Phandroid AppCast #7 – Pocket God, SketchBook Mobile, Google Reader, Mana Chronicles and More


I know the anticipation has been killing you, so here it is: another edition of Phandroid’s weekly AppCast. Each week it gets harder and harder to narrow down all the great content arriving in the Android Market into a ten minute video, but we think we’ve got some gems in there this week. From WinAmp’s latest update and Angry Birds Seasons to Google Reader and a preview of Mana Chronicles. There’s something for everyone, so check it out!

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. Google reader is great but has no widge. Would be great with widget integration!

  2. wide = widget ;)

  3. good god I can’t type tonight!

  4. hahah @ beta

  5. I can’t tell if Super Troll is being ironic, or having an equally bad night.

  6. I’ll say semi-ironic, since i noticed i spelled the name wrong and still hit submit.

  7. Will you be issuing an official release where the name is correct Super Troll?

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