Verizon ‘Assessing’ Which Devices Will Receive Gingerbread



Don’t think all of the excitement surrounding Gingerbread is lost on Verizon. They are keenly aware of the “buzz” it is generating, and also no doubt already fielding customer queries about when and on what devices their network will see Google’s latest OS update.

The good news is that VZW is working Google to get Gingerbread primed for devices. The (sort of) bad news is that Verizon is still figuring out which handsets will get Android 2.3. We expect after the release of the Nexus S and the Gingerbread source code following that we will begin to get a a clearer picture of those lucky phones.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. What was that one article on Appleinsider saying about Verizon? Something about Android being such a disappointment that VZW “NEEDED” the Apple phone? VZW certainly seems to acknowledge that Google is causing quite a stir….

  2. @alexander
    how is android a disappointment? I’m pretty sure i saw that android phones make up like 85% of all smart phones on verizon. I wouldnt say its a disappointment at all. They dont need the iphone, sure it will bring in customers but they dont need it by any means

  3. for 49.99 with contract renewal and the surrender of your soul(on a tiered plan of course) you can get gingerbread installed on your phone

  4. @chris he was saying that appleinsider made that claim and that they were wrong.

  5. Who in the hell reads apple insider?

  6. I wish Verizon (or any other carrier for that matter) had nothing to do with the OS on my phone.

  7. This problem would simply go away if the carriers would step back and allow the end user to decide what OS their phone should run. It simply doesn’t make sense any longer to prevent people from having the freedom to choose their software to run their mobile handsets like they do with their laptops and PCs.

    The Nexus One and Nexus S remove the carrier middle man and eliminate this exact problem. Hopefully this is the direction more carriers will take in the future.

  8. Make it droid x vzw!!!! Oh please let it be!!!!!

  9. My Money is on cyanogenmod!!! Release the source…

  10. this is why i got the Galaxy S based Fascinate instead of the Droid X. The hardware was more advanced, hasn’t even been fully tapped yet actually. When the announcement came that the next Nexus would be based on the Galaxy S hardware I figure that pretty much sealed the deal for the other Galaxy S devices seeing Gingerbread. The Galaxy S devices might be slow getting Froyo officially, but I am willing to bet it will be one of the first ones to get Gingerbread.

  11. @su3lly Unfortunately, the only OS where that’s the case is a$$le’s. That’s the only benefit I can see of having the iphone.

  12. @james

    That doesnt mean anything about getting gingerbread. i mean look still no froyo and they have been saying it was coming for months. I wouldnt get your hopes up.

  13. @james That may be the case, but the Galaxy S phones run TouchWiz, while the Nexus S is Vanilla. That could put a wrench in the works on receiving a timely Gingerbread update, seeing as they don’t have Froyo yet.

  14. Wow you noobs that said First and Second were actually 5th and 8th. How pathetic.

    I’m sure all devices with a 1GHz processor will get Gingerbread. I wouldn’t worry too much unless you have an original DROID or something out before that. If you do, it’s time for your upgrade anyway unless you bought old technology within the last year.

  15. I’m more excited for Cyanogenmod 7 on my OG Droid….6.1 is nearly flawless!!!

  16. @James the galaxy S phones hardware wise are great phones but Samsung sucks they have already said they are not sure if the galaxy S line of phones will get 2.3 so hope you know how to root yours.

  17. My friend was with me last night with her motorola i think droid X. its the new big one thats all touchscreen. She got her upfdate at my house saying (ver. 2.3.3) but i didnt see much of any change…

  18. I love the iPhone because I’m a weirdo with a big head and a tiny body. I also like to wear shirts that are way to tight and have holes in them.

  19. I hope they update the original Droid. It would be really unfair if those of us who’ve had it from the begining were left out and, because if VZW’s 2-year contracts, have to wait until we’re eligible for our handset upgrades to get Gingerbread.

  20. @James. Samsung is the worst at providing updates. What’s your logic? I had an HTC Hero (still stuck on 2.1) and the Nexus One (my current phone) had no bearing on the Hero’s updates.

  21. I would be shocked if vzw lost their mind and for whatever reason decided that the DX/D2 wasn’t getting 2.3. That’s basically a no-brainer. I’m sure the Droid OG root users will have a fully functional ROM much sooner rather than later. As for me, I KNOW ill have 2.3 on my D2 because I root and while the DX/D2 (or any android phone, for that matter) doesn’t have the root community support the Droid OG has, there is still plenty of support. Actually, I’m typing this out on a D2 running ApeX with nextheme(I personally don’t care for the gingerbread green theme). A ROM I absolutely love, and if I recall, a version of ApeX was just erroneously reported as being a GB ROM. If phone companies (vzw in particular) don’t want people rooting and ROMing, they should pull their head out of their ass. I understand that a ROM needs to be stable before a commercial release, they take FAR too long. Want motoblur? Make it a free option. Want City ID,VZNavigator, etc.? There’s an app store for that. If one of their marketing geniuses actually took a minute to think, and realize that rather than putting a bunch of useless junk on your phone, if they gave people most of the options that rooters have (custom boot images, themes, fonts, icons (right down to battery icon types,etc.), 2D/3D app drawers, screen transition options (like GDEs cube transition, etc. etc. (You get the idea;people who root or have used ultimate droid know what I am talking about). When people showed that to their friends, and they told them that vzw droids, ie. are like that out-of-the-box, THAT would sell a lot more phones than bloatware and bullshit. Whenever I show other android users (I know lots, but very few rooters, or people who even know what root is), the first thing they ask is “That is awesome, what provider do you have?” Then I have to explain that it isn’t vzw allowing that, far from it. Which is generally followed by a coversation about rooting.
    Without root, and since vzw will probably insist on putting a bunch of unneeded,and in most cases, UNWANTED crap bloatware on the droids, it’ll be awhile before they see a vzw build of GB. They should go back to the template used on the Droid 1; it was about as vanilla android as they came.

  22. @DJ you have know idea how roms work…..D2 has a bootloader lock. Wont be able to get gingerbread unless moto updates the kernal to an GB kernal. GB roms wont work on the DX/D2 without that kernal

  23. So happy to have a G2 on T-Mo… Probably will be the 2nd phone (after the Nexus S) to get Gingerbread (no custom skins to slow things down).

  24. @TallyHo, nope this will be a business decision, anything older than 1 year is not getting the update. They want you to buy a new phone. Only a couple problems there, none of the newer phones are as rom friendly as the D1 and my D1 is running at 1.2Ghz anyway.

  25. @ Steve……..reread my post. Phones running a 1GHz processor are less than a year old still. You obviously just need to reread what I posted, lol. Just because your DROID is running at 1.2GHz doesn’t mean Verizon and/or Moto view that as a 1GHz phone. You will be stuck without and official 2.3 release.

    I guess I just don’t get what you are saying. I thought my statement was insinuating that old phones won’t get the update but newer phones (less than 1-year old hence the 1GHz statement and still under the 2-year contract) will get the update, where as old phones (under 1GHz and ready for a contract renewal / upgrade anyway) will not get the update.

    You say NOPE when you are actualyl saying the same thing I am saying. That is besides your bragging that you have overclocked your D1 which is neither here nor there as Verizon/Moto couldn’t care less that you have overclocked your processor to run 1GHz. To them, it’s still an old phone that is outdated and will not get offical 2.3 support.

  26. When I get Froyo working properly on my Droid X (Verizon sending replacement phone today) then I’ll get excited about Gingerbread.

  27. @David Davidson

    Seems like all the hardcore Apple fanboys. Their articles are all written so that Apple products are shown in the best light and report on Android news (or any competition) just to spin it in the most negative possible.

    Compared to here where there are no articles about Apple products for the sake of bashing Apple products.

  28. The phones that will get Gingerbread are the new phones coming out and that is it. Don’t think for a minute that most of these carriers are thinking about anything other than sales this time of year. It will be a selling point for the new phones… You can get “Insert new phone here” with the latest OS right now….but all these older phones will be 2-4 months…..that will be the pitch in every store. If you think otherwise, you should back to smoking crack.

  29. I would think the Droid 2 (and Global), Droid X, and the Incredible would get it, as should the Fascinate and the Droid Pro. Not so sure about the other phones (the original Droid and the Ally specifically).

  30. Yay…26th!!! But seriously, I am an original Droid owner and the only way I think we’ll get it is through a Cyanogenmod

  31. keep in mind, phones running an enhanced ui such as sence, touch wiz, blur etc are usualy the last to get oficaly updated.

    yes , galixy s devices have a chance at a head start due to hardware simalaritys to the nexus s, but still dont expect the same experiance…

  32. Hey Verizon, how about you worry about updating all current devices (FASCINATE) to Froyo before you worry about gingerbread… Talk about pathetic!

  33. @TallyHo the more important thing is that there is no D1 replacement yet. The D2 is not a viable replacement as it has a locked bootloader. Who gets an upgrade has nothing to do with speed of hardware and everything to do with getting people to get into another contract. Which is why I will be going to a Nexus device as soon as my contract ends.

  34. Verizon’s answer should be “all of the current android phones we’ve sold.” Seriously, if Cyanogen can get updates running on phones, why can’t they? How about showing some customer support and get the coders cracking.

  35. Being a tech support agent, it’s been my experience that the newer devices are usually the ones to be blessed with these firmware updates. That being said, I am inclined to agree with those who say devices released in the last year are the most likely to get gingerbread. However, speculation is speculatory. ;) Wait for an announcement from VZW.

  36. I don’t expect low level devices to get it. Like the motorola citrus. I think the Optimus line will get it. The Galaxy line will get it. So will the DX and D2. I bet the droid pro will be the last of that line to get it. It will be nice if my Droid OG gets it, but I don’t expect that though. The HTC increadible will get it too. Htc and Moto are great about updates in the US. Samsung is the one with something to prove. They have the worst track record right now.

  37. I just sold my incredible and picked up a fascinate I had no idea it was still on 2.1.. Sucks salty butt hole. I can only hope its cause they figured we working on Nexus S so we will just do 2.3. I have never rooted. If I get to that point can anyone suggest reliable roms?

  38. I’m excited for the GB update too coming soon to my N1, but remember, it’s just a stepping stone on the way to Honeycomb. 2.2 was really the BIG leap!

  39. I think the original Droid, Droid X, Droid 2, Droid Pro and maybe Incredible will get Gingerbread. Beyond that, who knows?

  40. @Noirz
    I know exactly how ROMs work.I know how the D2/DX bootloaders are encrypted. I know what the purpose of bootstraps and recovery from boot are. You completely missed the point of my post.

  41. the N1 will be the first to get GB OTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. droid better!!

  43. Android is the fastest growing OS in smartphone history iphone blows and does at&t.

  44. Omg! Everyone in here needs to go get laid and stop fucking their phones!

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