Is the Nexus One already Receiving Its Gingerbread Update? [Update: Nope! In a Few Weeks]



[UPDATE]: It looks like erring on the side of skepticism may have been the best bet, as official word states that the Gingerbread update for the Nexus One is in fact NOT going out now. That will happen in a few weeks time. For now we can just sit back and await some crafty developer to compile the SDK for the N1 and put it up for grabs.

[UPDATE 2]: Reto Meier from Google’s updated everyone on the situation saying that the Nexus One will be getting Gingerbread in a few weeks. In a perfect world, we’d get it as a nice Christmas present, but don’t be too mad if the cookies aren’t laid out in time for Santa Clause to enjoy them.

We can’t confirm this one just yet, but along with the announcement of Gingerbread as the stock OS of the Nexus S and the next iteration of Android, reports are trickling in that some Nexus One users are already receiving their update notification to move on to Android 2.3. Did you really think Google would forget you?

If it isn’t actually going out, I’m sure we will have a manual install ready to go by the end of the day or sooner, so sit tight. For now, any N1s out there moving and shaking with Gingerbread?

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. I hope so. Unrooted my Nexus just for this reason. My G2 and N1 will be playing SIM card tag for a few days until it’s proven, can’t wait to see what Gingerbread will look like.

  2. None yet :-(

  3. I’m waiting to see the downloadable version show up online (probably by the end of the day). I’m running CM 6.1, so I probably won’t get the Google notification anyway.

  4. Texas here not yet……..I’m hoping soon

  5. Just did a manual check and it didn’t find any updates on my Nexus One

  6. So far I am going to give 2.3 one big fat ‘Meh’. When I hear VoIP support, I thought Google Voice was integrated in the phone app but alas I was disappointed. At least 2.3 has support for it in the software stack. I am also disappointed that there is no hardware acceleration.

  7. nothing yet in canada…might come for the next week,like usually,it takes a week before canada peeps get the update

  8. Roto Meier on twitter: “Not sure where Engadget is getting their reports. The Nexus One OTA isn’t happening just yet – should be coming in a few weeks.”

  9. I want one for my EVO come on EVO lets do this!

  10. It isn’t, and it wont be for a while yet.

  11. i’m on Orange using a Desire in the UK, so I look forward to playing with 2.3 next April…

  12. Engadget removed their article claiming N1s were receiving OTAs… False alert, relax !

  13. Yeah it was too good to be true considering the Nexus S is going to be the first device to get this Gingerbread update.

  14. Nooooooo!

  15. noooooo!! Google dont f…. with us!!!

  16. No GPU acceleration :-(
    I was playing on someone’s WP7 phone the other night and it’s like night and day with Android 2.2 – my Desire Z OC’d to 1.2ghz just felt like something from 5 years ago.

  17. I remember when the galaxy S phones were being released and I defended Samsung saying that they had learned their lesson. All this gingerbread news is just making me and I’m sure other galaxy S users depressed/pissed. I’m never buying a Samsung phone again.

  18. no resone to get a nexus s same rame prosseser crap it looks like crap nexus one still the phone of the year

  19. idk if ginger is comeing to nexus one but i think i want a 4g my touch ? f*** samsung

  20. I’m never buying another android phone again if they can’t even keep the Nexus One up to date. I guess the fragmentation complaints are true, eh Google? The iphone may suck in terms of freedom, but at least they don’t turn their back on you after 6 months. I feel sorry for the suckers that bought into the Nexus S.

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