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Those sly cats at Google couldn’t release the Gingerbread SDK without its flagship phone, so in conjunction with Samsung they have officially announced the Nexus S. You can jump right over the Nexus S product page now, even, but don’t expect to purchase it there. Google is done with that model, instead moving the phone through Carphone Warehouse in the UK starting December 20th and Best Buy in the US (on T-Mobile) starting December 16th. Even more, TechCrunch got an early review unit to toy around with. So what is being said about the Nexus S after a few days of use? Well, they are calling it “the best phone on the market today.”

Everything we expected is there. Gingerbread, 4.0-inch Super AMOLED display, 1GHz Hummingbird processor, an NFC chip, and super sleek and slim design. The cheap-feeling plastic of the Galaxy S remains, but we are sure that is forgivable. This is a phone built from a solid Samsung platform and tailored by Google’s demands. It’s kind of a big deal (and you’ll want to be right on top of it by visiting our Nexus S forums).

There are a ton more videos over at the Nexus S YouTube, including a bunch giving various looks at new Gingerbread elements. Check out the new keyboard:


Nexus S offers the latest version of the Android platform, Gingerbread, 4” Super AMOLED touch screen with curved design, Near Field Communication (NFC), front and rear-facing cameras and 1GHz application processor

SEOUL, Korea, and DALLAS, US December 6, 2010 — Samsung Electronics, a leading mobile phone provider and the No. 1 mobile phone provider1 in the U.S., and Google™ today announced Nexus S™, the world’s first handset to feature the latest version of Google’s Android™ platform. Powered by Android 2.3, Samsung and Google have packed Nexus S with powerful technology and the latest in hardware features.

JK Shin, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics, said, “Samsung and Google have worked together closely to deliver the best Android smart phone experience for consumers. It has been our ambition in working with Google to continue to push the Android platform forward and create a smart phone that has both superior functionality and a stunning user-experience. It is extremely satisfying to see this partnership again bear tremendous fruit.”

“Samsung was thrilled to work with Google to create the first device featuring the much anticipated Android 2.3 OS. Nexus S is powerful proof of Samsung and Google’s commitment to bringing technology firsts to market and launching products that utilize the open and innovative Android operating system,” said Omar Khan, chief strategy officer of Samsung Telecommunications America. “Nexus S integrates Samsung’s best-in-class hardware and technology with the exciting new features and upgrades of Android 2.3 Gingerbread to give consumers a breakthrough smartphone experience.”

“Google is excited to co-develop Nexus S with Samsung, ensuring solid integration of hardware and software to deliver the lead device for the latest version of Android, Gingerbread,” said Andy Rubin, Vice President of Engineering at Google.

Nexus S is designed with Samsung’s brilliant Super AMOLED touch screen technology providing a premium viewing experience. The 4-inch Contour Display features a curved design for a more ergonomic style and feel when held to the user’s face. Nexus S also features Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which allows you to read information off of everyday objects like stickers and posters that are embedded with NFC chips. Powered by a 1 GHz Samsung application processor, Nexus S produces rich 3D graphics, faster upload and download times and supports HD-like multimedia content.

Nexus S is equipped with a 5 megapixel rear facing camera and camcorder, as well as a VGA front facing camera. In addition, Nexus S features a gyroscope sensor to provide a smooth, fluid gaming experience when the user is tilting the device up or down or panning the phone to the left or right. Nexus S also comes with 16 GB of internal memory.

Android 2.3, Gingerbread, is the fastest version of Android yet. It features support for Near Field Communication (NFC), a new and improved keyboard with multi-touch support, Internet calling (VoIP/SIP support), and a clean new user interface. Nexus S also includes popular Android features such as portable Wi-Fi hotspot, true multitasking, access to Google mobile services such as Google Search™, Gmail™, Google Maps™ with Navigation, Voice Actions, Google Voice™ and YouTube™, and access to over 100,000 apps and widgets on Android Market™.

Nexus S can be purchased (unlocked) online and in-store from Best Buy retailers in the U.S. starting after December 16 and at Carphone Warehouse retailers in the U.K. after December 20.

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Introducing Android 2.3: Official Gingerbread Announcement Video Live on YouTube, SDK Released

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  1. Wow, I am truly disappointed that there is only a 1Ghz single core….

  2. Word is there is no headset jack, not sure why they left that off. Other than that, doesn’t look like too much has been added to make it a stand out phone. When everyone else gets Gingerbread, this will fade insignificantly into the crowd.

  3. it’s ok i guess… i just wish it had little bit more? maybe dual core processor? 8 mega pixel camera? that would have been nice but it seems decent hope this one doesn’t have sucky gps

  4. more carriers please :( T-MO sucks in the middle of nowhere…

  5. Snap son! This is a beauty.

  6. this makes it alot easier to port to current Galaxy S phones such as the Vibrant. :)

  7. Add to that, I popped my SIM card back in my Nexus one last night to fiddle with the phone. The N1 just feels like a solid piece of equipment. If this is indeed plastic feeling, that’s sad. People want light weight but not at the price of feeling cheap. If this is a flagship phone, it should be awesome on every level, and I’m just not feeling that from the Nexus S.

  8. @swehes Good point. My I hope my Captivate will be able to run a version of this!!!!

  9. Only 16gb storage option??! I cant believe there’s no way to upgrade the storage!

  10. not really a revolutionary device here…same as all the other galaxy s phones…just has gingerbread on it…nexus one was and will always be the most revolutionary device to hit the market…hopefully the tegra 2s dont disappoint

  11. No extention port for sd card is suuuuch a disappointment… I feel sad

  12. “and a clean new user interface. Nexus S also includes popular Android features such as portable Wi-Fi hotspot, true multitasking, access to Google mobile services such as Google Search™, Gmail™, Google Maps™ with Navigation”

    “true multitasking”, I like what they did there! lol

  13. The flagship phone on T-mo? You’ve got to be kidding.

  14. “The cheap-feeling plastic of the Galaxy S remains”

    THIS is why I’m waiting for HTC’s next device. Samsung can just piss off with this crap. I don’t pay $500 for a device so I can feel like I’m playing with a toy.

  15. i only have ONE problem with this phone. sadly, it is an extremely big problem….T-Mobile? really T FUCKING MOBILE! are you kidding me? ugh.

  16. @ Aeires: It has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

  17. No HSPA+? It looks like it will be a great phone, but it’s a shame that it doesn’t have a faster processor or the radio to support the faster networks. Looks like I might suffer just a bit longer with my *gasp* Cliq until January to see what dual core possibilities become available.

  18. i’m not a fan of samsung… i’m curious as to why they didn’t go w/ HTC… HTC was where they went for the G1 and Nexus 1.

  19. Am i the only one very disappointed at the specs of this phone.Pretty much a galaxy s with an NFC chip. NO DUAL CORE PROCESSOR, are you kidding!!!! Nexus One was something to be proud of, nexus s is not. This phone is gonna get smoked by the new dual core phones coming out in Q1 2011.

  20. At this point, I’m wondering when we’ll see a “Google Phone” with a good hardware keyboard. I’m hoping to see Google teaming up with LG sometime. They make the best phone keyboards.

  21. wow, that is sad. i blame google since they admitted they are the ones that chose the features.

    1) t-mo only, let’s go ahead and just limit the market here. the smallest of the big 4 carriers is the only one to get the phone.

    2) as someone said before, no audio jack. that’s a basics fail right there. your phone is expected to double as an MP3 player, and how will it do that without an audio jack?

    3) nothing under the hood really impresses. in fact, the galaxy S2 is looking like it will absolutely MURDER this thing. when that article was published i was hoping those were actually the nexus S stats. admittedly, im not familiar with the new frequencies, does this thing even take advantage of t-mos “4G”?

    in short, it looks like a fumble. they have the ability to do better, and samsung IS doing better with other phones, why would google go around picking all the low end stuff?

  22. @Stephen I think the reason they didn’t go with HTC again is because they are looking to the most “popular” phone out right now. With the Galaxy S phone being popular on all carriers they probably wanted it for that.

  23. correction of point 1) in my previous, from the photos it appears there is indeed an audio jack.

  24. The Nexus S will be unlocked….

    “After December 16, Nexus S will be sold unlocked and carrier-independent initially through Best Buy stores in the U.S. and after December 20 at Carphone Warehouse stores in the UK.”


  25. Wow even the my touch 4g is better then this at least its got hspa+ ii hope Verizon gets an HTC ginger bread phone instead

  26. @Aaron:
    Yeah, what’s up with that?

  27. I am absolutely disgusted with the lack of HSPA+ support. Are they on fucking drugs? The last 2-3 T-Mobile phones to release are HSPA+ compatible! And this is a FLAGSHIP device? FlagSHIT is more like it.

    Nothing ground breaking about these vanilla specs. Wait for CES. Almost every phone that comes out from February 2011 and up will almost duplicate these weak specs. Hell are these specs even on par with the Nexus One? LOL! This phone is at least 6 months late…. even the Evo has 4G.

  28. Nexus S = 2010 Dallas Cowboys …. almost everyone’s Super Bowl pick, yet not even going to the playoffs. Way to overhype this step back of a phone.

  29. Nexus S on Tmobile = FAIL
    Oh well…

  30. I can’t believe all the whining I am reading here. There were three major complaints about the Vibrant: no front facing camera, no flash, bad gps. This phone is the answer to all those PLUS it has stock Android! I will be a bit whiney if I find out that it doesn’t support the HSPA+ but most places (including where I live) don’t have 4g anyways. I think people ran wild with rumors and created a fantasy device that couldn’t possibly exist, so this is a disappointment in comparison. This phone is amazing. There is an audio jack, whoever said there wasn’t was either stupid or a troll.

  31. @Stephen: I can’t speak for Google, but here’s my guess. Samsung’s model for selling their Galaxy S phones was similar to Google’s for the Nexus One. They weren’t sold unlocked like the N1 but they were available on the four major carriers in the US. That was the plan for the N1…until it completely bombed with anemic sales. Like it or hate it, the Galaxy S is a proven world-wide sales hit. Therefore, instead of HTC this time, they went with Samsung. The Nexus S won’t be exclusive to T-Mo in the US, it will eventually make it’s way to the other carriers…unless, of course, the Nexus sales completely bomb again. (opinion, not fact.)

    @Kahlood: until that time, I suggest the G2. Really, with swype, a hardware keyboard is a non-issue. I should know, I bought a G2 because I thought I couldn’t do without a physical keyboard…with swype, I barely use the physical keyboard now.

    I’m actually very, very surprised that Google would name their flagship phone a “Nexus” again. The stigma attached to it (by the rest of the world, not phanbois) is that it was a monumental failure.

  32. Wow. So this is the reason Galaxy S owners have been lied to for the past couple of months concerning Froyo. They have been too busy implementing Gingerbread on a clone phone with a front facing camera. Nice job Samsung, way to overstay your welcome and you just got here less than half a year ago…….

  33. Looks lovely but T-Mobile? I don’t understand Google’s dedication to T-Mobile.

  34. I have an HTC EVO 4g and the only thing i can envy from this phone is not really anything! Faster updates? Sprint and HTC are pretty quick not nexus 1 quick but ok. NFC, no thanks i dont even like credit cards, no samoled but i can manage. I do have front facing camera, 8 megapixel rear camera, audio output jack, micro sd slot. I am glad i did not felt over hyped about this phone at all

  35. Does it really have that creepy looking green everywhere? Looks like a knockoff

  36. Whats wrong with T-mobile? Its cheaper than the other guys. Good signal in kc Missouri. The only thing I’m pissed with is I still don’t have 2.2 on my Vibrant yet.

  37. As an EVO user the only hype i feel is that Gingerbread will soon get into the hands of the ROM makers out there and I can look forward to Myn’s Warm TwopointThree.

    Hardware-wise this thing is “meh” … and as a samsung phone you can bet it will be stuck at 2.3 until the rest of the world gets upgraded past 3.0.

  38. The only special thing about this is 2.3. The Nexus S is going to be a rarely seen phone once the Samsung Galaxy S2 is out, and once 2.3 hits the custom ROMs it’s going to look even more average than it does already.

  39. The reason for the dedication to T-mobile is obvious for anyone who has any global awareness. First of all, if you want to make something for the whole world anything that is not GSM is right out. That means no Verizon, no Sprint. Now you have AT&T and T-Mobile. Does anything about AT&T at all make you think they would get along with Google?

  40. @Justin.G11 yes it is a samsung and i am against that. but unlike the other galaxy phones, it’s google branded which means it gets updates straight from google. so no, it will not be stuck on 2.3 when 3.0 comes out. in fact, it’ll most likely be the first phone to get 3.0

  41. @jared: agree.

    Im seeing a lot of peeps saying htc would’ve been a better choice. Does everyone forget what a pos the g1 was? It was so embarrassing next to the iphone 3g at the time it set googs back in a big way. Then n1 comes out with 3g and mic issues, i think its obvious the googs had to switch it up. Not exactly impressed by samsung, moto would’ve been the better choice considering their droid success. But here’s hoping for n3.

  42. No notification LED, no 4G or “4G”, no HTC, no thanks. Totally apalled at Google with this decision, and am losing faith in the whole Android OS =(

  43. If you had to choose right now between the HTC Desire HD and the Nexus S. which would you choose and why?

  44. @Ed

    I stand corrected there, Ed. Then the best I can hope for this phone is that it starts a trend where others follow suite with “Google Stock” Android OSes.

    The single biggest failure of Android ATM is that we have to wait for HTC, Samsuck, whoever to release “thier flavor”. If this “comprimise” catches on, I would have practically no reason to root.

  45. The only good thing about this is T-Mobile. T-Mo rocks, but Nexus S is a bad joke. Im not buying this….

  46. G2 all day!!!!

  47. this phone is lame!.
    not worth upgrading my og nexus 1 for!!

  48. This phone is just a fail. And I’m glad, because now I don’t have to consider giving up my current phone for some Samsung rubbish. It really has nothing that I want (aside from Google updates to the OS) over my Desire Z. I’m happy about this!

  49. @Richard – tbh I would probably choose the Nexus S, as the Desire HD battery life sucks HARD. You need to be near a charger/spare battery at all times.

  50. If you are disappointed in the NS, blame sites like Phandroid (which I love) because they gave us so many expectations on what this device could be. It seems like a solid phone. I don’t think Google should be criticized for not having a dual core CPU or running HSPA+, WiMax, or LTE. However, I think Google should be criticized for what they took out — the SD card. What were they thinking? This is a deal breaker.

    Is the missing SD card the only reason I wouldn’t get the Nexus S? No, I have a N1 and can’t see any significant reason to change, at this time. I will get Gingerbread soon and get most of the features being touted about the Nexus S. I find some of the hardware features (not sure if the NFC chip means much at this time) of the NS interesting, but not enough to spend $529.

  51. @Justin.G11
    You forget one other thing this device gives you because of running stock Android — the carriers can’t charge you to features that are part of Android. I find it a crock that they charge you for tethering and mobile WiFi hotspot (especially since they give you nothing extra for it). I get those features for free with my N1.

  52. Phandroid, you should thank to me ! because i gave u this tip !

  53. I’m PRO Android, and PRO Tmobile all the way. The only problem is that Tmobile doesn’t even have 3g where I live and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Therefore, I’m stuck paying overpriced Verizon till something better comes along. I do have a Debinged Fascinate and I hope that Google can push through the Nexus model to all carriers this time. My fear is that after the fiasco that occured last year they won’t even approach the CDMA guys. I think that the Galaxy S line is a doing Android just fine. It runs smoother, and longer than many of my friends HTC devices, even on Eclair. I have to wonder that with the hardware similarities that this phone has if the devs will be able to work some magic and get Gingerbread working on the Galaxy S models soon, and if Samsung has been working hard on 2.3 and that that has been the delay for froyo on our beloved S’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if we wind up with gingerbread sooner than Moto and Htc, Just sayin…

  54. I’ve read all of the comments posted, imo, this phone isn’t as bad as all you think. http://www.google.com/nexus/#!/tech-specs
    This says that it supports HSPA, and it has a Super AMOLED 4″ screen.
    I am disappointed in the lack of dual core processor, but i believe that in the end this phone will be worth it. It’ll receive honeycomb first probably, and any update first. And to answer the question why not HTC?
    HTC has basically merged with Verizon, and because Google seems to be teamed wit t-mobile, they won’t work with HTC.

  55. Not gonna lie. This looks like a very complete phone. The processor’s a bit of a let down, but otherwise it’s easily Samsung’s best phone and maybe Android’s. At first, I thought the back was completely curved. Now it all makes sense. Best screen I’ve seen on a phone yet. But I can’t help but think they added 16GB on board to ignore a very terrible flaw in Froyo–its inability to update apps stored to MicroSD cards!!!

  56. NO micro sd slot….no HDMI out…no headphone jack???????
    No Hdspa+.. SINGLE core???
    Alot of rumours missed the mark. this thing is going to fade once 2.3 starts getting around….

    I was getting jazzed about it, thinking I would pull the trigger…Now , i’m sad

  57. I know google wants to have developer phones but you would have figured they would have made minimum specs in line with the super phones coming out today…they may not have minimum specs but I do…front facing camera; dual core processor;4 preferably 4.3 inch screen; lastly 4g (or at least what we Americans call 4g)…gonna have to sit this one out and wait for the next super phone

  58. Really disappointing. Just like T-Mobile

  59. now that samsung has finished preparing this unimpressive phone now they can get back to resolving broken promises and dysfunctional features on their forgotten Galaxy S line. Fuck froyo we should be seeing gingerbread on the god forsaken Vibrant really damn soon

  60. seems it will not be my next phone. still waiting for the first dual core!

  61. Seems like the nexus phones will never have a working FM radio lol

  62. I just got a MT4G, and as I was buying I was wondering if I should wait for Nexus S. I am loving my mytouch. But now, after seeing these specs, I dont feel all that bad. I dont see why samsung or t-mobile is a problem though. I had iphone on att for a long time, just switched to T-mobile with MT4G. I get HSPA+ in my area, $10 dataplan. Everything is very good. I love the samsung galaxy S style multi-carrier approach. Its awesome, and unlike iphone, where you are forced to go with att and still shell out 200$ and a contract, with galaxy s devices or other android devices, you atleast have options on pricing with contract, u can choose your carrier with galaxy S, and is free with new contracts on amazon, wirefly etc. MT4G is like $50 at costco. spent $150, and both me and my wife have the latest smartphone with dataplans, what more can you ask for. Iphone might have started the whole smartphone phenomenon, but i love the options,flexibility, pricing that android brings. The more the better. So I might not get e nexus S just yet, but “Go Nexus S!!!”

  63. Alright, I’ve proudly had a G1 for over two years now and have being preaching the gospel of Android to anyone that would listen. I visit this site at least once a day and all I have to say is I miss the good old days of Android. For the most part the visitors to this site were positive and eager for whatever was coming next. Now, it appears that most of the visitors (or should I say commenters) are whiny, negative, and do nothing but crap on whatever comes next. Everyone is waiting the elusive perfect Android phone, but guess what…it’s never going to happen. I’m not saying that the perfect phone will never exist, I’m saying that it will never be perfect in your mind, b/c inevitably you have to find something to bitch and moan about. Just enjoy the fact that Android has taken off and now enjoys such popularity and strong market share. Everyone used to laugh when us Android loyalists would talk about Android surpassing iOS in both users and quality, but look whose laughing now. I of course respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, I’m just opining for the good old days when we used to have more fun on here and were like little kids on Christmas every time a new Android device came out or was leaked. LONG LIVE ANDROID!!!

    (Also, the Nexus S might not have the greatest specs of all time, but this will be the replacement for my beloved G1. I will take a clean install any day over a little better spec sheet. I wonder if I will be able to sell my G1 as an antique?)

  64. The phone is going to be release as an unlocked version as well as a carrier-dependent version(Tmo)…. unlocked is something like $550 (i forgot the paperwork at work) and the Tmo one is $199 with a contract.

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