Skyfire Updated to Version 3.0.1



Skyfire has just been updated with some enhancements to make your browsing life a bit easier. For those using Skyfire on Android 2.2 or higher, you can now install the app to your SD card, which is great for those with aging phones running low on internal storage. Other updates include the ability to upload files within the browser as well as pull downloads down in the background to accommodate a seamless browsing experience.

Requisite bug fixes come along with the update. Check it out now if you want to get a look at what Skyfire is doing to bring a more desktop-like browsing experience to the mobile web.

[via MobileBurn]

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  1. First. Old news.

  2. First comments are old news. You’re either a 10 y/o, or have the mind set of one.

  3. First will never die so stop crying over it

  4. I’m not crying. It’s not me looking stupid : )

  5. It just shows the mentality of the person posting it.

  6. Um, didn’t this happen sometime last week?

  7. how about they allow you to skip ahead in flash videos like on windows mobile this is retarded

  8. Using stock Vibrant….Skyfire or Dolphin HD?

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