Three UK Releases Froyo for Samsung Galaxy S



Don’t look now, T-Mobile users, but Three UK has recently announced that the upgrade to Android 2.2 is now available for Samsung Galaxy S owners. You might’ve seen a notification on your device to alert you of the rollout, but it’s not going to be delivered over the air: you’ll need to grab Kies from Samsung’s support site if you don’t already have it. You should know what to do with it after you get that squared away. [via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What is “Three UK”? Did you guys mean T-Mobile UK?

  2. Nope. Three UK is a carrier (albeit a small one) in – you guessed it – the UK.

  3. Don’t feel bad Kyle, I thought he meant three Galaxy S carriers in the UK were getting 2.2. Haha. Thanks for straightening that out for us Quentyn.

  4. further clarification. three (=hutchinson) is not that small (about 28 millions customers) and active in several nations. see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hutchison_3G. btw. the new firmware (JPU) is also available for download on other sites (see xda) and it seems to be very snappy ;)

  5. So, if I am a US Tmibile customer with a Vibrant, but I have the UK Kies, can I get it?

  6. I think he means “3 UK” (H3G) it’s a carrier that sells the samsung galaxy S here in italy, i think it’s the same carrier in UK.

  7. so can USA t-mobile owners of samsung vibrant use it? Yes or No? Someone please answer

  8. No

  9. Oh great, now all the fools who can’t read and don’t know that the UK is not the same as the US, are going to post on the US Vibrant forums with “We’re getting froyo!!”

  10. Ha ha, I think people here know that we’ll have to wait longer for this damn froyo. T-mobile US really botched this, I mean really.

  11. After I bricked my t-mobile (UK) Galaxy S with a kies ‘update’ I had to send it back to a t-mobile repair centre – glad I did as it has come back with froyo on it! Took me about a day to remember that it meant I could view Flash :D

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