Yahoo Messenger 1.3 Brings Free Voice Calls



Yahoo Messenger has been updated to version 1.3 in the Android Market, a refresh that pushes further into the territory of full-fledged video and voice calling solution. Messenger now supports free voice calls and landscape video, but only on the myTouch 4G and HTC EVO. Go figure, their update sure can add a lot of things users want, but can’t actually up the number of phones that can use them. Still, a nice looking and ever improving app from Yahoo. Get it in the market.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I’ve loved this app since it dropped, but always wanted landscape mode video to take advantage of my EVO 4G’s kickstand. Problems solved, thanks yahoo!!!!

  2. Google needs to stop messing around and add video calling to our gTalk app.

  3. screw the gtalk app….they just need to build video chat natively into the OS…that would get my blood flowing.

  4. i bet they still havent added alias support yet. i wanna get rid of my other im apps but i cant because i like to use my alias on yahoo. this sucks

  5. @SoKal26: wouldn’t that be gTalk with video enabled?

  6. Sounds pretty G

  7. Is there anything capable of mobile to pc video calls yet? Messenger? Oovoo? Fring? Seems ridiculous that multiple players aren’t already offering this.

  8. Yahoo IM + Video plugin does work from mobile to PC. I’ve tested it on my Captivate, and it’s not half bad for voice/video quality.

  9. U


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