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I received an email from Swype last night informing me that I’ve been accepted into the new beta program where they’re adding more participants. Odd, that, considering I was already in the Swype beta program. But it sounds like those of you who registered for the next wave have finally been given your chance to download it. Check your inboxes and rejoice! As for the rest of you, you’ve missed out again! Be sure to sign up at Swype’s site for the next wave (if they haven’t come out with the final release before then.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Oh well, next time.

  2. Does this mean that a new version of Swype is avaiable? Or they are just accepting more people to join the program?

  3. I Installed the beta, and it gave me w wrong device error massgae and now I can’t swype anything….

  4. I got my invite last night

  5. Beta of what? New version ?

  6. I got my invite last night as well, then decided to sign my wife up for the beta testing for her phone. She received her invite instantly so if you haven’t signed up yet it’s worth a shot.

  7. I finally bought SlideIt since they’re actually interested in selling to consumers. By the time Swype is ready to sell to consumers, their product won’t be anything special. Actually, I’m not so sure I don’t like SlideIt better than the unofficial copy of Swype I played with.

  8. Yeah, I got the invitation and then quickly deleted the e-mail. SInce I have signed up for the Beta I have been using Ultra Keyboard and love it. No need for Swype anymore.

  9. Swype has a new version. this new version has the microphone button for speech input

  10. Signed up to the beta when it was first available. Awesome bit of kit, though it runs slow on my Hero. Will work much better once my Nexus S gets here :)

  11. Hey Quentyn, can you tell me whats your latest version?
    The Galaxy S doesnt seem to update since… well, ever, so I’m thinking about uninstalling it and go for the Beta instead.
    What do you think?

    My version:

  12. I installed the current version last night after receiving my invite and it installed version

  13. I have the apk for the newest version. No signup required : ) [email protected]

  14. don’t need swype anymore… now rocking gingerbread keyboard on my Hero!!

  15. Is Swype ever getting out of beta? I’m getting tired of using only trial versions that expire. I won’t bother this time.

  16. my version of swype is Galaxy S showcase. My sister’s captivate is much older version that that. So when will we be able to update swype?

  17. Like others on here, I was ready to try Swype when I signed up for the beta 6 months ago. In the interim, I’ve found another keyboard (Swiftkey) that I’m happy with. So, I won’t be joining either.

  18. @ lucian: the apk I have doesn’t expire. Refer to comment 13 : )

  19. I have received my invite yesturday and I downloaded the swype keyboard for my htc evo and I love it. The best keyboard and I’ll pay for it $$ to keep it.

  20. Yeah I just got my invite. but I’ll pass there are better versions of swype on the black market. They just need to finally throw swype onto the android market I wonder if they see how much money all the swype knock offs are making I’m sure all those other companies are real thankful swype never released and still isn’t released for that matter. dudes definitely missed a grand window of opportunity but now competitions thick

  21. The latest version is broken on my N1 *AND* takes up 20MB of precious internal storage. Sorry Swype, I was an enthusiastic early beta adopter but you’ve been dropped.

  22. got the email, installed it, works like a charm.

  23. Let’s hope this translates to ore devices seeing Swype

  24. I see a lot of people commenting that the new BETA version of Swype comes with a microphone for speech input, but i have a G2 and all of the new features are already on it, ever since i took it out of the box which was September 30th.

  25. Swype is preinstalled on the 2.2 dell streak and its very good. Can only recommend it.

  26. I haven’t been able to install Swype on my Droid in months and I had basically given up on Swype as a keyboard and a company. This version actually fixes the installer problem, so I’ll give them a last shot, but I was quite content with SlideIT and found them much more responsive as a company and will probably go back.

  27. While I am sure there is a rhyme and reason for the developers of Swype not to release their application for mass use, I think – like a previous commenter – that they have missed the boat.

    There are starting to be a bunch of Swype alternatives that are much easier to use and do not require a “time sensitive situation” (sans the preinstalled devices). Not to mention the ability to install from the market easily. I loved Swype on my G2 when I got it, very much so, but after flashing a new ROM I no longer have it and have been tinkering with other options. And quite frankly the more I use them, the less I am starting to care about Swype.

    Lot of money lost when they forgot the ticket at the boarding gate.

  28. just got mine :)

  29. As someone else mentioned, this new version finally has the speech to text input button!

  30. I signed up on their website and forum weeks ago and I didn’t get an invite! WTF!

  31. Just got the invite. Finally using swype again :-). I wonder how much the timing of this release had to do with the gingerbread keyboard.

  32. Worth the wait, also I agree it’s the best keyboard for the Evo.

  33. Got mine this morning

  34. Got mine this morning WOOHOOO!

  35. Got mine! Soo pumped! Had a hacked version prior to Android 2.2 and loved it. Considered buying slideit last week and waited. Now I have SWYPE legit!!

  36. Yay! Got in… only waited about a month :D

  37. got mine this morning. waited less than 2 weeks…

  38. I have Swype on my Galaxy Tab as standard and have downloaded SlideIt – and I find it better. I use Shapewriter on my Hero but you cant get this anymore – great chame

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