Drift Mania Championship Comes to Android



Another iPhone hit is gracing Android as the platform’s gaming boom continues. 3D racer Drift Mania Championship from Ratrod Studios is now available in the Android Market, surely poised to add to the two million downloads garnered on the iOS version alone. You will need an Android phone that supports 800×480 or 854×480 to play the game, which features 3D graphics, customizable cars, and — as the title suggests — some drifting to round it all out.

It will set you back a random $0.96; grab it using the handy-dandy QR below.


[via EuroDroid]

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  1. QR? What QR?

  2. “handy-dandy QR below” ?????

  3. Paging QR….QR please come to the service desk….your parents are waiting for you.

  4. just type in Drift Mania in the Market search and it’ll come up. Clearly the phandroid boys are having technical difficulties.

  5. Is anyone able to find this in the market? Because I’m not…

  6. Drift Mania Championship is available on the Android Marketplace. :-)


  7. Exchange rate must be changing as we speak… Phandroid says 0.96, Market says ~0.98, and I paid 0.99. it’ll cost 1.50 by tomorrow. :-)

  8. by the way, can you put actual market links in the phandroid app, because sometimes I like to read Phandroid from my phone and can’t just click the link to an app in the market. My 2 cents

  9. @Jacob, please refer to comment 4.

  10. Searching for it in the market doesn’t turn up any results and scanning the QR code gives me the “item can not be found” error. Is this only for froyo devices?

  11. Fix the QR!! ARGH. :)


  13. This blows, can’t steer on vibrant. May be first release bug.

  14. Is this working on HTC Desire?

  15. You don’t need 2.2. You do need to at least have 2.1. Like Angry Birds certain older models and phones under 2.1 won’t run this game or will be buggy.

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