Dungeon Defenders Coming December 23



On December 23rd the first Android game developed using the Unreal Engine 3 will drop. Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. Trendy Entertainment just released the announcement, as well as a device compatibility list. The good news is a lot of devices will be supported. The bad news is a lot of devices won’t be supported.

Dungeon Defenders, which features on and offline campaign modes, leaderboards, and 4 player co-op via GameSpy, will run on your device given the following requirements are met:

  • 512MB RAM
  • GPU capable of supporting OpenGL ES 2.0
  • Android 2.1+
  • 800MHz CPU or greater (Recommended)
  • MicroSD Card with a minimum 400MB free space

The price is an extremely reasonable $2.99, so everyone get excited. Mark those calendars, because the 23rd is less than a week away!

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. OMG!! This looks freaking amazing. I am so glad I didn’t skimp on my upgrade this time around!

  2. Sweeet! Seems a lot more promising than Pocket Legends. Better be released with App2SD!

  3. Well I can’t read.

    “MicroSD Card with a minimum 400MB free space”

  4. See, this is all that these game companies need to do; let the users know what hardware it WILL work on instead of releasing it and then getting a bunch of irate people that didn’t fork out enough dough to get decent hardware thus forcing the company to tone down the game so that the less capable devices can run it. Even Rocket Bunnies has a disclaimer saying that 2.2 is required.

  5. Requirement: “MicroSD Card with a minimum 400MB free space”

    I guess that means the new Nexus S won’t run this ;)

  6. @teckel: I’m pretty sure a new feature of 2.3 is to mock an SD card on internal memory, so it should have no problem.

  7. 512MB RAM…great does this mean that the Droid will not be supported? (Since it only has 256MB RAM)


  8. Lol@teckel

  9. The 3GS and Ipad only have 256MB RAM and it seems to be compatible with them.

    So why not phone like the X10 with 384MB RAM and other 245MB phones.

    The Galaxy S for example only has 304MB out of the 512MB actually accessible on the latest froyo build released via official means.

  10. *245MB should read 256MB

  11. @Richard as a fellow droid owner I feel your pain, I even have mine clocked over 800mhz, but it is getting older.

  12. google needs to implement some sort of device filtration in the market, in other words it needs to give the devs the ability to distribute their apps for certain devices that can run their apps, im pretty sure we’re going to find lots of those stupid comments “this game doesn’t run on HTC g1” or “HERO OWNER AND ITS NOT WORKING”

  13. Wow, 512MB RAM does seem a bit steep!
    My Galaxy S only has 339MB with modded leaked 2.2.1 beta Android, hmm.

    Shame, i was looking forward to this one

  14. Wowsah, that looks pretty awesome, I’ve been a tightwad and haven’t purchased anything from the market yet, I may have to break down for that though.

  15. Maj, its already like that. It’s up to devs if they want to use it.

  16. So under Android it requires 512 megs, but yet only 256 under iOS. I have to wonder about the development team.

  17. What I’m scared of is when I play this on my Samsung epic if my phone will feel like it’s about to catch fire.

  18. “The good news is a lot of devices will be supported. The bad news is a lot of devices won’t be supported.”

    Which is it? A lot will or a lot won’t?

  19. 400mb on sd card, and yet playable on 2.1+? Presumably it needs then to be installed on sd, so 2.1 won’t work as it doesn’t support that. I want my upgrade! Desire hd, here I come.

  20. I’m more excited that GemRB has arrived for android. Playing Baldur’s Gate 2 or Icewind Dale on a cell phone is amazing.

  21. Im little worried about sgs, since its only has 340mb ram.

  22. @Alexander
    That won’t work at all, people don’t read anything but the title. I’ve got an app for listening to Croatian radio stations over the internet and there’s 3 1 star comments in a row complaining about it not being English yet it clearly states it’s for Croatian radio so why would it be in English?

  23. Specifically Tested Compatibility List
    All Tegra 2 Based Devices: Fully Compatible
    Nexus S: Fully Compatible
    Samsung Galaxy Tab: Fully Compatible
    Samsung Galaxy based Cell Phones: Fully Compatible on all with 100 MB RAM free
    Droid 2: Fully Compatible
    Droid X: Fully Compatible
    HTC Evo 4G: Fully Compatible
    HTC Incredible: Fully Compatible
    myTouch 4G: Mostly compatible, have some occasional stability issue
    T-Mobile G2: Fully compatible
    Dell Streak: Fully compatible
    HTC Desire: Fully compatible
    Nexus One: Fully compatible

    Thats compatibility list. I dont get it whats “fully compatibility on all with 100mb free” means. Can anyone explain it?

  24. be nice if someone could do a proper looking dungeon game or mmporg instead of this cartoony rubbish all the time. we’re not all 11 year old wii players! lol.

  25. Coool…android needs a game like elder scrolls

  26. Cooooll….android needs more games like elder scrolls

  27. @ilh: You know what? You’re right. I try to tell myself that people really aren’t that dumb, but they go out of their way to prove their idiocy every single time. I’ve installed plenty of apps from the market that were for some specific purpose and in the comments, people would complain that it didn’t do “y” thing when it specifically said it was only for “x” and then 1-star it. Perhaps there should be a reading comprehension test before people are allowed to use the market. Lol

  28. I can only say Christmas comes early this year for a few reasons. A.) We as an Android Community get a game powered by the Unreal engine and in turn can only mean we are to see more sooner than later. B.) We’ve seen an extreme growth for our market place and this only marks a new chapter or beginning towards that growth. C.) Were the iphone truly lacks is consideration for the masses, Android wins hands down not just because we say its better, but because enough phones have been created for all the different types of budgets that are out there and for the masses to become acclimated with Android as suppose to the money hungry / grubbing Apple iphoney At&t combo. Again this only means more for us on Androidians and in turn more Dev’s switching gears as to what platform to create for first! Lastly, not only does this come out two days prior to Christmas, but it also puts to rest any doubts anyone may have had as to Android looking to gain on Apple… for those of you that can’t stand writing without acronyms… Android FTW!!!


    The Nexus S will be fully compatable… here is a list of phones tested and noted to be fully compatable… the EVO is still loved!

  30. I’ve been playing it on iPhone 4, its pretty fun :)

  31. Looking at this game, yeah – the graphics look amazing, and on my EVO’s 4.3″ screen, would look awesome. But do I really want to be finger-mashing on my display? Really?

    This looks to be a game I’d feel more comfortable built for something like the PlayStation phone or a DS. I don’t want to put my device, which is first and foremost a “PHONE” through a whole lot of wear and tear, know what I’m saying?

    Do I have games on my phone? Of course I do. I have the requisite Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons, as well as Pocket Legends, Pocket God, Fruit Ninja, Rocket Bunny, SliceIt, etc. The kinder-gentler games that don’t require a lot of rapid-fire pressing on my display.

    Am I a little too obsessive compulsive as to what I’ll subject my phone to? Probably. But I’ll probably get a lot more when it comes time to resell my phone and upgrade. :)

  32. Pussy^^^

  33. @kstagg
    You’re so wonderfully ignorant it’s cute. A capacitive sensors uses the electric field of your finger for input, there are no moving parts to wear out like a button. If you were using a slide-out keyboard to play the game, then there’s wear as the buttons have mechanical movement that can wear out over time. But a capacitive sensor is printed to a sheet of glass, it doesn’t move, you don’t even need to touch the glass for it to register the electric field of your finger. The sensors can wear out, but not from actually using the display. So they will wear out and fail if you use the screen sensors or not. And even then, it would probably be your lifetime before they wore out as there’s no moving parts to fail like in a button.

    More importantly, it’s December 23rd and where’s Dungeon Defenders!

  34. Yeah I figured they would tell us the 23rd and of course it’s the day and it’s still not out. Yay for more false rumors.

  35. Yeah where is it? I wanna load it up on my tegra 2 tablet!

  36. wtf its the 23rd where is the game?? i wanna buy it already but they are being d bags

  37. I did some research and its not comming out until this after noon.

  38. @Djreck: More rumors…

  39. @teckel. I read it on trendy entertainmens twitter that the game was delayed until this afternoon. So its not a rumor if what was said is comin from the guys who made it. But idk.i dbout its gonna come out today

  40. @djreck, it is now currently “afternoon” and still no sign of it :(

  41. Doubt*

  42. No it’s not…

  43. The game is out. The thing is when you go to their website it has “for the android” and “for IOS” and when you click the android one it brings you to the ituenes to download for iphone. Lol.. go figure some stupid stuff would happen.

  44. Youre right. Because I just went t the website and saw that. Smh. This is a total let down. Its very disapointing

  45. “Not found”
    The requested item could not be found

    Nice going folks!

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