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‘Related’ Tab Still Not Showing in Your Android Market? Here’s How to Get It



A little Android Market update adding a “Related” tab is being pushed, and it seems to be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Gingerbread treats. If your Android 2.2 (Froyo) device still isn’t showing it, though, forcing the update is a piece of cake.

Simply navigate to Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Market ( you will need to hit “All” first) and select “Clear Data” for the app. When you relaunch the Market you will be living in the modern world, baby.

[via CellPhoneSignal]

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  1. Does this erase all the apps that youve downloaded?

  2. Great, that reset ALL the apps allow auto update check boxes :-(

  3. ^^^ idiot

  4. No Jose, it doesn’t.

  5. Dont call me that you sucker, im asking if this erase the list, not your apps… mF…

  6. jose john josh



  7. It loaded automatically on my Nexus One. This helps, but I still won’t get rid of AppBrain. It a similar function, but also with much better search and filtering tools.

  8. I’m both certain that I did this correctly, and it didn’t work.

    If that resets the auto update checkbox, even worse, although Market *does* have an Update All button these days.

  9. Am I correct in assuming that people with the “Sprint” version of the market won’t be seeing any updates? My market hasn’t been getting any of the recent updates at all!

  10. Peter,
    I run an evo and this worked just fine. You actually have to select an app. Once you do, there is a related tab at the top right…

  11. Done it my market just says about and comments nothing else, Android 2.2.1

  12. I simply power cycled my DX and worked just fine for me. My “Related” tab is now showing.

  13. Does not work for me on my Nexus, I cleared the data, then when I relaunched the Market app, it wanted me to accept the license agreement. However when selecting an app, I still only have two columns.

  14. Didn’t work for me, I have a G2 with the latest OTA update.

  15. didn’t work for me

  16. My button says Similar???? G2

  17. I’ve got a Captivate with cognition 2.4 and this didn’t work for me. I’m just going to try and reboot to see what happens.

  18. Sweet! the reboot was all it needed. Now have a “Related” tab.

  19. Clearing the cache worked on my Vibrant running Android 2.1

  20. So the first time I opened an app it didn’t work, however the next app I clicked did, so try opening a second app if the first app doesn’t have the tab.

  21. This is weird. Mine says ‘Similar’. O_o

  22. Worked perfectly on my EVO 4G (rooted running custom ROM)

    Button says Related

  23. Good job guys, it actually worked on my rooted Vibrant :)

  24. It does not show up on all apps, but a bunch do have it. I had to agree to market Terms & Conditions after clear data was used.

  25. I’ve pretty much tried everything above and I still can’t get it to show any updates to the market. There have been no updates to my market ever since that stupid “Sprint” tab that I never use showed up months ago.

  26. i noticed it earlier today on my Vibrant. Not restricted to only 2.2 devices.

  27. Worked for my Vibrant running Bionix Onyx Froyo rom. The first app I tried didn’t show the third column but after a couple seconds the second app I tried showed a “related” tab. Just be patient with it.

  28. I was going to do this, but I decided to check my market and it had updated itself. I wonder why some are getting it and others aren’t. My wife is still on 1.82. I’m going to see if it works for that version as well.

  29. It works on the Sprint. I have the EVO. I didnt delete anything.

  30. maybe because I have the Moment I’m just getting shafted like with everything else.

  31. My wife and I are on Verizon and her market is still on 1.82 but she now has the extra tab. My tab says related and hers says similar. i’m on version 2.12 of the market. it’s kind of strange but not that important.

  32. Didn’t work on my EVO the tab shows Sprint!

  33. This is working fine on my MyTouch 3G 1.6 I thought it was just for 2.2 users.

  34. Needed to reboot phone to get it to update. Droid X

  35. Mine says ‘Similar’ as well. Rogers Dream & Magic w/ CM6.1-RC1-DS

  36. @peter, are you running android version 2.2? if not you will not be able to do this. If so play around with the market or reboot your phone. I did not see it immediately, after a reboot it was there. However the first time I went in the market I did not go into the app so it may have worked without the reboot and I did not notice it. (not always perfect, you know)

  37. says “Similar” on EVO

  38. The ‘trick’ works on the Galaxy S GT-I9000. Thanks Kevin!

  39. no it dose not erase your current apps at all…

  40. yeyy…froyo only,great thanks google

  41. This is working fine on my MyTouch 3G 1.6 I thought it was just for 2.2 users. What Eric said, im running 1.6, bullshit about the 2.2 users only

  42. I’m getting really sick and tired of not having Froyo. This is yet another new feature I don’t get. I can’t really fault Google for not wanting to support older version of their OS, but as long as we have incompetent developers working for the OEMs, this is going to quickly turn into a nightmare. Samsung may have great hardware, but their software development speed is pathetic, and I’m getting very frustrated at all the features I’m lacking on my Fascinate due to them delaying the Froyo upgrade forever.

  43. Yeah, definetely not just for 2.2, ive had the related tab since yesterday on my X10 on 2.1

  44. Since the market update, are apps installing directly to sd on stock froyo? Or is that something I just never noticed before? Or app specific decision from the developer?

  45. Worked fine on my Sprint LG Optimus S. A nice addition to the market

  46. Big deal, we’ve had that for years already. There is even an artificial intelligence genius recommender tab which recommends pretty relevant apps to you.
    And I just thought, if android is now competing with ios number wise (although only half of those stats have 2.1 and only 30% have 2.2), and android’s customer base is growing so much etc, it’s 56 mobile phone manufacturing companies on the android side, and only 1 on ios’s side. That’s 56 trying to beat One company. Your android stats are true but not interpreted in light of all the relevant factors. If I’m wrong please let me know. I am also for openness and competition in these areas but there’s so much more choice, plenty of quality free and 99 cents apps etc. I mean if you like angry birds and a recommend tab, you get way more apps and features with apple.
    PS Consumer Reports (Apple’s biggest critic) said that even though they can’t recommend the iphone 4 because of the minor antenna issues, it still ranked on top the latest mobile phone rankings. It beat out the evo 4g on CR. That’s 56 companies that can’t beat the one, even though it has a bad antenna. Why is that?

  47. Update worked for me, but mine says “Similar”. Running Cyanogenmod 6.1 RC2 on evo.

  48. I didn’t do anything and I see the updates to the Market place!

    Nexus One

  49. Worked great on my fascinate. My buddy’s fascinate has yet to get the updated market though. Poor bastard. I am just lucky I guess. Btw I am running the stock rom right now so this does work on the fascinate so long as you have the updated market. It is not limited to only 2.2.

  50. Mine changed automatically and says related on my G1 with 1.6 (old school baby…I know)

  51. ooo I have this, didn’t notice, amazing!

  52. rooted evo worked like charm

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