Dolphin Browser Mini Comes out of Preview, Live in Android Market



Last we heard of Dolphin Browser Mini, it was reaching a new stage in its ‘Preview’ build. Not too long after, it has shed the tag and is available in the Android Market. For those unfamiliar, Dolphin Browser Mini aims to provide a lightweight, super quick alternative to the companies more full-fledged offering, Dolphin Browser HD. To see how it stacks up, see the chart below. You can find Dolphin Browser Mini in the Market now.


[via DroidLife]

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  1. yay just what I need, 6 options popping up everytime I click a link.

  2. I’m a little curious how much faster Mini is over regular and HD.

  3. I’m loving this browser, but it still needs a couple improvements, which I submitted via feedback, namely the option to set some default settings. For example, I want to be able to set it so that long-pressing a link always opens the link in a background tab, rather than getting a mile-long menu of options. Also, I’m sick and tired of getting a dialog box asking me if I want to exit or minimize, or whatever every time I click the back button to exit the browser. I want an “always remember this choice” check box or something there.

  4. NYC It seems much faster on my Mytouch3g. I agree with Brad about the default settings and would also include the option when you open a bookmark for it to open in the current tab instead of a new one.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with Brad. Those 2 changes would make Dolphin nearly perfect.

  6. This browser is amazing on my OG Droid. Pinch to zoom is much more fluid than stock, and it just feels lighter. I agree with Bunkhouse96….drives me insane that it opens a new tab for everything…overall Fantastic browser though.

  7. I tried the beta, getting a TON of FC’s with it. I emailed the dev’s and they couldn’t replicate it, maybe it’s just me.

  8. I love this browser so much.

    Runs smoother than others, which is important consider I’m still on a Hero :P

  9. Soo far soo good just installed the app and the net is very fast the flash content is moving quickly faster than the standard internet app on the droid.

  10. I believe the Dolphin HD is a great all-around phone browser. I off-loaded my Skyfire for Dolphin HD. I had been a Skyfire user since the private beta, it’s a darn good browser.

    However, Dolphin HD is really ahead of its time. It offers a good variety of addon’s, skins, superb bookmark management, gestures and it adjusts well to different text presentations on websites.

    All this and great performance in one package. Get this, it all installs on your SD card including the addons! If I can visit the differing sites that I routinely work and enjoy full functionality, then I am impressed. Dolphin HD did them all well. I will test drive the new Dolphin lite just to get the feel of it.

    I am using a Droid powered by an android 2.2 OS.

  11. This browser requires complete & unrestricted access to your phone. Way too many permissions for me, I’ll pass.

  12. Weird, it is not showing up in the Android Market for my Sprint HTC Hero. I wanted to try this web browser out. :(

    Does anyone with a Sprint HTC Hero have access to download this app? I wonder if it is because I still have no received the newest update to the Android Market app.

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