LG Optimus 2X Arrives on Swedish Website, Leaves With Your Wallet


LG Optimus 2X Sweeden
It’s no surprise that the first dual core Android device isn’t going to be a cheap one, but wow! The LG Optimus 2X has made its way to CDON.se, and it’s sporting an unsubsidized price of 4999 kronor, $731 even for us Yankes. If you were planning on getting this with a subsidy, the price is dropped to a much more manageable 3099KR, $453.16US. And I assure you, “manageable” was used in a relative sense.

[Story and Image via Android Police | CDON.se]

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  1. Subsidized price ranges from 3099 kr to 4999 kr depending on your plan and carrier. You will get the phone unlocked either way here in Sweden.

  2. I don’t know about the subsidized price, but the unsubsidized price seems in line with the prices of other unsubsidized phones. And it’s actually cheaper than the Nexus One around here when it first got released (around 980 USD!).

  3. Thats normal for a phone in Denmark and sweden.. consider yourself lucky.. it will provably be a lot cheaper in the states :)

  4. and by “around here”, I meant the united arab emirates.

  5. Note that here in Sweden we have a VAT at 25%.

    I would guess that this would cost around $500 in US.

  6. The price will drop as more manufacturers move to the dual core architecture. They have no competition at the moment, so the sky’s the limit for pricing.

  7. I’d like to see what the performance is like before I get excited.

  8. Most new flagship Android phones retail for 5500-6000 Swedish kronor when they first hit the shelves (even though the price drops quickly after that), so this LG is actually fairly cheap by Swede standards.

    And as someone mentioned, Sweden has a 25% VAT/sales tax, so it’s bound to be a lot cheaper statestide.

  9. so is this pre-ordering? anyone know when we can expect it to arrive in the UK?

  10. @ bella they did a stock quadrant test and it was like at 2600

  11. Omg! This device looks awesome! And that widget… so epic, has anyone ripped out the ui yet?

  12. i guess they do not want to sell this thing after all, to much money.

  13. As has been pointed out, you can’t judge by European prices, as they have a horrendous tax structure. Remember the Galaxy Tab was like 1200+ US dollars over there.

  14. Thats why i hate americans, they get everything so fucking cheap. And on top of the extreme prices we get it around 2+ months later than you do…
    And you swedish people fuck off, food here in norway costs more :P consider yourselves lucky…

  15. Still cheaper then a iPhone4. Really it’s not that expensive for europe.

  16. i would be willing to give innovation a try as a first adapter, but i sure hope it comes through against everything out there!

  17. I have placed an order on this phone via CDON yesterday at 6 pm (+1 GMT). Since I bought my first Android- and smartphone from CDON, which was HTC Desire, I have full trust for that company. And I had never ever had any kind of issues, had shopped stuff there since 2002.

    I don’t know how many have placed an order like me, but my hypotetical guess that there are many. So maybe I’m among those 100 first who’ll get their phones in time :=)

    Many greetings from Sweden

  18. @Dario

    Varför inte flytta till Sverige? ;=) But do you think this time that America will get this phone before us? I dunno about that.

  19. It is not more expensive that the Nexus S. 4,999.00 SEK = 469.787 GBP (xe.com). Nexus S is 549.95 GBP unsubsidized.

  20. Wow is that with a 2 year contract?
    It is a sexy phone but more than $500 is too much

  21. The price difference between the US and Europe is stunning unfortunately (but luckily for me i go to the US once a year and always try to find a time-slot to go and buy dirt-cheap electronics there :-))

  22. Wake me up when HTC announces THEIR Tegra2…

  23. @ Dario, don’t hate, move. Or vote against socialist policies. That’s why everything is so expensive.

  24. Unlocked Galaxy S is actually 5199skr on that site, thus even more.

    Take away the 25% VAT tax, and the price is $584 unlocked.

    This probably turns out to about same $529 as Nexus S unlocked, something like that.

    Still ridiculously expensive for a phone, even dual core one, that costs less than $200 to manufacture. But hey, all Android super phones are sold ridiculously expensive when unlocked.

  25. *breaks Vibrant*

    Hell, now I have an excuse to get a RELIABLE phone. I hope the screen is the same or better than SUPERAMOLED!:)

  26. @Bubbles227 this phone only using TFT screen,but LG B using LPS Retina screen or may be OLED screen.

  27. If you want to see the performance, Search Youtube for lg optimus 2x iphone galaxy s. You’ll be impressed.

  28. @Kevin

    It could also be a LCD-screen like the one iPhone 4 has. Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i96mGX0dpeg

  29. The price is normal for Europe. It will be $200 with subsidy in USA, nothing to worry about.

  30. its coming to t mobile in USA in march hurray!

  31. Gotta’ pay to play! For a first release price in europe, it does not seem that crazy.

  32. If you will remember, the N1 while groundbreaking, was not a runaway bestseller in the US. I think that was solely to do with its pricing structure. It certainly had nothing to do with the phone itself, which is still both beautiful and viable today. If the 2X is to make a big splash stateside, it must be competitively priced. Still, I am keenly looking forward to its US debut.

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