Dec 15th, 2010

Poor Google TV. I love you to death, but I am right there with everyone else admitting you need some work. Sure, it would help if the networks would let their shows stream on Google TV (for the first few weeks, this was pure joy), but Google has recognized some areas they can improve on their own, and they sure have. Today an update has gone out for Google TV bringing two huge enhancements that I have been wanting since launch: an improved, actually functional Netflix application and the ability to resize and relocate the Dual View window.

Netflix now offers much more than the ability to watch your queued movies (that you once had to line up on your computer first). Now you can search, browse, and watch any movie or TV show right from the application. You can even add titles to your DVD queue and have them mailed out. New recommendations promise to keep you glued to the boob tube for hours.


Dual View has also gotten an overhaul, finally allowing users to resize and relocate the window. This should have been there at launch, but better late then never. Now no more tiny TV just to check out a website — make that show as big as you want. Move it around so you can actually see the page beneath it. Sweet.

Both of those features are good enough for me, but in addition to the update a Google TV app for Android is now live in the Market. If you have a Logitech Revue this won’t be much new to you, but for those using Sony’s version of Google TV you now get the same functionality as the Harmony Remote app. It’s actually even a bit sleeker looking. Control your TV through voice commands, channel surf, or even push content from your phone to the screen.

One final addition is a new “Movies” results page when searching, which provides you with relevant info to the films you are searching for. It will give you info on TV, NEtflix, and Amazon listings, as well, further unifying your viewing experience.

The update is said to be rolling out over the next week, so if you don’t get it right away hang tight. If this is the last update we get until they implement the Android Market, I would be totally fine with that. Now, how about working something out with those networks, Google. Pretty pwease?

[via Google TV Blog]

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