Nexus S Headed to Verizon with 4G? Rumors Begin to Swirl



Google attempted a carrier-agnostic approach with the Nexus One, and while they will openly admit their attempts to reshape the smartphone market fell flat, they also failed to ever deliver a Nexus One that ran on a CDMA network. With the Nexus S, the same seems to be true, for the moment, but just like the N1, the handset will no doubt land on other carrier partners in due time. Taking a bit of an inference from the fine print found in the rules for the Nexus S contest, it is almost a sure thing.

The currently available Nexus S is a GSM device and is not compatible with CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint.

Emphasis added, the titular guys over at AndroidGuys point out that this text suggests that a possible CDMA Nexus S is in the cards. And why not? The phone is built upon the Galaxy S platform, one which has already been reconfigured for almost any carrier you can conjure up. What’s more, a tweet from @samfirmware is suggesting we all hold off on grabbing up the Nexus S until February, at which point it is cryptically suggested it will be coming to other networks.

The internet has run with the two above hints and decided this might mean a 4G version for Verizon. We aren’t going to take the bait just yet, but boy would that be something to wait it out for. Unless of course dual-core handsets with 4G and Gingerbread (or maybe even Honeycomb) are announced by then.

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  1. Man, would I ever like one of these on Sprint…

  2. that be interesting…

  3. umm,why is this even being posted as a surprise?of course one of the best phones made is going to have 4G

  4. Didn’t Verizon say NO TO NEXUS S ?

  5. No 720 recording
    No hspa+
    No micro SD slot
    512mb RAM

    Don’t waste your time phandroid. Nobody cares about this shitty excuse for a phone

  6. @InspectorGadget80

    Where did they say that? I hope they didnt!

  7. I find it hard to believe/swallow that it would come out on T-Mobile first without supporting their HSPA+ 4G, but then come out for Verizon sporting their LTE 4G. Not only would that be a mind-boggling thing to do, but it would also be a slap in the face to T-Mobile and their Android-loyal customers.

  8. Right….and when it launches on Verizon it will have a 32″ display, 8 core processor, 4.3TB of internal memory, blah blah blah.

  9. Verizon said no to Nexus 1…but I have no idea about nexus s… It’s December though…why the hell would I buy I cell phone now with CES around the corner…psh…NexusSmexus

  10. This could be nice if it comes to verizon but by February they will have some true superphones out so once again it would be like the fascinate back shelf but atleast updates would come right from google since we know samsung cant deliver

  11. Will February see the Nexus S offered on other carriers, or will February see the rumored “Samsung Flagship” rocking dual-core processors? Wasn’t the rumored delay in Gingerbread because it didn’t play nicely with a dual-core Sammy flagship, expected in Q1??? Help me out here, Phandroid…

  12. @JaylanPHNX
    It wouldn’t be a huge slap if the released a Nexus S for HSPA+ at the same time as an LTE version… maybe early adopters. emph

    I would love this on Big Red.

  13. @rich

    Its also the only phone to currently have a concave screen, support for apps2sd via 16gb internal storage and NFC. So whats your point. According to all the tests it screams performance so I dont think 512 ram is really an issue. Get a video camera if you want 720p video recording. Seriously stop complaining about things you probably never use.

  14. This phone is a failure and it hasn’t even launched yet. No HSPA+? Seriously? I hope there is a typo somewhere. If not people should get fired for this screw up. Why would I spend $529 unlocked for a phone that is already behind in technology? Why? Am I stupid? I can see random fools walking into BB and buying this thing without having a clue. I’m very disappointed in Samsung/Google/Tmobile or whoever made the executive decision not to include HSPA+. Your wicked smart! (sarcasm)

  15. Samsung and Smart does not compute!!
    I was really pissed when Google picked Samsung to make this phone.

  16. 720p video is an update feture that could (and probably will) come later.

  17. Shit. Why cant Sprint just update the Epic 4g to Gingerbread? There is no need for Nexus S on Sprint. It would be a waste of phone. The Epic has killer hardware and 4g! Just need Gingerbread to cap it off.

  18. no notification light kills me. I think I’ll wait to see what the specs are for the galaxy 2.

  19. That’s too late. The dual core phones MIGHT be here by then.

    Not to mention this DOESN”T have
    720p recording
    LED Notification
    Micro SD Card slot
    No HSPA+

    What’s the motivation to buy this about anything else beyond timely updates? Which, by the way, I’ve heard that the framework has been reworked to make it easy for OEMs to put there crappy overlays on it so it takes less time to update their respective phones.

  20. Nexus S on Verizon? No sale without 4G, SD Card, and higher resolution screen.

    I’ll be waiting for something else to replace my X. Did I mention that I just bought a 32GB sd card?

  21. People are hating on this device. The HSPA+ alone doesn’t make the phone perform. All that is, is fast downloading speeds. It doesn’t function your phone. 720p? Are you serious? cellphone cameras will never be as good as a real camera. Do you expect to make a movie from your cellphone? If something came out today and something a little better came out the next day, you guys would call it out dated. Its not out dated. It’s just moving fast. I bet this Nexus phone will function just as good as phones coming out next year and clearly better then phones this year. 2.2 doesn’t show off with dual cores. won’t get the full affect. So tegra 2 next year will be high performance and speed. it won’t sine until honeycomb. just respect what it is

  22. Is this the new Verizon iPhone rumor?

  23. It’s just to cover their ass in case they ever release/announce a CDMA version. It doesn’t mean their definitely will be one.

  24. A little too much inference here.

  25. Would have it been cool if they added the touchpad to the top of the phone (the one on the MyTouch phones)? Makes sense for games.

  26. Let’s be reasonable about this. I know as tech heads we love having the newest fastest gear, but I don’t see how duel core will improve our experience as much. The 1 ghz processors haven’t under performed at all. With hardware acceleration it will be just as smooth. Through in the nfc chip and updates for gaming and this device will shine. I am disappointed about the sd card aswell, but it isn’t a huge loss. It has 16 gigs and most people are streaming content to the device over data. I think the nexus s is designed for a more cloud experience. Cause it looks like wireless syncing is the future of most google devices. It does need to be a 4g device though. That is the minimum requirement.

  27. Dear Author,

    Please read @samfirmware’s tweets yourself. It’s pretty obvious that they are implying that Samsung will be releasing a “better” handset on VZW in February. Not a Nexus S. I’m guessing it’s the dual-core beast that Engadget uncovered a few weeks ago.

    Please adjust your story.


  28. Nexus S with 4G on Sprint would seem to be a fairly obvious choice given that the galaxy line already runs on Sprints 4G network as the epic. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm

  29. If the Nexus S does make it to vzw, who cares? Over the past few days, it is becoming more and more apparent that this phone is a cheap, shiny black plastic, sd card-less, most underwhelming piece of over-hyped crap I’ve seen in a long time. The ONLY feature I thought was neat was a 4″ screen. Just a tad bigger than a 3.7″, but not too big. The rest is utterly worthless. So it comes with gingerbread, so what? If you actually buy that thing just because it has the latest OS, you’re an idiot. If you’re that concerned about getting updates quickly, root your phone. Google should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves for architecting this shiny black turd.

  30. @DJ

    Seriously? It outperforms every other Android phone on the market in every way except HSPA+, which is only supported by a single phone, and it’s a turd?

    The Phandroid community has really gone to hell the last few months…

  31. Im with you snuffles..way too much android hate, on an android forum none the less..but nothing is ever good enough for these fools.

  32. This nexus s will NOT be on verizon..just the same as the N1.. Verizon will not support a phone they DO NOT sell in stores..so end this bs talk please.

  33. I agree. Don’t expect any vanilla (non-crippled) Android OS on any phone from Verizon. Simple example: tethering…

  34. all this hate from within the android community… somewhat akin to the “fragmentation” of android in general… ;)

  35. @JerseyGirl,and how is this a Samsung fault? this is a Google order, if that is what Google wanted thats is what goggle is getting.

  36. This sounds like the Nexus One history repeating itself. Google kept the Verizon Nexus One carrot up for 3 months and eventually told everyone to go get the DInc.

    I disagree with your interpretation over here. All it says is that the current model is NOT compatible with Verizon/Sprint. I do not see any hint of a CDMA Nexus S in that.

  37. The Android “hate” is coming because Google utterly failed on this device. They released a sub par product of what developers and users alike were expecting. I am not talking about CDMA vs GSM, it was a given that it would be GSM because 97% of the world uses GSM (only in America do we use feet instead of meters, gallons instead of liters). My gripe is that Samsung makes poor quality body phone (look at the Galaxy S) and includes basic and advanced featrues such as SD Card (come on, who’s f*#!ing idea was that?!?), no HDMI, no HSPA+, no FM radio (not necessary but was a nice feature), no kickstand, not an 8MP camera, and much more. They should have stayed with HTC and taken an EVO 4G model and created it into a GSM phone and make it the Nexus Two. Then you would have an ultimate phone that I would buy.

  38. absolutely not i think … andy did mention it at DIVE
    we have to works 3 month with each carrier .. thats y they headed to unlocked version only ..

  39. verizon won’t get this phone they are too busy slobbing motorola’s knob.

    as for no 4g or 720p recording etc yea that does stink its like they improved the galaxy s in a few ways then nerfed it back up again instead of making it a beast…

    my only thought is they did it because samsung has a franchise phone coming out early 2010 which is super thin with an aluminum case and essentially does have everything.

  40. I want a true google phone because I am tired of bloatware like CityID or the Madden demo being forced on me so that Verizon and motorola can make a cheap buck at my expense. Otherwise I will return to iPhone….there is no bloatware on an iPhone.

  41. hey im verizon when will this be to verizon …bc this phone looks amazing….it the 3rd phone(that i no of)..that has 2 cameras ..1 in the back and 1 in the front….Tmobile has one with chat…iphone4g and this nexus ..i just found this out

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