HTC Posthumously Releases Android 2.1 Source for EVO 4G



The HTC EVO 4G has been on Android 2.2 for quite a while now, so the release of the Android 2.1 source for the handset comes a little late. Maybe they just want to honor the Open Handset Alliance and the commitment to sharing code and keeping no secrets, but regardless the source file can now be downloaded and tinkered with to your hearts content.

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[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Does this benefit the Cyanogen Wimax effort in any way?

  2. Had to pull out the dictionary for “posthumously”…good old college education put to work! LOL. Nice job HTC..better late than never.

  3. i believe this could finally be the solution cyanogen had been looking for to solve the HDMI and WiMax Problems!

  4. Are you serious? This has nothing to do with getting 4g on cyanogen. This is useless to cyanogen as its old and outdated.

  5. swazedahustla, it is not like 2.2 is a complete and total change from 2.1. Don’t you think the code for the WiMax and HDMI would remain the same since it is still the same device? Please think these things through before you post. I say this just to save you from the embarrassment.

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