nullDC – a Dreamcast Emulator – Making Steady Progress [VIDEO]


Emulators on Android are plentiful, but there’s still room for more! NullDC is a project headed by drk|Raziel, a talented developer who has made a lot of progress on his Dreamcast emulator recently. For starters, he’s gotten the emulator to successfully boot the Dreamcast’s BIOS, but not much more can be done: there is no way to select options using the touchscreen yet. We’re confident he can get things going sooner or later, though as his work on Sony’s PSP and PS3 are nothing to scoff at. You can read more about that stuff right here and start getting excited about the possibility of replaying Shenmue or Crazy Taxi on your Android phone. [via AC]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  2. sick, this should be pretty sweet..Cant wait to play soul caliber and crazy taxi

  3. if i can play skies of arcadia on my phone, i’d pay 50 dollars

  4. Cool! Now if someone can just beat some sense into Sega to release Shenmue 3…

  5. SHENMUE is the greatest video game of all time. I look forward to testing it out on my shiny new G2 that should be arriving next week :) Sonic Adventure, Power Stone, Crazy Taxi, Soul Calibur, House of the Dead…. ahhhh, the Dreamcast was such a good console. Hope the emulation works perfectly on Android!

  6. To me the Dreamcast was the greatest console ever. Not that I’m saying the PS3, 360 or Xbox arent technically superior but the Dreamcast was something ahead of its time. The games, the VMU, it being the first system to support online gaming. It was an awesome machine. I love free stuff but this would be one thing I would pay for and not argue.

  7. I wonder if this is taking advantage of the fact that most Android phones are running the PowerVR SGX, which is a direct descendant of the PowerVR in the Dreamcast. (Probably not.)

  8. I want to play powerstone…That would be great!

  9. i still have my dreamcast and i’m never giving it up. i love playing the marvel vs capcom series on it… ;-)

  10. Phantasy star at work <3

  11. Mmmmmmmm shenmue. GREATEST GAME EVER

  12. omg i would pay 50$ for this as well if is can work flawlessly. I love dreamcast

  13. android sucks haha

  14. shenmue? we all know ff7 is the greatest game ever

  15. That’s pretty awesome, can’t wait to see how it progresses!

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