Dec 6th, 2010

500x_lokyandroidapp (1)

Loky is an Android app that will help you keep prying eyes away from incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, as well as a special phonebook. Immediately, the “cheating spouse” scenario comes to mind, and I’m sure a lot of that type will spring for this, but it looks like it could be an overall godsend for privacy buffs as it password-protects your photos, as well. It’s just one of many options out there to help keep people out of your business. (I personally use App Protector, but I’m imagining a few scenarios where I would’ve preferred Loky instead.) The app costs about $4.70 in the Android market, but that’s a small price to pay for the headache it will help save in the long run. [via Loky, Recombu]