Best Buy Kicks Restocking Fee Into the Snow | Saves Christmas


best-buy-logoOne of the more irritating things in life: the restocking fee. Sometimes it’s a flat fee, sometimes it’s a percentage. 100% of the time it’s a pain in the ass and one of those things the world is just better off without.

Best Buy took this to heart and decided to rid store policy of this bit. As of now, the restocking fee that could be as high as 15% is discontinued. Best Buy said this in their statement:

Best Buy continually listens to our customers, and they told us they want to give confidently this holiday season and every other day of the year — and with that comes easier returns. Effective Saturday, December 18, Best Buy is improving its return policy by removing restocking fees for all products except special orders. Customers can visit BestBuy.com for further information.

If the thought of a potential restocking fee was all that was holding you back from picking up your next piece of hardware from Best Buy, get moving!

[via Engadget | Best Buy’s Statement]

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  1. Anyone else from outside the US having issues with bestbuy.com? Getting a permission denied error from here :(

  2. …..this is great news…..

  3. What is a restocking fee? We don’t have these in the UK (as far as I know, unless they go by another name, but I can’t think what that might be).

  4. Restocking fee = is a fee that the store charges when you return an item that is sellable condition but opened -Usually on tvs, cameras, laptops, etc The store usually resells the item as an open box item at a lower cost.

  5. A restocking fee is an amount that is charged to a brand new product (at least suppose to be brand new) that is opened by the customer. If you return it and it is not defective then you were charged with the restocking fee, because since it’s being returned they have to sell it as an Open Box item. So they are trying to recoup money from the loss.

    I used to work at Best Buy. Worked there almost 10 years. The biggest thing restocking fees were put on were LAPTOPS and other computer items such as CPU Towers, yet I don’t recall them being on Monitors and other accessories…etc..

    Anyway it was one of the biggest thorns I would say that people had to deal with. Yet I’m glad they did decide to get rid of it.

  6. @dave Restocking fee is when you have to pay a certain percentage (usually around 15%) of a the full value of the product when you return it box open and seemingly used. It’s usually charged on higher priced electronic devices (TVs, cameras, computers, etc.).

  7. Not that I usually worry about this sort of thing but it is pretty awesome. Way to go best buy. Im sure someone isn’t going to read this bit of news and will go in expecting to pay this few and get an extra Christmas surprise

  8. @ steve. The first faggit! Lol.

  9. Interestingly enough,they would charge that restocking fee on anything and everything it seemed. I returned a defective laptop to them once, the wifi didn’t work at all. They wanted to charge me a restocking fee! Uh, no, it’s defective and it shouldn’t be resold, it should be sent back to the manufacturer.

  10. Best Buy, you have slowly won me back over the last year or so. Good Move!

  11. pfft, bad move bestbuy, people like me, abuse these policies by “buying” multiple electronics only to take em back for the thrill of a new device and the interest :P but anyways, bbb canada has had it for a while so :D

  12. @Ben. I can’t tell you how much stuff I’ve purchsed and returned from Microcenter. The U.S. has the best return policies.

  13. Great move – it was my number one reason for buying gifts elsewhere this Christmas – i hope they did it in time to save theirs

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