Possible Nexus S TV Spot Hits YouTube; Will it Hit the Airwaves?


A new 32-second clip showed up on Google’s Nexus S YouTube channel yesterday, and the big question has been “will they advertise the Nexus S on TV?” It’s a good question: the length fits, the tune is catchy enough, and production seems to be uncharacteristically high. If Google were to advertise on TV – something they’ve only ever done once – this wouldn’t be the video to do it.

“Contour display. Gingerbread. Front and Back Camera. Unlocked. Fast is about to get faster.” It doesn’t tell anyone anything about the phone unless they are already Android fanatics. And for those who aren’t, only the words “Fast,” “Faster”, “Front,” “Back,” and “Camera” will mean anything to them.

That’s not to say Google wouldn’t advertise the Nexus S on TV, though: the Nexus One didn’t receive this type of high profile unveiling, nor did it receive the benefit of being distributed through a major retail channel. Seeing as how Best Buy will be selling this device exclusively for the time being (Carphone Warehouse in the UK will be doing the same), it’s entirely possible they could run their own campaign.

But if anything were to happen, It’d have to happen within the next week. Before the weekend, even. I don’t watch TV myself so I won’t be able to check, but many marketing majors would tell you that right now is the sweet spot for having your ads in as many places as they can be. If you don’t see a Nexus S ad playing before Monday, chances are you won’t see one. (Unless they go the Verizon route and quietly slip their devices into their usual marketing cycle after the device has already launched.)

What do you guys think?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I really enjoy the song they’ve opted for.

  2. awesome song! creative ad

  3. That song has me now.

    Google are evil purely for that.

  4. From a French speaking person, I can say that the song is a real shit.

  5. i want that song. fuck.

  6. Strikes me as more of a web ad shooting for a tech-savvy audience, as your typical consumer sitting in front of a TV will not know what “Gingerbread” nor “Unlocked” mean in the context of a smartphone.

  7. [IMG]http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc402/datdude4dub/snap20101208_173727.png[/IMG]

  8. the song is called Allo Allo (Hello I Love You) by Les Sans Culottes thanks to Soundhound.. G2 All Day

  9. and the album is called Fixation Orale

  10. I can say for a French speaking person that this song is good so is the add and btw the song is saying that its love at first sight.

  11. @DatDude4dub (8) what a coincidence: http://phandroid.com/2010/12/08/soundhound-or-shazam/

  12. Does Fixation Orale mean something about oral fixation?

  13. That’s pretty nice, I have both installed but went to Soundhound first. It just finds songs alot faster than Shazam. I think I have to say good-bye to Shazam. It only caught the beginning instrumental and still tagged the song. Sickness.

    PS.. I might have had it first. G2 All Day!!

  14. Love the song. It’s nice:) I really want this beauty

  15. Do we know if this phone has the dual mics like the N1 has?

  16. Google i love You

  17. there is no way this would make it as a tv commercial. Who the !#@$ knows what gingerbread is except the nerds who visit this site? (me included)

  18. They say the name of the song in another promotional video.


  19. To the average consumer, terms like “Gingerbread” and “unlocked” are meaningless. Then again, this phone isn’t for the average consumer is it ;)

  20. Pure Google = Vanilla Android? If so, that’s one thing it has going for it.

  21. There would be no reason for GOOG to advertise any phone on TV. They make $0 off the sale of each Nexus S. It’s up to the carriers & retailers (BB) to push a particular phone. If they were to advertise on TV, it would be about pushing the Android platform, but the Android OS is already a success.

    If they were to advertise on TV right now, it should be all about Google TV, as that ship is having a hard time leaving port.

  22. Catchy song “allo allo!” Nexus S looks awesome cant wait for it to be released.

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