Dec 16th, 2010


Sprint’s just pushed another maintenance update out for their HTC EVO 4G. Before we continue: no, it’s not Gingerbread. But you’ll still get a kick out of it. Swype is now a standard alternate keyboard, as is common on other phones these days. It also updates Telenav, Visual Voicemail Sprint Zone, and Sprint TV. Unfortunately, it adds more to your app drawer: a game trial, Blockbuster, Amazon Kindle, and a “Scan Now” widget. That last one doesn’t really sound like bloatware as it’s supposed to aide you in finding a 4G signal. Other than that, it sounds like Sprint’s caught a case of the “Verizons” with this one. If you haven’t already pulled it down, you’ll be seeing it sometime soon. [via Engadget]

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