Notion Ink Adam Gets Hands-On Love


A device that looks great on paper, but has continued to disappoint with freakin’ release is being featured in a YouTube video that demonstrates what to expect from real world use.

Points of interest (all times are rough approximations):

  • 0:40 – Window scrolling, very smooth
  • 2:30 – Pinch Zooming
  • 3:00 – USB mouse
  • 4:19 – Doodling with finger

[Tip courtesy of Android Police]

Tyler Miller

Android Developers Blog: “It’s not ‘rooting’, it’s openness” [Semi Opinion]

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  1. Nice to finally see a hands on demo. Video quality is garbage though

  2. it lagged a bit, curious what streaming video would be like over WiFi….also, my biggest gripe would have to be wasted screen real estate…does it really need a huge 1 inch bezel all around the screen?

    also, would have loved a real world use of the Pixel Qi screen! can’t wait to see that thing implemented on smartphones!

  3. I gotta say, not a huge fan of this UI.

  4. I couldn’t listen to the audio. It’s not running Honeycomb, correct?

  5. Meh. Aside from the display it is pretty lackluster. The Viewsonic GTab is a beast and Viewsonic released info that they will be releasing the kernel source this week. What that means is a far more stable and faster custom ROM experience on what is already spectacular running either CM 6.1b4, VEGAn or TnT Lite.

  6. That initial video that appeared on AndroidPolice is pretty bad. The HD version and the follow up up video are much better. And Notion Ink is releasing a new video every day on their blog.

    Overall, it seems the complaints have subsided and everyone is very excited about the Adam now that video and more info is becoming available.

    The Eden UI is very different from what people may be used to but once you start to understand it, it really makes sense.

    I’m glad I pre-ordered. They sold out of the Pixel Qi models at pre-order very fast. I think it is going to be hard to get one of these once they show it at CES.

  7. nexus (type) tablet for me please!

  8. I got mine @ midnight last nite. Now they are sold out of all models.

  9. Why must manufactures feel that they need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to Android and its UI? This one is totally trash.

  10. We have a debate going on at another forum:

    The message at the beginning mentioned it had about 10 apps all open, with 1-2 more being opened later. For showing off its multi tasking capability.
    Some ppl said this wasnt showing off multi tasking and it shouldnt be laggy even with all those apps open.

  11. Glad I didn’t order this. The UI is not good.

  12. I would like to see how nice the screen is in direct sunlight. I can’t tell this from this video. Overall seems pretty responsive. Some UI annoyances but at least they are making some cool ui changes. Just having moved from galaxy s to a stock nexus s I can tell you that I miss the touch wiz. The manufacturers really need to take Android and put the finishing touches on it and add the missing applications.

  13. “Why must manufactures feel that they need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to Android and its UI? This one is totally trash.”

    because it is not ready for tablets yet, a 10 inch screen with phone app strechted to fit would look horible.

    this allows the app to run 2 twice the size in one of the panels, which will allow current apps to look great and still run on the tablet, then as more tablet apps come out, the UI is optimized to handle the larger format and accelarate the UI. If you have followed the blog, you would know Google is actually using many of the ideas in honeycome and future versions.

    if you want a phone version on android on a 10.1 inch screen then they wouldn’t have to make customizations.

    Even Apple for the Ipad, made the iphone apps only appear twice the size and left a big black boarder on the screen.

    Notion Ink is allowing the whole screen to be used.

  14. Wow! Nothing says STAY AWAY better than this, I assume, “promotional” video. Stock OS please! This device is going to have the same fate as the last failed device called the Adam (Coleco Adam). I really feel for your suckers that pre-ordered this garbage. And the thing is HUGE and THICK! Bigger and thicker than a netbook, and twice the price and half the funcionality!

  15. The video is not supposed to be production quality. There is an intresting Q&A article on from today talking about the capabilities of the device.

  16. @Tecke. Its really not very thick. Its actually the same as the thickest part of an ipad. And that’s only because it has 3usb port,HDMI, SD card slot, loud speakers,a back side track pad and many other features that other duecepad like device don’t and probably wont have. It different like android itself. As for the Ui, it can be changed. This device is the bright future of android tablets.

  17. I have to say I don’t understand the anti-Adam sentiment here. Even if you don’t like the device, you can’t argue that it isn’t the most robust, most aggressive Android tablet attempt in terms of features and hardware yet.

    There are SO MANY low priced, underpowered Android tablets already out there, and even they serve a purpose. Maybe those buyers only want an occasional internet device, that mainly serves up movies to the kids?

    Sure the Galaxy Tab is nice, but it’s smaller and doesn’t have all the features that the Adam has, and it is more expensive.

    Don’t we all just want to see Android rock on a bunch of devices of varying sizes ?

    Like I said, I don’t understand the negativity …

  18. I have no idea why anyone would want such a huge and useless device. If you want something that large, get a netbook. 7″ is the largest tablet I would ever even consider, terrible UI or not.

  19. Thank God for the video demo. coz the UI is CRAP! Terrible!

  20. I agree, the hatred for this device is unreasonable. No other manufacturer has even announced development of a device that utilizes a trans-reflective screen technology. This is a fantastic pioneer of a device from a small start up. Once the PixelQI variant is available again I’ll be ordering one myself.

  21. It’s all such a bull crap. Screw tablets, buy yourself a good laptop. This type of devices is not supposed to be this bulky, heavy and expensive, because it’s rather a communicator, or another toy for the generation of idiots who waste their worthless lives and drain parent’s pockets, you can’t make a serious back with it.

  22. These negativity is just a spam. Adam has already been sold out ! I wish I could get one :(

  23. @Vlad
    What is a “serious back” ? Is it the answer to a worthless life ? C’mon.

  24. The UI looks not bad. Needs some refinement though.

  25. As expressed by someone, cannot understand negativity?
    Sorry if i sound like sterotype.. I see 2 Americans..One that just lives around me (all happy,all fund, all nicities..) and the other that lives in responses to news/blogs items. For. eg, watch a news item that praises developing world or for that matter news about Obama. I see majority of hatred with no reason. (Ofcourse there are definitely some wonderful people who take the pain to damage control with good thoughts).
    Come On,
    The kids have put togather. Apple provided wonderful UI experience interms of smoothness and elegance and set the bar very high.However it is still a pain with respect to some elements such as multi tasking, switching between apps, external storage..etc.
    – a new GUI with new set of Use cases
    – provides external storage access (Micro SD,USB)
    – runs Flash
    – New generation of screen (Pixel-Qi)
    – one of first to use NVIDIA Tegra 2 chips
    – long lasteing battery
    – No need of thing like iTunes.

    Yes..being the first product from company and its dependence on all new components (Android, Tegra, new talent) what if there are some minor lags..In the end only question is, is it giving productivity,entertainment, socialization with ease
    Regarding ammaturish marketing & PR..
    I think in the end, NI is the winner..
    -Being very lean team, was able to take a controlled order taking. Now he can take stats on returns and scale up production with good estimations (making his investors, partners happy).
    -Has been able to reach out to wider community with less resources.
    -Look at his concept of 1 video a day. Blogs are forced to keep NI in daily blogs at least until CES and during CES.

    Not that i expect everyone to like device but just this unexplainable hatred causes some confusion..Is it just a denial that such product can originate from outside of US?

  26. Very unflattering UI. And the bezel is a bit too large.

    I really hope that an Android tablet that includes 10.1 flash comes out soon.

    2010 was the year of the tablet – if, by tablet, you mean weak offerings, without the ability to show full flash.

    Every damn tablet had something to negate it: either no flash 10.1, or too expensive, or too small, or too slow, or incredibly cheap screen and bezel. Enough, already.

    2011 should begin to rectify the issue, with better-built, responsive tablets that offer a truly complete internet experience and come at a proper price point. After all, the internet is a huge part of what the tablet is for – BROWSING. I’m not that interested in using one for movies; my flat screen TV takes care of that.

  27. Wow if i were a competitor making poop products for tablets I would be poopin my pants right now. THIS is the TABLET TO GET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Funny how many kept saying over and over and over “Vaporware!!” Now that you have a video showing the real product in front of your beady little eyes, no snarky comments?

    Oh, guess it’s now “I hate the UI” even though it’s been shown over and over on his blog.

    On the other hand, I’m waiting to see how this turns out first. I’m not an early adopter in most cases, and this will be the same.

  29. Lol@people complaining about the UI. Like the saying goes: don’t knock it until you try it. Another thing: somewhere in the video it mentions android 2.3(or 3.0) framework. Interesting.

  30. For those complaining about the size of the bezel, I suggest you measure the size of the bezel on an iPad.

    As far as the weight & thickness: Every 10″ tablet I’ve seen is heavier & thicker than a netbook. Make of that what you will: I personally think the 10″ form-factor is not the way forward, but it’s what people are saying they want right now so it’s what NotionInk, ViewSonic & C. are building. (Archos of course is trying to play smart by making them in ALL sizes….)

    As for the hostility: That’s really teh most fascinating thing about this for me. I’d follow this product release even if I wasn’t interested in buying one, just because the Adam Hater Brigade is putting on such a fascinating train-wreck.

  31. As for the UI, it doesn’t look great. But all tablet UIs look pretty bad to me. If availability picks up and teh hataz don’t drive NI into the ground, I’ll probably order one myself, then I’ll figure out whether *I* like it, & whether it works for *me*.

  32. Those complaining about the UI must not have read much about the Adam. You are not stuck in the panel view. Notion Ink hasn’t even shown the homescreen yet.

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