Motorola’s Android Tablet Launch Primed for Super Bowl Kickoff? [RUMOR]



When people want to play the rumor game, you know we here at Phandroid are always game to play ball. While it’s looking less and less likely that some of our favorite teams will make it to the Super Bowl on February 6th, word is going around saying a certain Android tablet from Motorola will be there in full force. Will Motorola be spending the big bucks on advertising for the big game to go along with the release of the first Honeycomb tablet? That would be a win for everyone.

But like I said before, it’s just a rumor for now, but as with most tech rumors going around this time of year, expect some clarity to emerge at CES the first week of January.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. verizon only = FAIL

  2. Fail for everyone not on verizon.

  3. Isn’t it supposed to launch with Honeycomb? That would mean that 3.0 is released around six weeks after 2.3 which seems a little strange to me.

  4. I am sure you will be able to buy it off contract…which is what I will be doing this device is definitely ftw

  5. Fail for anyone who wants a tablet not on ANY carrier. But if they can come in with an unlocked unsubsidized price point cheaper than a 16g WIFI only iPad (ie: less than $499 unlocked unsubbed) I’ll buy one anyways off contract.

  6. @TR: Honeycomb is a separate fork from the main Android root that Gingerbread is for. Gingerbread and Honeycomb were being developed in parallel. Rumor has it they’ll merge the two forks at a later date.

  7. Moto verizon and the nfl are lovers.luckily my droidx is the spawn. Almost time to add a big brother!!!

  8. i’m getting very excited for an android tablet from one of the “big names” (htc or motorola). i was just given a work issued ipad, and while it’s really cool and all, i keep wishing it was android and not ios ;) i would really like a 10″, wifi only version of my htc incredible. i wouldn’t want 3g/4g on it, because i know i would never use it nearly enough to justify the cost, i use primarily at home or work, where i’m always surrounded by wifi.

  9. That bitch gonna be $699 easy off contract through Verizon. Verizon and their high ass prices can eat a D!@%.

  10. Please, please sell in Canada. And please, please don’t be overpriced. Definitely looking to buy a tablet in the coming months, this could definitely be the one if it has wi-fi only and priced at or below iPad

  11. The fact that this tablet is carrier branded worries me and also tells me that it is not the Google tablet. The Nexus One and Nexus S are the most supported devices from Google and both don’t say T-mobile on them. They could also release a WiFi only version that is Nexus branded so I won’t get to excited about this particular tablet in its current form.

  12. I refuse to purchase any Motorola product until they stop their aggressive anti-root policies and efforts.

    Rooted products have much more value for the consumer. Motorola is selling crippleware.

  13. @terrormaster… why is it a fail if a tablet is NOT connected with a carrier? I’d rather not have the 3G or a contract period. I already pay for a data plan on my phone and I can tether it to my tablet. Why would i pay for two data plans?

  14. @Terrormaster Do you seriously expect Verizon (or Moto) to sell this for a lower off-contract price than the Droid X? Seriously? Hey when you find it, make sure to pick up a unicorn for my daughter, she really wants one.

  15. @ Dan – your dreaming. This thing thing will have VZW data built in and will be priced much higher than a Galaxy Tab for two reasons: 1. It’s Verizon and their stuff is always more expensive and 2. It’s got better technology than the Galaxy Tab.

  16. @Pimpstrong – I actually don’t think it will be more expensive than the Galaxy Tab. Honestly, I think Samsung had a little too much influence on the price of their tablet, given that they were the first Android tablet on the market by a reputable manufacturer. I personally think the Moto Tablet will be $549-599. That would give Moto and Verizon a competitive edge against the i*ad, but not price it too low for the average consumer to think it’s missing something that the i*ad has.

  17. what is super bowl

  18. NO WAY! This is VZW we’re talkin bout not WAL-MART! There’s no way that beast will cost a dime less than their Galaxy Tab.

  19. The difference is that I really think VZW is going to offer this on or off contract, which they did not do for the Galaxy Tab. Samsung made a half-assed attempt at a tablet, because they wanted to be the first (in terms of real manufacturers) to the market. Just think about how stupid Samsung’s pricing currently is to the average consumer. You go to Verizon’s website, and you can pay $599 for the G-Tab (2GB internal, 7″ screen), or for $30 more you can go for the i*ad (16GB internal, 9.7″ screen), and you get a MiFi 2200. The i*ad is still going to be on the site one the Moto tablet comes to market, so they’re going to need something that the average consumer can comprehend, in order to make the choice a no-brainer. Price.

  20. I think Big Red will drop the price of the Galaxy Tab just a bit when Moto’s Tab comes out… but I still see this Moto Tab being 799 at minimum.

  21. That is 799 off contract and around 649- 699 with contract

  22. Oh yay, another device with MotoBloat that does not receive pushed enterprise e-mail. Thanks, but no thanks.

  23. I disagree. There is no way Moto and Verizon are going to price this at $799 off contract, when the 32GB i*ad 3G/Wi-Fi is going for $729. Hell, you can get the 64GB version on Verizon’s website for $829, no contract, and then you could get $80+ for the Mi-Fi 2200 on eBay.

    They are not going to try to sell this tablet for more than triple the contract price of the Droid X.

    If they offer contracts on the Stingray/Everest at all, my guess is $549/$629/$699 (2 year/1 year/full retail). Obviously I don’t expect a mail-in rebate either.

  24. @Michael Define “push enterprise e-mail”, because my Droid 2 gets e-mail/contacts/calendar just fine from all my exchange servers.

  25. For ahmed ben mohammed

    It is a king of ball game that they play with their hands here in the US.

  26. If they were going to announce it anywhere close to Gingerbread I think they’d wait till at least Google I/O in May. For Honeycomb that is. Don’t know if Google is releasing a ‘Nexus’ Tablet for Honeycomb or if Moto is going it alone on this one. Personally I’d like a ‘Nexus’ Tab.

  27. Did anyone even pay attention to the interview last week it was said it will compare in price to current high end phones. My guess is $299 on contract and $599 for off contract &/or wifi edition.

  28. Someone in another thread brought up a good point. When the images first leaked, people noted that the date “January 23rd” was on the homescreen, but that was not a Friday in 2011. However, with all this NFL talk, January 23rd is the date for the AFC and NFC championship games. Hmmm? As for the Rubin’s interview last week, I still believe he was holding the 7″ Motorola tablet, as it looks very different from the one in the images recent leaked. He also said “this isn’t due out for a while”. Everyone knows Moto is releasing the 10″ first. The 7″ could very well be priced in line with current smartphones, but with no mail-in rebate. I still believe the 10″ will run in the $549-599 range.

  29. Well, I’m looking for wireless only. No way i go around with a 10.1 inches telephone (I already have a decent smart telephone that solve all my on the go needs) or that I want to put up with VZ crappy uninstallable applications. If it gets out at around 700$, it has an HDMI port and support flash I will join the line to buy it. Otherwise, sadly, I will have to wait for some smarter company.

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