Dec 15th, 2010


Though HTC has been more quiet than usual these past couple of months, there are still a lot of unused codenames floating around that we have yet to resolve. One such codename was the HTC Scorpion. We still don’t know what this device looks like, but previous rumors tagged it as having a 1.5GHz dual-score Snapdragon processor and Android 2.2

GameLoft appears to know more than everyone else, though, as they seemingly know for sure that the HTC Scorpion is able to play Let’s Golf! 2 HD. spotted the device on the Italian version of the site among current devices such as the Nexus One, the MyTouch 4G, and the HTC Incredible. Let’s hope HTC’s getting closer to unveiling some smash mouth products, and let’s hope it all starts with CES in a few weeks.