T-Mobile Dropping Samsung Galaxy Tab and Vibrant Pricing



If you have been staving off a Samsung Galaxy Tab purchase hoping for some better pricing options, T-Mobile is making the idea a little bit easier to swallow with holiday price drop on the device. What once set you back $399 after a mail-in rebate is now reduced to $349. The $50 price cut carries over to the Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S phone, which sees a drop from $199 to $149. Both deals require the signing of a two-year agreement with TMo. No telling how long the sale will last, so jump on it now if it sounds like these are the prices for you.

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Just what a little longer the price will drop under 300.

  2. Well that doesn’t help the VAST MAJORITY of the world who only wants to buy this off contract. Thanks, T-Mo.

  3. Well, I would expect to see price drops on the Galaxy Tab across multiple carriers soon. Samsung knows they better sell a lot of these before Moto officially announces their tablet in 2.5 weeks.

  4. @cheegan
    Indeed! And it sure looks like Samsung has missed their window for the wifi-only version that everyone wanted.

  5. I am waiting for the google tablet. The galaxy tab is just a larger Android phone.

  6. They want to sell a bunch of them before people start offing them for phones that actually get upgrades.

  7. Dave, I would sincerely hope that Motorola has learned from Samsung’s HUGE snafu with the lack of a wifi-only model, in that it is an absolute must to come out with such a version of their Honeycomb tab from day one. I mean without a doubt the majority of would-be tablet owners want nothing to do with a data contract, seeing as how wifi phone tethering is so ridiculously commonplace now.

  8. Good the Vibrant was a great device but with very poor implementation of Android. GPS issues, crappy partition setup, SOLED was blocky, etc. The samsung tab is great but the should have priced it at 349 – 400. 599-699 is to high considering what you can get with an Ipod.

    All issues I know that can be resolved with hacking and custom roms, but the average consumer doesn’t want to goto that much effort.

  9. The galaxy is a prety good phone. With price down, I guess the price is reasonable. When samsung is going to put the front facing camera on the vibrant.

  10. It’s nice for the mainstream consumer that the price is falling – however for those early adopters it still does not address the lack of COTS froyo months later.

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