The Weirdest (And Most Unique) Form Factor for Android Yet By Samsung [VIDEO]


Samsung’s proven that they know how to shake things up when it comes to new ideas and form factors, with the most recent being the Samsung Continuum with its ticker display for Verizon. Little did you know that Samsung has another phone with two screens – dubbed the W899 – but we’re not sure exactly why. It’s a flip phone – also unique for Android phones in general – but there exists a screen on each side of the top slab so you can access your phone regardless of if it’s closed or not. And it’s not a small piece of machinery either. Most of the video shows Android only when the phone is opened, but upon closing the phone, whatever you were doing inside gets fed to the display on the “outside” of the phone. Or is it not the outside anymore once it’s closed? I’m sorry, I just can’t understand the point here. Kudos for originality? You’ll only be seeing this one in China, for the time being. [via Android Guys]


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Thick as a Brick…

  2. For those who want a phone with enough heft to knock a man out.

  3. STUPID design lol, nobody wants a THINK phone AND a flip phone

  4. THICK*

  5. The form factor of this thing looks like we went back a decade or two in phone tech…

  6. Really ugly plus annoying bells it makes

  7. Tick. And I don’t see what’s so unique, sure it’s flip and android in one, but it’s nothing amazingly new.

  8. Great for the Japanese market. They love flip phones. Slab phones like the iphone are starting to become more of a success but the predominant style is stil the flip feature-phone.

    NTT Docomo is now working on bringing Android to the Japanese masses as a way of battling the iphone, just as Verizon did in the USA.

    The plot thickens.


  9. Why would you double the thickness of a phone for a dialer?

  10. Good ol’ Samsung, just can’t give up on the past.”But, but, but.. I really liked it back in the day with the flip phones…” They had their glory days, now move on already and update some of your phones.

  11. This is nothing new for Japan

  12. He had so much trouble scrolling from left to right. Lol how can you do anyything on that phone with the dial pad always there!? Silly Samsung..

  13. Two for the price of one.

  14. Hey I love the idea, I miss the ol’ flip phone. easy to dial while not looking. This one is a bit thick, but maybe they can thin it out a bit..

  15. Telling a true~~this device 1000% a fake/bootleg phone from Samsung. I don’t know does anyone notice the front cover branded with “Anycall” which is Samsung’s korean brand name and the inside screen with “Samsung” brand on it. That’s the damn shame for the China private IT industry lure money to some folks who want android~

  16. what’s… he… saying?

  17. The article clearly states only available in China, not Japan.

    The guy on the video is speaking Chinese.

    Samsung is Korean for Three Stars, and incidentally Mitsubishi is Japanese for Three Diamonds.

    I’ve never lived in China, but Anycall is a well known brand in Korea. I had no idea they had a market outside the country.

    Its possible that Samsung chose this phone form factor to appeal to both the candy bar and the flip phone fans. One possible benefit to having the choice of either the full Android experience on both sides is that should one screen become unusable, the other one may still provide complete functionality to the user.

    That being said, this phone is UGLY!!!!!!

  18. Thicker than a Snicker….

  19. That’s actually kinda cool though. But kinda thick to be a flip phone

    I was hoping he showed what the otter screen showed when it was open and the inner screen was beeing used.

  21. @timmyjoe

    He said and I quote “this is THE iphone killer”

  22. I bet this is to combat the feature phone market for consumer that want a smart phone but don’t want to give up their feature phone. Its a trick to get them to buy a more expensive phone

  23. Different form factors appeal to different markets / market segments, duh…

  24. I would fancy a phone have the thickness, a full display on one side and a dial-pad on the other side. Without the flipping mechanism. That would be called a dumbphone/smartphone.

  25. @bill iphones already dead. lol

  26. Just get 2 Mytouch 4g and duck tape one end together..

  27. if this is what I had to do to get a physical number pad on an android, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  28. Anyone else just have a Kaman Rider 555 flashback? =D i think it looks awesome and is obviously geared at the Japanese market.

  29. I would dig that phone! I so want the flip form back! Looks pretty nice to me.

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