Amazing device most certainly is the best device out now getting all the latest updates. All the glories that come with an stock android device. Mobile hotspot/ wifi hotspot works great, gps works better than great. Its the best device hands down. MT4G only has like 3 things on it of which are HSPA+ capable but you really aren’t gonna reach the cap until the 42mbps rollout at mid year. MicroSD card slot 16gb’s is a hell lot of space, I definitely won’t fill it up all the way but still would have been nice to have an option for 32 more gigabytes. I highly doubt I will go over 8gb’s thats just me though but ask yourself what good is 48gb’s really than just saying you have it? maybe you have good reason but alot of people hardly go above 8gb’s in total unless they store movies on it. The amount of Ram certainly could have been better, this may be the only thing I can agree that should have been in here. Other than those 3 factors 2 of which doesn’t really matter, its perfect. Its a Google Nexus S not samsung, in the same way the Nexus one isn’t HTC. There is nothing Galaxy esque anout the Nexus S.

  13. Hey that post that Mikael posted doesnt work i just tried it and it said that action failed, is there another site that may have a fixed froyo update?

  14. I have an Intercept that gave me nothing but problems. Early version software that was missing features, unresponsive touchscreen, ssllloooowww operation, slow 3G. I then got an LG Optimus which has Froyo preloaded and, man, what a difference. In normal operation it’s as fast as the EVO. Streaming video was as fast as the EVO (never tried 4G capability, as it’s not available, natch). Even Angry Birds works smoothly on it – good luck trying that on an Intercept. Will NEVER get another Samsung phone ever again. The only thing I miss is the physical keyboard but really liking Swype and voice input.

  15. Well, on friday the 17th my mom got her update. Her phone would not turn back on again until the following Sunday. My brother and I both have the same phone as my mom, but neither of us have gotten updates. We’ve even tried to to do it ourselves by going into system updates and clicking “update android”, but our phones claim to be using the latest version (which they are not.) Shouldn’t everyone’s phone be updated by now? It’s been two weeks since she’s gotten her update. This is kind of ridiculous.

    Also, if we had paid applications on our phone, will they still be there after the update?


    I thought Motorola was the worst with the Cliq. I think Samsung it up there with them!!!!!

  17. Emma: I received my update just 2 days ago on the 6th of January 2011, so no it is not yet too late.
    It seems i have received the fixed version, as, aside from some lagg that i fixed by factory reseting my phone(excellent idea when u have a system update, so the phone isnt confused), ive had no problems whatsoever.
    So no, everyone’s phone should not be updated by now, I imagine you’ll get your update soon, if you have not already.
    Finally, if u have paid applications, yes they will still be there after the update.
    Update if anyone up there needs it, I am running the 2.2 update on my intercept, and no problem, so guessing the Samsung fix has been sent out :)

  18. You Know what I think,since they can’t seem to get it right,they should update the Intercept correctly and also update it with the Flash Player and live Wallpapers as a bonus for all this hell that Samsung has caused to Millions of great customers.It’s so sad that you pay $199.00 for some toy that will not even work right.For the $199.00 I paid it should have come with Flash Player and live Wallpaper.Same darn price as the EVO.

  19. If you’re a Samsung Intercept owner and you’re totally frustrated with all the issues and problems this phone has (and who isn’t), click the link below and sign the online petition to have Sprint and Samsung do an immediate recall on this piece of junk phone. Let’s get them to give us something worthwhile for our money.


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