Aldiko Will Soon Support Adobe DRM Content; Barnes & Noble Fans Rejoice



Aldiko’s teasing us with a new update to their eReading app that will add a lot of new features, but the biggest of which they’ve silently announced was Adobe DRM support – something Barnes & Noble uses for their eBooks. If you didn’t fancy that Barnes & Noble app but prefer to get your content from them, then you’ll want to be on the lookout for Aldiko 2.0. Not sure exactly when we’ll see it, but you can sign up to be notified of its release. [via The Digital Reader]

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  1. B&N doesn’t use vanilla Adobe DRM… It uses its own flavor based on it. Not sure why b&n users would rejoice. I do have to admit aldiko is better than nook app, but it won’t read b&n drm books. Nice thing is, though, not all b&n books are drm protected. Gotta wait to you trial or buy first to figure out if drm is in. If its a lendable book, its likely drmed.

  2. Aldiko is a high quality Android app, fantastic piece of software. Highly reccomended, and it’s free too.

  3. Hm. PDF support – that’s excellent! I was just going to stick with Laputa Reader, because of its amazing UI and polish. I hope Aldiko 2.0 will manage to impress, as well.

  4. @Lucian: i don’t care which one will be first, but i need a ebook reader app with both ePUB and PDF support (as i have few PDF books from Now if Aldiko gives me this, then i will finally have a unified ebook solution for my needs. Let’s hope it won’t take them too much time :).

  5. I wonder if this means that the Overdrive library books will be available via Aldiko. Now that would be excellent!

  6. Read the actual announcement and yes, apparently library books using AdobeDRM will be supported. This is absolutely great news!

  7. I’d love to use the Nook app but, alas, MyTouch 3G Slide is still Android v2.1 so I don’t want to take up the limited internal memory with a 24Mb app! Laputa and Aldiko are great apps and take up a very small amount of storage.

  8. Great news if it truly can read b&n DRM. I recently bought a book from barns and noble to find that the nook app on my phone refused to work. It would be “loading” the book even if I left it for an hour. The app only recently started working again. Not having any alternative (except my PC, and why would I want to read it there) I was extremely upset with b&n.

  9. Aldi is really good

  10. I like Aldiko, but DRM? Really? One of the things I like about it is that it doesn’t have DRM. DRM is inherently anti-consumer and anti-citizen. It assumes that you’re a criminal until proven otherwise. I refuse to buy anything with DRM in it, and avoid DRM-supporting products whenever possible.

    Can anyone recommend another book reader that isn’t going the DRM route? Consumer pressure broke music DRM’s back; we need to do the same for book DRM.

  11. It isn’t making itself “DRM”… it is permitting people to use content that is tied to Adobe DRM. Nothing is stopping anybody from going the non-DRM content route … even some B&N content is DRM-free. A great non-DRM source of eBooks is SmashWords.
    Does the fact that software can have DRM in it stop you from buying products that support running such software with DRM on it? You can liken it to this, Aldiko is offering to let users use content that has DRM in it as an alternative to requiring that ALL content that a user has be free of DRM.

    I suppose there is the matter of principal. Just use Aldiko, but don’t buy any DRM… won’t exercise the DRM parts then :)

  12. Thomas: By financially supporting a product that is supporting an unethical practice (DRM), you’re encouraging them to continue to do so. Especially if sales go up, the natural assumption is “Ah, DRM sells!” That’s exactly the wrong message to send.

    An environment in which content sellers are forced to use non-DRM channels and not treat their customers as criminals from the get-go is an environment I’m very happy to support and encourage.

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