Dec 6th, 2010


[UPDATE]: It looks like erring on the side of skepticism may have been the best bet, as official word states that the Gingerbread update for the Nexus One is in fact NOT going out now. That will happen in a few weeks time. For now we can just sit back and await some crafty developer to compile the SDK for the N1 and put it up for grabs.

[UPDATE 2]: Reto Meier from Google’s updated everyone on the situation saying that the Nexus One will be getting Gingerbread in a few weeks. In a perfect world, we’d get it as a nice Christmas present, but don’t be too mad if the cookies aren’t laid out in time for Santa Clause to enjoy them.

We can’t confirm this one just yet, but along with the announcement of Gingerbread as the stock OS of the Nexus S and the next iteration of Android, reports are trickling in that some Nexus One users are already receiving their update notification to move on to Android 2.3. Did you really think Google would forget you?

If it isn’t actually going out, I’m sure we will have a manual install ready to go by the end of the day or sooner, so sit tight. For now, any N1s out there moving and shaking with Gingerbread?

[via AndroidCommunity]

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