Latest in Gingerbread ROMs: Droid Incredible, HTC Hero, and HTC Desire


Gingerbread Cookie

Last time we checked, only the HTC EVO 4G, Wildfire, Droid Eris, and the HTC HD2 had Gingerbread ports based on the SDK image. XDA’s been keeping a lost of devices that have seen ports and a few new HTC phones have been added: the Desire, the the Droid Incredible, and both the CDMA and GSM Hero. Most of these ports aren’t yet good enough to be daily drivers, though, so be sure to use nandroid to backup your current image so you can revert without an issue. Head on over to XDA to choose your device and get started.

Quentyn Kennemer
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Manually Update Your DROID X to Android 2.2.1 (If You’re on Build 2.3.15)

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  1. Shall we get official upgrade for our beloved Desires?

    Interested in this point only..

  2. It’s worth mentioning that SDK ports are horrific. Not good for much else than trying to show off you have 2.3

  3. @Russ I mentioned that they are not good enough for daily drivers.

  4. The Dinc! I will wait till a functioning Rom with the bugs worked out before flashing.

  5. What the hell? Where are the Galaxy S devs? Waiting for a ripped ROM from the Nexus?

  6. How much you wanna bet that Kaos has this functional enough for daily use on the Eris before anyone else does for another phone? Kaos pwns all! Too bad I upgraded from my Eris to a Fascinate, but I’m hoping he’ll give that phone some TLC too in the future. =)

  7. I agree with Brad, Kaos will have it on the Eris in no time.

    I’m tempted to “bribe” one of these modders with a free Epic 4G to try and get someone to start doing more Galaxy S ports/development.

  8. You’ll need device drivers for it to work correctly on the phones. there are no modem files etc…

  9. I wouldn’t bother with any of these until the 2.3 code hits AOSP. That’s when the ‘real’ ROMS will come out by the dozens.

  10. I’ll continue to look longingly at my old Droid Incredible forum from my gingerbread/froyo/aosp/cyanogenmod-less Fascinate forum :(

  11. I’m really excited for the ginger bread to come out on my incurable phone but when that epidemic be who knows

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