HTC Knight Makes Its way to Best Buy’s System


For those of you holding out for the Knight, A.K.A. Evo Shift 4G, you are one step closer to the day of days. The Knight has been covertly photographed in Best Buy’s data transfer system and is being referred to as the ‘HTC PG0610 Knight’.
HTC Knight Makes Its way to Best Buy's System

Details regarding the hardware of this device have been extremely hard to come by. We know it will have a slide up QWERTY, but that’s about all we have that is solid. Rumors of dual-core have swirled around but nothing certain; you would think at least this would be confirmed by now if the January ninth launch date is correct, so grain of salt. Android 2.2 and a 1GHz processor are probably the two most likely details regarding this phantasmic phone.

[via Talk Android | Image courtesy of Android Central]

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  1. I’m personally holding out on getting a new phone to see if this one has better specs than the EVO. Sad how only a little over a year has made my Hero seem antiquated. I’m itching for something new but really want to wait and see what the next big thing after the EVO will be since I’ll be stuck with whatever I get for at least another year.
    Thank FSM for Cyanogen :)

  2. If you want something better than the EVO, this aint it. The next best thing after the EVO prolly wont be out until June or later. HTC is rumored to be launching a more powerful EVO type of phone with dual core, 1.5 gz beast with all the trimmings incl 1080P video. So if you are looking for something to top the EVO its gonna be a while. The EVO is still the best in the biz right now.

    And now that cyanogen has 4G and full HDMI mirroring, no phone out can do all that the evo does.

  3. No mytouch 4g is way better than the evo all the way

  4. I can upgrade in February and this is the only new phone Sprint is going to have available. EVO feels a little long in the tooth, Epic is hampered by Samsung’s sloth like update schedule. What to pick, hmm.

  5. EVO long in the tooth really?? WOW, after cyanogens latest changes and with CM7 (Gingerbread), it feels like a new phone to me. But hey its your decision. Good luck….BTW, do you have to upgrade in Feb?? Might as well wait until CES when they announce their new phones so you can see what will be coming out.

  6. Actually there are alot of phones better then the evo the evo only has a large screen and a 1gig processor that’s it nothing more

  7. Better than the EVO? Really? There’s not a phone out there that’s actually better than the EVO. It’s got anything that any other competition has plus 4G. What could be better?

  8. Thanks for your opinion Robert….

    Actually the EVO has alot more than that. Especially running cyanogenmod. Like I said, there isn’t a phone out who can do all that the EVO does. To each his own.

  9. Evo=Best phone I have ever owned to date!

  10. @Danny: DITTO! :-)

  11. I agree with Danny

  12. EVO’s graphic hardware simply isn’t that impressive, it doesn’t matter what ROM you are using. Not important now as it will be later this year of course, but it is important to me. I don’t HAVE a new phone right away, but I’m not sure how long I can live with the limitations of my current Moment. I will say the Moment is a whole new phone with a current ROM, 24+ battery life with better performance and stability has made things much better.

  13. I dont know about you guys but my epic with the syndicate rom with the extreme kernal will destroy the evo. Even with the waiting on the 2.2 update which is starting to annoy me i’ll keep my Epic over an Evo anyday even if it means i’m stuck on eclair for a while longer.

  14. My gf is looking to get this phone to get rid of her intercept. This phone would be good for her while i get the epic next month coming from the moment

  15. Well i currently have the tour 9630 obviously im way out the game. Im with sprint and i wanted to get the Torch but they dont have it. Im thinking about getting this KNIGHT.Should i stay with RIM or move over to the new knight?

  16. @dre

    Man RIM is all but obsolete…Get down with android, you will never leave it. I promise.

  17. I’ve heard the Knight doesn’t have a front facing camera. Kinda crappy considering the push toward video calling.

  18. I like how all the replies are either “EVO SUCKS” or “EVO is the BEST”. There really isn’t much in between here…

  19. ppl still use evo?…. Surprised….

  20. need a good phone with the physical keyboard from HTC (EU-Milestone s**ks)

  21. is the knoght worth going to?

  22. swaze, y is mrmojo’s feb upgrade a prob? thought ces was jan 6 2010; shoulld work out great for feb upgrade w/ plenty of time to check out all the new phones. hopefully many new htc, not just a sprint.

  23. Keep ur evo this phone is worthless !!! I wouldnt pay more then 500.00 for this watered down evo!!! Lmao this phone is crap!!!!!!!

  24. @mrmojoz: Which ROM are you running? The best I’ve come up with for my Moment is no ROM, deodexed, running inxane kernel 0.5.5, and I’m not getting nearly that much battery life.

  25. @Bela: I have a Moment, my mother has an Evo. I’ll be the first to say that while I’m lusting after an Epic, the Evo most certainly does NOT suck. She’s running stock, and believe me, it’s a nice phone.

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