Gingerbread Source Headed to AOSP Soon, Now the Real Fun Begins



The Android 2.3 SDK has already provided a few viable Gingerbread ROMs for rooted devices, but for the real magic to happen Google needs to release the source to the Android Open Source Project as it is accustom to doing. So, folks, it looks like we aren’t far off at all from Gingerbread in your CyanogenMod, oh no, siree. Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru has tweeted that once the Nexus S hits shelves we can expect the Android 2.3 source to hit the AOSP in no time.

Considering that root and ROMs will be the only way for some older and/or neglected Android handsets to get their taste of Gingerbread, the sooner independent devs can get cracking at the code, the better. We await the “future details” of when exactly “soon” is, however.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. He looks like a mixture between Andrew WK and the guy from CSI.

  2. Or a really hip Jesus. Maybe even buddy Jesus.

  3. Oh so basically that’s it. Dropping the n1 down the toilet and it takes a back seat the new nexus? How disappointing that we aren’t gonna get as much love anymore.

  4. whats AOSP?

  5. @Mudrock1000: N1 users stating to feel like those of us that Jumped on the Andro-train at 1.0 with the G1 huh?

  6. NEVERMIND!!! LOL i should read before i talk!

  7. Seriously. I’m glad they just straight up abandoned us Nexus One owners just like that. And with no removable storage and no notification light on the front, how the hell could this be a worthy upgrade?? >:(

  8. @mudrock

    your N1 will be the first to get updated, no worries. But they can’t give it to you first because the Nexus S has to be the first, but you will be right behind it with the update.

    Cant wait to taste that Cyanogenmod gingerbread on this EVO.

  9. You N1 people are a bunch of whiners. You will certainly get 2.3, and you will almost for sure get it faster than 90% of handsets.

    Or how about you root your damned phone and flash CM 7 on it?

  10. Hmmmmm more things that make me want to Root

  11. What’s with all the “N1 not getting updated” comments? Nowhere has it been mentioned that it’s not getting an update and in fact has been confirmed by Google that it will be.
    Just like when Froyo was announced (and remember, Gingerbread has only been announced, not released!), it takes a couple of weeks for the code to be published, then a two-three weeks for the N1 software to be compiled and pushed. So about a month from announcement to running it on the N1. That’s really quite good, you know?
    Sheesh, some of the N1 owners give all of us other N1 owners the reputation of being whiners! :-P

  12. mudrock1000 and Macil are whiners. I’m an N1 owner, and I’m not a whiner. I don’t feel abandoned or slighted, and I have no doubt that a Gingerbread update is on the way. I don’t even get where their pessimism comes from. We were promised Gingerbread, and things are going down exactly as they did with FroYo: the AOSP release came a week or two before the widespread N1 rollout began. It may not come in time for Christmas, but it’s coming soon, and way before any of the non-Nexus-faithful get it.

  13. Exactly, Nexus 1 will for sure get the update. I have my G1 that was tossed aside by Google after about 6 months. Quit your whining.

  14. Can’t wait for CM7 to hit my EVO!! Hopefully, the video-calling will work right out of the box with Google Talk. Also, all that 32-bit color goodness. Yum, gingerbread.

  15. There is no video on Google talk in Gingerbread “out of the box”. There may be a dependency … but Gingerbread will not give you video. We need to wait for a Google Talk update.

  16. @Bigtex; 1. so use CM, 2. Alaska is way bigger than TX

  17. @JR AOSP is Android Open Source Project

  18. @2 Dead on man its buddy christ.

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