Desire Z on Sale for -$100


futureshop_logoCanada based Future Shop is giving away the HTC Desire Z on a three year contract. On top of that they are throwing in a $100 Future Shop gift card to sweeten the pot; what, no fatted calf?
Desire Z on Sale for -$100

This deal will need to be taken advantage of in store and is going on until December 24th.

Bell’s Desire Z is loaded with FroYo, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, a 3.7′ screen with 1.5GB of on board memory complimented with a microSD slot expandable up to 32GB.

[via Into Mobile]

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  1. Actually it’s -$99.99 :). Notice the $0.01 sale price :D.

  2. Don’t forget to account for horrible Canadian wireless carrier contracts, service, updates in your calculations.

  3. @Jeff
    The contracts are shit, however the service is not. Desire Z is HSPA+ and i’ve testes the speeds in ottawa and was able to reach 8.4 mbps. Plus we don’t pretend to have ‘4G’, we call it for what it really is. An advanced 3G network. As for updates, we get them at the same time if not sooner as with the Galaxy Vibrant (even though that update bombed)

  4. Would it be possible to unlock this phone and use it on sprint?

  5. @drizzo613:
    I would have given you props for that remark a few days ago, but HSPA+ is in fact considered 4G now, along with LTE and WiMax. The ITU caved in and said so.

    Ans wow, THREE year contracts? Thats just harsh.

  6. I should clarify that I meant customer service. You are correct, most providers in Canada have a decent if not good network.

  7. The 3 Year contract ain’t that big of a deal anymore (with the new laws here in Quebec)… you want to get out of it. Just pay the amount you saved on the phone divided by 36 months times the number of months left on the contract…

    So if they give you a 450$ rebate…getting out of the contract after 2years will cost you 150$ …

  8. I just checked the website and it looks like they’ve reduced the gift card amount to $50 now… must be a popular deal. Does anyone know how much the voice/data plans are that is required for the purchase of this phone? If so, can you please post? Thanks.

  9. @jade:

    $50/month minimum voice & data plan required on the 3 yr contract.

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