[UPDATE: Not Official] Official Android 2.2 Upgrade for the Samsung Epic 4G Is Here


[Update]: Before we confirmed with Sprint for ourselves, we acted on a stream of tips that came in from you – our valuable and appreciated users – that the update had gone live. Prior to posting, I’d taken 5 minutes to look around and see what others were saying about this, and all signs pointed to this being official. (Please note that we were  not the only site reporting it in this manner. Not that I’m using it as an excuse, but thousands of other readers of thousands of other different sites – including the most popular of them – were led to believe as much, as well.) It wasn’t until after I published the report that someone at XDA chimed in saying that it was a test build that only went out to a small number of test phones.

I deeply apologize if anyone’s had any issues trying to use this build to update their phones to Android 2.2. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do to help outside of offering a link to instructions to revert back to stock 2.1 if you ran into any issues. (I personally ran into issues when I attempted to apply it, and I ended up “bricking” my phone.) Fortunately, it’s very hard to brick a Samsung Epic 4G, and all it takes are a few clicks to get you going in the right direction. Unfortunately, you will lose all of your data as it were if you follow the instructions I’m linking to, but that’s the only bit of help I can provide.

I went the whole weekend not knowing that this was potentially unofficial, and I regret I couldn’t get back to check the situation out and update you guys sooner. As for that link, this is the best place to start. If you were able to successfully flash and use the update, but would like to revert, that link will point you in the right direction, as well. And if you happened to install a rooted ROM based on this update (which may or may not be official), you already knew what you were getting into and you’re already equipped with the knowhow to remedy any regret.

Though we’ve gotten the update in the form of leaks for several US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S, no one has seen an official rollout yet. Sprint has beat everyone in America to the punch – just as they did with the Froyo update for the EVO – and is now offering Android 2.2 for users of the Samsung Epic 4G.


If you haven’t received it over the air, you’ll be able to manually download and install the update yourself. Instructions for that can be had below, courtesy of Brief Mobile. If you are the type who would rather wait for it to be pushed to you, then you’ll be seeing it anywhere between now and the end of the month. The process is really easy, though, so if you have been waiting for this, there should be no reason to not jump on this as soon as possible.

Instructions removed. Please read the update above.

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  1. Fuckin finally!!!

  2. Damn they beat all the other carriers, shows Sprint wants to have the best dedication to there customers

  3. where is this “root-highest folder” i dont see a single folder on my sd that says root

  4. Damn… I would have thought T-Mobile would have been first being that they got a official leak previously. As well I would have thought Samsung would have just gone with 2.3 instead being that they already have it to work with unless.. they actually don’t have 2.3 android to work with. Hmm lots of questions.

  5. Now this is what we have all been waiting for.

  6. At last! I suppose that being 1 month late is better than next year … especially considering it’s Samsung and their record for updating hasn’t been great.

    Not to mention, they seem to have beat all of the carriers and I do not believe that the world edition (in most parts of the world) has froyo.

    I can’t wait to see what custom ROMs are there. Thanks for reporting this.

  7. Alternatively, flash the deodexed/pre-rooted build with protected apps working. You’re guaranteed almost no problems! See this thread:


  8. Wow good job Sprint.

  9. Does this mean other carriers should soon follow or is it completely unrelated?
    Assuming this includes the maintainance update a well?

  10. WHOOOOOO!!!!

  11. i give it a few hours before they pull it

  12. @Chris

    The world editions of Galaxy S has been getting froyo since like september. Thats why it has been taking so long to get out.

  13. @icu

    I think its safe to say other carriers shall follow suit.

  14. Will this factory reset the phone and erase all the apps?

  15. It could also mean that Sprint is more desperate about their image and not about the damage an update can cause if there’s bugs in the update that the other cellular companies are trying to iron out first. Keep in mind that there was a leak like this with the T-Mobile Vibrant a while back and there were many bugs.

  16. is this the leaked build? i tried this on my stock epic and it does not work

  17. Well at least now all those samsung haters can shut up about samsung not gonna give 2.2

  18. If I update my Epic to 2.2 do my existing applications & texts get deleted?

  19. i downloaded the file and followed the instructions above but it doesnt work when you try to update it by using the recovery mode….help

  20. No they won’t shut up because their phones are slow compared to Samsung. We all know the SGS is the fastest snappiest phone around right now and for the forseeable future. Even without 2.2 it was the fastest phone.

    My advise to Samsung hater, don’t buy any cell phone because they make the parts for most all of them. LOL BWAM in YO FACE! And keep your crappy screens and gpu.

  21. Got it, running it now. A couple things I’ve noticed:

    1. hacked/cracked skype app runs smoothly, letting me make skype calls over wifi (had phone in airport mode w/ wifi enabled). I think official skype app still has this blocked in US, forcing users to use daytime minutes.

    2. Action button on my bluetooth earpiece STILL won’t voice dial. Have to hit voice dial button on my screen, but then bluetooth mic is used (and clarification/phone number selection is made by pressing option from an on-screen menu, rather than speaking). This needs some work, Sprint.

    3. Text message icon changed to something way too similar to email icon and conversation threads look awful. They are iPhone-style bubble messages with really flashy colors rather than the simple, clean look of the old green-iconed messenger we’ve all come to know and love.

    4. Flash video on webpages was a little choppy at first. I was on wifi. After I zoomed way in and a few seconds went by it ironed itself out.

    5. Alarm clock is gone, new app is called Clock and does more.

  22. I have not been happy, glad, or even satisfied that I’m with T-Mobile since I switched over for the g1 (I think that means its worth the $1000 to buy out all my lines). Anyhoo, my $ was on Verizon for first galaxy s froyo, very nice job sprint! You’re still unacceptably late, but relatively speaking: well done!

  23. Oooooh fingers crossed for the Fascinate update to Froyo!

  24. Downloaded and upgraded. Now my camera and anything that uses sound (aka ringtones, text notifications, etc) force closes. I can make calls, but because of the force close, I cannot receive any calls.
    Also my gallery is not pulling up any pictures. I can find the pics on Astro, but it force closes when I try to open.
    Any suggestions?

  25. Well, at least one US Galaxy S variant will get Froyo before Gingerbread comes out, but just barely. Yay, let’s upgrade to already-obsolete software. Oh well, I’m stuck with my Fascinate for another 7 months at least (1-year contracts rule!), so getting the Froyo upgrade will make the time go by more quickly, as I’ll be able to run all apps that require Froyo. Of course, by the time I get Froyo, there will be Gingerbread-only apps. *sigh*

  26. Did anybody get this to work? I tried both methods, downloaded the source files multiple times, and no luck. The first method says Problem with /sdcard/update.zip (Error 7) and the second method failed with “Check Source File” error from Odin Multi Downloader (tried 4.03 and 4.16)

  27. @2FR35H

    Depends on what country you’re in. Not all of the Galaxy S phones have the 2.2 version.

  28. I used the above way to put it on my phone. Everything works fine ecept the Music player wont work now.


  30. Downloaded, installed, got the “didn’t work” error message. Rebooted, but it gets stuck at the initial SAMSUNG http://www.samsungmobile.com screen. Tried taking out battery and inserting it back … stuck on same screen. Wiped the data and cache … didn’t want to but was desperate … stuck on same screen. I’m left with a phone that doesn’t work.

  31. FUCK YES.

  32. @Marc….regarding your bluetooth. I wonder if the problem actually lies in your earpiece and not the phone/software. Voice activation has worked well on my bluetooth since the day I got my Galaxy S.
    I hope this means froyo will soon be released to all the other Galaxy S versions. I don’t mind waiting as long as its bug free. Obviously people are having issues with Sprints release, just like numerous other makes/models have had over the past few months.

  33. Im having the same issues as Andrew, almost everything forces close! HELP!

  34. Just updated to 2.2 using tar file and odin and wow my epic is running even faster and smoother than ever…wifi is way stronger than before, had a few issues with flash 10.1 but after I did a factory reset adobe flash was up and running along with everything else. I think for anyone having issues with the 2.2 update just perform a factory reset(Data will be lost) after you installed 2.2 Froyo by going to settings then privacy and factory data reset. This should solve the issues…

  35. Adam: yes it works.

    Make sure your update.zip isn’t named update.zip.zip as is prone to happen in Windows.

  36. Do you need root for these methods?

  37. I’d like to make two observations here. #1. Stop dropping F-Bombs in your replies. It doesn’t make you look tough or smart or anything else. It makes you look like you have no education or class. If you wouldn’t use the exact same term in church or the courtroom, then don’t use it here either. It makes you look like a hillbilly. (I’m sure I’ll get flamed over this and it will be by the exact same people that think its perfectly fine to F this or F that). #2. Out of 29 replies so far, only one (#21 Marc) gave a definitive response as to what the 2.2 update did for him. I’m still wondering if it has fixed GPS properly. My thanks to you Marc, for giving an informative reply. What about it? Did the 2.2 update fix the GPS issue?

  38. “where is this “root-highest folder” i dont see a single folder on my sd that says root”

    Can someone point me in the right direction on this?
    Thanks for the help :)

  39. I’m glad someone spoke up about the language finally. Thanks for that. Im curious about the gps fix as well. Anybody having any luck?

  40. @ Billy. The root highest folder would be on the sd card but not in any folder. As in ” sdcard:update.zip”

  41. God job Sprint. While this won’t quiet those who dislike Sprint to begin with, it goes a long way towards reassuring your customers you are still trying to keep us up to spec in the Android community. I hope this means you’ll work equally as hard to bring us a Dual-core Google UI phone sometime in the very near future. Being first to bring a dual core to the industry would help us all forget about a little thing called a “Samsung Instinct” :)

  42. i like turtles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. This is great. I downloaded the zip last night and flashed in recovery mode this morning. My Epic is 100% stock. For those having issues with their stock update just make sure the zip file is located at the “top” above your other folders. In other words when you access Astro you should see it without having to drill down into any other sub folders. Hope that helps!

  44. To add onto Marc’s observations:
    *TouchWiz interface has been updated to add pinch zoom on homescreen w/ previews and lets you add/remove screens and change default screen. Also the app list has been updated to allow pinch zoom and icon rearranging (maybe this was there before? not sure)
    *I agree the new messaging icon looks like email, and the bubble style interface looks awful IMO.
    *There is no longer a music widget… ???
    *I cannot disable GPS tagging in the camera… can’t find the option in the settings… this is a big deal to me.
    *Samsung keyboard added… not my favorite and settings don’t let you disable sound/vibrate.
    *A few other cool text input features were added that let you tap on a textbox with text in it, and a slider appears that lets you move your cursor around and copy/paste text much easier than before.
    *Froyo updates are apparent… gmail, youtube, etc…
    *I haven’t done much else with it yet… Also I’m pretty set on using ADW.Launcher so the TouchWiz updates are welcome but won’t see much use from me.

  45. Now I would rather have them release Gingerbread.

  46. I am having same issues as Andrew, although I can receive phone calls. I cant open music player, audio player or my camera. When I attempt to play a song the phone vibrates 3 times then force closes. Sigh…

  47. @Adam, I tried it the first way and it isn’t working for me either. I have Android 2.1 with update 1. Any suggestions guys?

  48. just in time for 2.3

  49. Is it possible to skip froyo and go straight to gingerbread?

  50. Just applied updat, but my camera and music player do not work :(

    Any suggestions?

  51. All u have to do is after u download it on your pc is unzip it then rename it to update.zip move it to anywhere on your phone sd card. Double check in your myfile folder look for it to verify its there. I had to rename mine because it was named update.zip.zip so I made it with one zip. Then do the recovery thing it works fine. Be warned this is a little bugy! My alarm keeps force closing anf the key pad has a bad lag compared to before…. good luck

  52. **Update**

    i think I found the fix for the bugs with this update. You have to do a factory reset after the update and it will clear the problems. I dunno, it worked for me at least.

  53. Will It Automatically Come To The Phone , As an Over the Air Update?

  54. @chad just disable gps when you take pictures.

  55. The gps issues are not fixed. Also using bluetooth for speech recognition is not working correctly for me. Had many problems on first boot after update but after restarting phone many of them disappeared.

  56. Also noticed that Facebook site now thinks I am using a galaxy tab.

  57. People who are offended by words that, aren’t directed towards them, or are not offensive in context, are morons. Also please don’t bring that church bull shit into a forum about smart phones. Your misguided morals don’t apply to everyone else.

    Need to be said. Also, now I want ginger lol.

  58. According to the sprint rep at my local store, they don’t have any knowledge of this update. I spoke to one of the technicians as well. This is a corporate sprint store, not a franchise. I showed them this article, and they didn’t know what to say. Could this be a leaked beta version? Bottom line, as much as I want to get froyo, or gingerbread, I prefer to get it OTA or updated at a store. I want root, and to get rid of bloatware, but I’m too skeeved out to try it and brick.

  59. Yet another reason to go to Sprint. The wait for official Froyo rollouts on the other carriers is getting ridiculous. Thank God for leaked Roms.

  60. Thank you cactuscat for speaking up regarding the “f-bomb” issue. Unfortunately this forum doesn’t moderate posters language like most other online forums do and that’s ashame because it really diminishes the quality of the site.
    I agree with Z, I’d much rather wait & get my 2.2 update OTA.

  61. Ok dl it and it is amazing love the new look. But i am having sync problems with my gmail account any ideas on what to do….. i never had gps problems so i cant speak on that but no bloatware no bricking and i am glad i didnt wait… and really f bombs who cares im glad they dont moderate post and let ppl say of the really feel

  62. Only say here what you would say in church or the courtroom? This is an online geek website, don’t get it twisted.

  63. I did it. It took me about three hours. First My computer does not reconize me trying to mount it. My G1 worked fine. I tried hookingup the usb through te back worked. Second save it by itself as update. It is a zip file so don’t save it update.zip. won’t reconize it. Do not us the root higher up does not work.

    I noticed silent in the pull down.
    Pinch zoom in to get all pages like sense on home screen.
    Pages are now numbered.
    A couple added apps. News and weather and games also some are worded diferent.
    Alarm is much nicer has soft wake up. Will try tomorow morning.
    Have Flash.
    Save some apps to sd card. Good in case you have resest phone.

  64. do as follows this worked for me: dowland zip file from the above link to your pc. unzip the file, rename it update.zip, attach your phone make sure the sd card is mounted, right mouse click the unpacked zip file and send to external drive in mycase it was “f” it doesnt matter what folder it is in really. disconnect your phone double check my file in your phone app look for update.zip somehow mine was changed to update.zip.zip so i renamed it update.zip turn the phone off and hold volume down, power, camera at once until you are in recovery mode. volume key down to u update from zip file hit the home key and there you! mine was acting buggy and sluggish so did recovery once more wiped phone froyo reloaded and everything was moving great then. be advised u will loose your apps and contact when you wipe your phone before hand, get astro in the market and back up your apps. once the phone is reloaded download astro and restore what apps you want. if your worried about loosing contact they are backed up in google acct online and as a second lookout can back your contacts too…. good luck everyone! i was disappointed at first with the speed and preformance until i did the wipe now it running fast and strong loving it

  65. This 2.2.1 update might not be the final build of froyo…

  66. In response to some feedback:

    @Toast, I followed your advice and tested out with another bluetooth earpiece. The only other thing I had was another motorola, but both are pretty nice models. I found in both models that pressing the action button still failed to bring up a voice dialer, but holding the action button works as a “redial.” So I’m going to say bluetooth voicedial is still not fixed.

    @Cactus, I tested out the GPS a lot today and found out not only has its performance NOT improved, it’s actually broken completely on my Epic. I’ve been unable to even see a single satellite despite numerous reboots and turning my GPS chip on and off a million times. Also, dialing *#1472365# used to bring up some of the advanced GPS settings under 2.1, but not anymore for 2.2. So until I figure out a solution I’m kinda screwed.

    @Chad, You can turn off all that annoying noise that’s happening when you type. Just pull up the keyboard (by composing a text message or something), hit the Swype icon in the lower left corner of the keyboard, then “Options.” Uncheck “Audio Feedback.”

    Anyone have any ideas how to get the old messaging app back? I’m wondering if there’s someone really smart out there who knows how to pull it out of 2.1 on an un-updated phone (or maybe from an android developer page), then put it into the 2.2 update package? I’m all ears.


  68. I do occasionally use curse words on forums but only in cases of warranted extreme anger. The epic and all other us galaxy s phones should have had 2.2 out the gate. Samsung really has proven how unreliable they are by releasing this two days before gingerbread came out. I have my doubts that these phones will get official 2.3 at all with the new phones samsung has scheduled for Q1 2011 as well as their “shift in focus” from Android to Windows Phone 7 (yuck!). Thank God Team Cyanogenmod is working to bring the latest stock android builds to these handsets!

  69. this doesnt work at all. my cell keep saying fail every time i get to recovery. am i doing something wrong?

  70. @Marc & @Cactus – I think the GPS just got nerfed. I haven’t been able to pick up any signals.

    For me, this is bad news considering my work has me go to many familiar places around town and some of the apps that I like to use (Coupons, Yelp) are much more useful when connected to the GPS.

    How do you do the factory reset back to 2.1? I don’t like the messaging app and the broken GPS. Also, what’s up with the Call Logs? 1) It’s not “threaded” and (2) how come it’s listing all of my incoming/outgoing texts? You can filter it to show “outgoing calls” OR “incoming calls” OR “missed calls” but how come not all three at once?? The call log is just plain stupid.

  71. Froyo is here! Works nice… As for some of the questions everyone is having.. The root folder to drop the “update” file into is simple…

    Open your Windows explorer, goto the drive your Epic is listed under (my case Drive E:) and simply drop the “update” file right there to the main folder.

    At first things will run a little slow, maybe sluggish but it will improve after your running it and using apps for a little while (maybe 10 mins or less). I purposely did a couple restarts to let the system adjust to the new update and now things are working very nice.

    – Flash is nice.
    – New icons, some color changes/looks
    – Message app has a new cartoonish look..
    – GPS is locking in better for me now.. Used to be 90-120 meters at home now I lock in around 10 meters! Real fast too

    If you are having troubles with your forced closes or things not working many have confirmed that a factory restore will fix these issues (yes you will lose all your stuff, simply backup before hand).

    Another question is NO YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOU DATA CURRENTLY ON YOUR DEVICE BY SIMPLY APPLYING THE UPDATE. Your contacts, messages, etc. will remain…

    The switching between landscape/portrait mode is a little touchy now compared to before by nothing that can’t be overcome.. Virtual keyboard has changed a tad.

    As you look around there are some small changes here and there. Pull down notification menu is a little different.

    Overall I think this is a very welcome update and can’t wait to explore it further as the days go by. Finally I don’t feel left in the dust anymore by Sammy and Sprint. To the other Galaxy S owners out there from the other carriers (You should of switched to Sprint on this one, sorry). But I imagine give it a few days or less and the other Galaxy owners will get a taste of FROYO! Whooo!

  72. how do i fix the error status 7 ?

  73. @Corey You’re correct. I shouldn’t have mentioned the word “church” in this locale. Too many non-church people in a place like this I guess. However, your observation that people who are offended by bad language are morons shows how much class you have. For example, if you used that language in Sears while I was nearby and I overheard you, I would think of you as a low-class person with no education. It’s just common courtesy…. there is NO reason to use such language in a common place like a forum. I can disagree with you without flaming you.. I won’t call you a moron. I didn’t say I was offended either. You wouldn’t use that sort of language in most places in life, so why use it here? There are many others that agreed with my observation as well….. We seem to live in a society where everyone thinks its ok to do anything they want and that the world owes them the respect they think they deserve. They think they’re “entitled” to just about anything they want and that includes acting out or talking however they want. You wouldn’t dare use that language in a courtroom would you? Nor in the classroom, nor at the order bar at McDonalds… so why is it ok here? Why not just grow up a little?

  74. Loving the update mostly but my native camera app seems to have ceased to work any one else dealing with this issue.

  75. Samsung won’t go straight to gingerbread. They already have update most of the international galaxy s to froyo they not just gonna turn around and give the US versions gingerbread. Come on people think please!

  76. @Alan, I totally agree that the new call log sucks.

    I also was disappointed that you can’t delete some of the bloatware Sprint installs on the phone, like the Asphalt 5 trial game, or the new “Free HD Game” which is really a weblink to a site offering a buy 1 get 1 free promotion. Really, Sprint? I have to have that on there forever? How would you like if I printed advertisements on your store windows?

  77. People are saying this ruins your phone..
    I have simple questions..

    A.Will it wipe or erase my phone data
    B.Will it work decently.
    C.Does flash function properly?
    D.Can I reverse the effects if it does work incorrectly?

  78. @Cactus. The fact of the matter is that we do live on a society where people can do or say whatever they want, so long as it doesn’t affect or infringe upon others.

    I would never want that to change.

    It’s just a difference of opinion and our cultures, I am not so interested in “class”as I am character and in my book character is what you do not what you

    Also I apologize for having, indirectly, called you a moron, but I do feel that are one. Sorry.

  79. Illegible paragraph, by way of frustration lol.

  80. Updated w/o a hitch. Just dloaded changed filename and moved from dload folder. Flash is slowing my browser to a crawl i dont c the “flash on demand” setting anywhere, msg app convo screen is ugly as hell. Is there a touchwiz update coming in the OTA cuz certain elements of the stock ui are killing me.

  81. They finally gave the video player an icon! How did they miss that in the first place

  82. No luck locking onto GPS satellites here either :(

  83. JIM RAYNOR: “hell, about time”

    YES SAMSUNG!! THOSE WHO HATE F*OFF. Bloody cariers

    Go play with your HTC’s ‘made in china’

  84. @cactus: fuck you and fuck church you uppity douche bag. Cursing doesn’t mean that you are from a lower class or that you aren’t educated. First off its just words, get over yourself. Secondly in parts of the country cursing is just part of how people talk, come to NYC for instance. It would like me thinking down upon someone that said “y’all” or people who refer to every sneaker as a tennis shoe. I work at a large investment bank and make lots of money and work with very educated people and guess what? Fbombs everywhere! On the subject of church….they do have a problem with cursing. What they don’t have a problem with is blissful ignorance, hate, mysogony, murder, class warfare, and brain wash. Good day sir.

  85. *Cursing doesn’t mean that you have low class.

    Stupid iPhone typing…cmon nexus s!!!

  86. OK, now my Epic is having WiFi issues. I haven’t noticed any significant performance improvements, GPS is broken, Wifi is seemingly broken, call logs suck, and the messaging app is ugly. I don’t need Flash THAT much, so I’ve decided to factory reset. So a few questions about that from a noob. 1) Do I factory reset from the Recovery Mode menu or is there way of doing it? (2) Should I backup all of my information onto my SD card? And if so, how do I backup my contacts? Thanks for any help.

  87. “Downloaded, installed, got the “didn’t work” error message. Rebooted, but it gets stuck at the initial SAMSUNG http://www.samsungmobile.com screen. Tried taking out battery and inserting it back … stuck on same screen. Wiped the data and cache … didn’t want to but was desperate … stuck on same screen. I’m left with a phone that doesn’t work.”
    ^^^ROFL, thats what you get for not waiting

  88. So not only is Samsung horribly late for their update …. but they don’t even offer it OTA? And THESE are the #1 faces for android?

    In general I’m just glad I rooted and re-ROMed my phone. Samsung, HTC, they all suck at keeping up with newest releases, and in general are poorly optimized.

    Buy your phone for it’s hardware, then root it ASAP. waiting for a cell carrier to update your OS is infuriating.

  89. It worked fine until I decided to take a picture and realized the camera won’t open. It only force closes

  90. Same problem tried to take a picture and keeps forclosing! Memory card wont show up neither

  91. I noticed a lot of you asking questions….just thought I’d let you know, you’ll get more answers if you post you questions over in the forum section. Good luck guys.

  92. To fix the bugs back up your apps with astrso aand wipe your phone…. it will clear the bugs it did with mine

  93. @kamandroid808, by wipe, you mean factory reset? Sorry, noob here not too familiar with the lingo.

  94. This isn’t the official update…..


    2nd post. Please edit this article to reflect the truth, i just don’t want anyone else to get confused over this.

  95. @Alan, I tried to restore/downgrade back to how things used to be and the most important thing I learned was if you do a factory reset you will STILL be running 2.2. Apparently factory reset only means “clear apps, settings and personal data.” After about 8 solid hours of messing around and bricking my phone a few times I’m finally back down to 2.1, but this is only going to be a temporary thing as I’m sure I’ll be back to 2.2 eventually. I saw someone else had our GPS problem and said if you go to About Phone > System Updates > Update PRL it fixed the problem for him.

    My hope is that I can learn how to pull the old phone and messaging apps from my recently downgraded phone and find a way to work them in to the 2.2 update package. I’m probably not going to be able to do it since I don’t even know where to start. It’s probably going to involve rooting the phone and learning how to do all the crazy complicated stuff developers do. I’ll update with my progress, but it’ll probably take a while.

    If you really hate 2.2 and are willing to risk messing up your phone grab the di18 file here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=794138
    and follow the Odin flashing directions here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index.php?title=Samsung_Galaxy_S/SPH-D700#Odin_Stock_Flashing

    You’ll also need the epic drivers from samsung, but you’ll be able to find those easily enough. One big tip is before you even touch your phone follow the Odin steps with your phone NOT HOOKED TO THE COMPUTER. If it says MD5 is invalid either find another place to get the di18 file or give up. If you mess up and brick phone just try again. Odin can unbrick.

  96. The gps on the galaxy s phones cant be fixed only by replacing antenna and chip thats why they changed it in the nexus s..why has samsung removed the offical car dock..i live in the uk had froyo for over a month and my gps is the same as yours and over time with froyo the lag comes back so you have to reset the phone to get rid of it if you dont want to root your phone

  97. And…..AT&T for the lose :(

  98. I applied the update just minutes after this article was posted. It took me about 15 minutes total to apply the update and I haven’t seen a single actual issue yet. I’m sitting here right now listening to music on the default “Music Player” app (which has some nice additional features including EQ, swipe controls, disc view, and visualization). I just took a pic with the default camera app and had no issue and then went to gallery and pulled a few pics up with no problem. I was connected just fine yesterday on my home WiFi network. I used the stock Navigation app on the drive in with no issue and just checked in on Foursquare and it knew exactly where I was (quickly).

    Complaints about UI changes are easily fixed with other applications (which is the great thing about Android). If you don’t like the new messaging app, there’s plenty of options out there to change it (Handcent looks the same as it did before and kept all of my UI settings with the upgrade). I do wish they hadn’t added additional bloatware, but I can live with it since there was dumb Sprint crap on the 2.1 build as well.

  99. Thanks to those who insisted this is NOT the sprint official update. That is true. I wish i would have waited. My gps was fine until i “updated” now it’s dead. i haven’t tried to undo the “update” yet but will so i can get this phone serviced for the gps to work again. unfortunately the updating prl did not work for me. Also I corroborate with the glaring non-fix for voice dial via bluetooth. i can only hope that the real update does fix that. the bluetooth dial is really the only reason i wanted or cared about the android update, everything else HAD worked just fine on 2.1 .

    Again folks this amounts to a leaked rom, it is not the official pre-anything from sprint.
    BEWARE and …just wait, really, whats a little more time anyway?

  100. btw, does anyone out there have any other ways i can nudge my gps into working? thanks :)

  101. @ andy-roid…. sorry, but that’s not true. The GPS works perfectly on my Fascinate. I had problems in the beginning, but Verizon released a small OTA update 3 weeks after this phone came out and the GPS on the Fascinate works perfectly now. I understand other Galaxy S owners still have problems, but this isn’t a hardware issue as you suggested.

  102. I’m happy 2.2 is working for some of you..

    But like several have said this ISN’T the official update. And I for one think I’ll wait until something WAY more stable is released…

  103. My Evo w/ 2.2 works flawlessly… had to get that out, lol. But I’m glad some variation of 2.2 has rolled out for the Epic, maybe some more comparizon videos can come out and see how the Epic stacks up to it’s competition now. Fuck, fuck, fuck… thats for @CactusCat

  104. working good for me, i dont like the chat window colors, small non issue. it would be cool if it were custom and i could choose the colors. That yellow is way to bright. the new music player additions are great i really like the visualisations and the album viewer. kinda reminds me of itunes. the bottom bar on the home screen is transparent now. woot!!

  105. PLEASE edit this article to warn dumb dumbs like myself who updated their phone only to have a buggy terrible experience.

    Massive FAIL on Phandroid.

  106. glad to see 2.2 finally release for an american variant of the galaxy s. i would like to see it for the vibrant. as for the cursing, i do curse, and i am not a lower class than anybody else. cursing does not depict your class entirely… it’s all about how you represent yourself. sure, some people do curse every other word, and that is ridiculous. but to act like you’re better than one because they curse and you don’t is no better than the guy cursing. as for going to church, once again, doesn’t make you any better of a person. some of the nastiest, most hateful, crooked, self-centered pricks are major church goers. my guess… the only reason they go to church frequently is because they try to repent for the sins they commit on a daily basis. everybody curses, some more than others. some do use it so much it gets ridiculous, but you cannot hold it against them. you have to look at their backgrounds, where they come from, where they live and work… before you even think about fairly judge them. try working for the DOC, spending all day working around convicts serving life in prison, that will definitely cause you to curse more than you did before you worked there. acting like you are better than someone just because they curse shows that you are the one with no class!

  107. Lesson #1 – never update until others have done so, so you don’t become part of the beta testing group. Those of you who did so and are now bitching are pretty funny. Yes, I’m laughing at you.

  108. Lesson #2- Never grow up to be a Fred.

  109. I asked support when HTC Magic will be upgraded to Froyo.
    Their answer is:
    “Currently there is no plan to upgrade your phone. The result of our analysis showed that an upgrade to your phone may impact the user experience and we ultimately decided that an upgrade was not recommended.”

    No more HTC for me….

  110. I thought this was official! seems to be very buggy. Apps still installed but most icons missing. Launch bar there but shortcuts gone then back. How do I go back to stock or a stable version?

  111. @slayer, exactly, where do you think Sammy’s made?? Don’t act as though, the manufacturers of BMW make it-in fact, HTC isn’t made far away from Samsung, nimrod. my G2 came w 2.2 & HSPA+ Sprint didn’t officially, introduce this as an SDK update. Bonehead move to mislead readers.

  112. @Help It’s an official 2.2 update just not might be the final one. I downloaded it and have almost no issues at all GPS is on target with where I live using google maps even tells me my building number lol with 2.1 it was like 2 blocks off…do a factory reset that’s what I did and it eliminated the minor bugs that I had when I first installed it. I know this is not the final 2.2 update but it sure works close to flawless!!! Can’t wait for the final one as I can always go back to stock Rom DI07 once the official Final OTA update is pushed to devices.

  113. Quentyn Kennemer, Epic Fail

  114. Below is a statement from the Epic Product Manager regarding the leaked release (DK28):

    Sprint is working on a software package for the Samsung Epic4G that will upgrade it to the Froyo version of Android. Over the weekend, some users were able to access and download a test build (DK28) for the Samsung Epic from some 3rd party developer sites. Unfortunately, this is not approved software for Sprint production devices and we strongly recommend that users refrain from loading it.

    Software version DI18 is the current production version of software. When new versions of software are available, users will receive a notification from Google on their device stating that an upgrade is available for download and installation. While we are unable to communicate a firm delivery date, rest assured that we are working on a software upgrade to Froyo and hope to have it out in the very near future.

  115. Updated this article with a formal apology and the only bit of help I can provide. To summarize what I said above, I apologize I wasn’t able to update everyone on the situation earlier. I did as much research as I was afforded to do. It’s not the nature of our reporting style to simply *wait* for something to be debunked, dispelled, or disproved before reporting on it, and you’ll find that ethic echoed by many other technology blogs, including our Android-reporting friends and the “biggies”. That’s not to be used as an excuse, though. I’ve said/done all I can about the manner, and I hope to be able to move on from it and I hope that no one’s merchandise has been severely damaged due to the instructions posted here. To prevent further confusion, the instructions have been removed.

  116. Sorry….
    Sorry doesn’t cut it. I took the bait and now have placed myself in danger of losing countless hours of work and who knows how much data while trying to revert back to 2.1.

    I knew something had to be up as the 2.2 update was riddled with problems. In anticipation of the update, I removed most of my Apps so I could begin reinstalling on the SD card with 2.2.

    After the upgrade numerous key features had bombed:
    – Camera FC’d
    – Clock FC when trying to set an alarm
    – Gallery was void
    – My SD card was not seen in Video Player
    – Music Player FC’d

    So instead of a vague reference and link to get back to 2.1, how about comprehensive instructions & details, unlike the link you posted.

    Mistakes happen, but you did so twice, with your weak reply & solution.

  117. @118 Not many other folks did. And updates aren’t always formally announced, and if they are, it definitely isn’t in the form of a press release. And as for “copycat” cases in the past, files have found their way onto Google’s servers hours before an official statement was given on them confirming their legitimacy. I could see if this got leaked by XDA, but it wasn’t. I did my homework, and after some time, that homework proved to be wrong. There’s really nothing else I can do or say, so I won’t. I’ve apologized – sincerely – and that’s about as far as I can go.

  118. @Joe Bett I apologize for your potentially lost work. Those instructions worked just fine in getting me back to DI18 from a “bricked” state. And considering I need to get back to DI18 again, perhaps I’ll detail and/or video the process for you.

  119. i fucking called it. post eleven bitches muahaahhaahahah

  120. Hi everyone……. i posted earlier… this supposed official release not only killed my gps..it killed my warrantee. I haven’t had time to read past message 100-101 yet but i bet a LOT of people are very miffed about this.
    I wish, oh how I wish I could get this back to where it was before. this really sucks. The part that is my fault was not listening to common sense and let sprint update it. The part that was the original poster-of-the-“release”s fault was claiming it was an official release.

    Folks listen up…. if you dont want to risk losing your warrantee and any functionality of your expensive phone, just please wait it out? we are presumedly old enough now to not be like a kid that dumps the box of cereal out to get a prize or worse reach through it with unwashed hands to get the prize.

    very sincerely, (old school formal)

  121. Those of you who went ahead and did the update have no one to blame but yourselves.

    Quit bitching and look in the mirror. There clearly were no official instructions from Sprint for this. If you bricked your phone then you deserve it for being stupid.

  122. I’m one of the idiots who downloaded the claimed “official” 2.2 update. Thankfully, it’s working fine and I have none of the camera, SD card, etc. issues people are talking about so I’m pretty happy with it, although I agree it’s a little laggy. Anyway, once the REAL update comes OTA, will I be able to get that from my current unofficial 2.2 OS? Or will it think my system is up to date? Basically, I REALLY don’t want to wipe my phone so can I just hold out with this OS until the real thing comes out or do I HAVE TO go back to 2.1 first??? Thanks for your help guys.

  123. what i don’t understand is why people are saying this isn’t official. I woke up one morning near thanksgiving (its all a blur) and there was a message _from_Sprint_ on my phone that there was a mandatory update available. I was wary because i was on holiday and didn’t want to get stuck with a broken phone while not in my hometown, so i didn’t update. (thank goodness)

    If it came from sprint and it was mandatory, then I would assume that it was final and official. Sprint really burned a lot of their customers with this one.

  124. Fred, I think most people here are acknowledging their (and my) responsibility for using it. I’d rather see the problems and complaints posted so that no one else tries the foolishness of messing around with their phones like this. For those interested, after a long talk with Sprint on two levels of tech, (and yes Fred, admitting to my breach of common sense), I found the out the following: You need to find a Sprint store that has a Slate (hope I spelled it right) Diagnostic tool. with it they can wipe and re-install the stock 2.1 Will it wipe your contacts, apps, calendar, etc.? Yes, so back everything up before you do this, take a nice slice of humble pie with you as you go, and be patient, it’ll all work out fine.

  125. Quentyn knew, or should have known that this was not an official update. Presumably, he has some knowledge of the mobile phone world and he would know that this is not the way “official” updates roll out, and he should recall that this IS the way unofficial beta versions show up. The issue is not that this update was reported, but that he called it the official update, which was false. Did your homework? Bullshit. I would like to see the homework done that supposedly lead you to believe that this was official.

    Fact is, you let your desire to be the first to announce a hot story get in the way of good judgement and common sense, and you posted false information that has caused real harm to your readers. You’ve hurt their wallets, their investments in mobile phones, and confidence in android.com . There are many other Android blogs, and I’m sure many will be listing them instead. For good reason.

  126. Relax everyone – I updated my phone based on this too…and had the same issues as most..camera, software crashes, etc.

    However, comment #64 – solves the problem while still using Froyo.

    Camera works, no software crashes, etc. The only thing I re-updated myself are my contacts, and anything I had to log in for. Give it a try, if you haven’t already.

  127. @Quentyn Kennemer – apology accepted. Those of us that installed it did so at our own risk. We decided not to wait for the official ota from sprint. Don’t let this deter you from being on the cutting edge. I come here for info that’s not available elsewhere. Hold your head high, keep staying on top and we will keep reading you.

  128. I love this update and have virtually none of the issues others have been experiencing, in fact the more I use it the more cool idiosyncrasies I find. For those complaining about the text not resizing when pinch zooming, merely double tap and it snaps into place. The ONLY issue I’ve found is the oft-reported GPS bug, it seems to be pinging off the nearest cell tower and not my direct location. I will keep trying to resolve this, but since I rarely use GPS (except as one of many ways to show off the phone) I don’t see the point of wiping it back to stock when there are 100 other cool things that run better and look like the freaking bomb. Sorry others are having problems, but I’m very grateful for this “unofficial” update!

  129. So many complainers. *sigh* Why are so many people complaining about losing their “work” on their phones? How long have we been using electronics? Did people suddenly feel the need to stop backing up their work? If a person downloads something to their PC that crashes it so they lose their homework, do they go to the Windows blogs to complain like this? Back up important data. Unbrick your phone. Go back to your life and get off the forums.

  130. So, again, does anyone have any idea whether I can go straight from this “unofficial” 2.2 to the real deal when it comes OTA? Or do I have to go back to stock 2.1 first???

  131. for text reading, tap the bubble and it turns to full screen and you can thumb the screens left and right. you just cant text from there. overall i feel this is a nice rom as stated do a factory reset and you down load it, my earlier comment. update your profile and prl a few times gps will come back.

  132. Sprint sucks,I know,ive been with them for awhile.:(.From not allowing customers to return phones due to manufacture defects(like the screen seperation on the evo) which is sprints and htc’s fault for hurrying to be the first with a 4g phone.To promising features on phones like froyo(soon to be released),ya right,and tv out that was supposed to be available on the epic and then removed.To telling their customers they will call them back when they are having issues,and then not.To telling customers a phone is 3g like the palm centro when in fact it couldn’t use the 3g network to its full speed.
    To having Issues with sprint tv(currently)where it repeatedly buffers and the episodes they uploaded are only partial,not the correct ones,or not working at all.To say the least I would fly the coop if I could afford the early cancellation fee.And for those who aren’t aware the epic only has about 340mb of ram part of the ram was used to help with the lag problem,if they had been willing to pay for some onboard memory this would have never happened.They advertised the phone as having 512mb ram and 1gb rom(the rom is only 512mb and repeatedly gets filled up with apps):(and then you cant recieve texts or email.
    My suggestion is don’t go to sprint unless absolutely necessary.

    Also make sure you have a plan that will cover all your minutes or you will end up paying out the rear end.I made the mistake of switching from an unlimited plan for a short while,went over by a few minutes and the bill was insane.

  133. Well thanks for teaching me a hard lesson on trusting this website and this author in particular. I deeply regret placing any faith in Quentin Kennemer’s understanding of the word “official release” .
    i have lost about 20 – 30% of the no-shit functionality of my phone and my phone unpredicably unstable. I have lost all camera capability, which I use quite a bit and have lost bluetooth capability so I can no longer use my phone while driving ( have a noisy car so speakerphone is useless for me). I have also lost the ability to change/adjust ringtones and my phone often makes no ring at all.
    So far I have devoted many hours per day trying to figure out how to reverse the “upgrade” that has been inflicted upon me by this disinformation to no avail. Because I have been unable to get usb to connect to my computer (it worked before the ‘update’ and I’ve tried 2 different computers and cables) I cannot use Odinto roll back the update.
    Thanks for giving me the worst cellular experience of my life, and I have had cellular phones for over 20 years.


  134. For anyone who may have bricked: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=773032 provides step-by-step on recovering, with several alternatives. Good Luck (for all church-goers, God Bless). Merry Christmas, folks.

  135. @David (#122 & #130) While I can’t confirm, from all I have read to date, you *WILL* have to return to stock.

    Merry Christmas,

  136. @menehune seriously let it go. You made the decision to run the risk of ruining your phone/functionality when you got yhe update from anyone but sprint so don’t blame the a]thor forf

  137. I got the update for epic to go into froyo, and i hate it, it slowed down my phone and also calling ,texting,music player suck so bad…..I. wish I could go back to original or change those items back to how they used to be

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