Sony Ericsson Z1 Playstation Phone Shown Off in Clear Video, this Time Gamepad Featured



Here it is folks: the Sony Ericsson Z1 Zeus Playstation Phone (or whatever selection of terms you want to call it by). Last time we saw this guy on video the gamepad was nowhere in sight, but not this time! In this new video the gamepad is given extensive attention, as well as the other hardware aspects of the phone, though a system info screen is glimpsed showing off the Zeus name and Gingerbread OS (though some of the UI elements don’t line up with the recent Gingerbread video spied from Google’s official video). What do ya’ll think?

[thanks, Andulas!]

Kevin Krause
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  1. first 2 commnet on this awesomeness

  2. To Quote GSP: “I am not impressed with your purr-four-mance”


  4. edit….second haha

  5. Is that what we’ve been waiting for?

  6. i think it looks ugly and fat

  7. Want want want want WANT!

  8. That phone is fat. Not too be confused with “phat”.

  9. This will fail

  10. by the way, this looks like gingerbread, notice the black notification bar and when he scrolls the apps to the end of the screen how that glowing effect appears, i think phandroid has reported this UI effect earlier

  11. This is going to be the next megaseller by SE!….(sarcasm)

  12. I think its looks ugly and fat (repost, because it vanished?)

  13. the chinese ripoff had a much better looking gamepad. cant believe this is the best sony can come up with designwise.

  14. I think it looks fat and ugly

  15. man thats fattttt


  17. Was very interested in this phone but.. Color me unimpressed. It’s way too thick to be my primary device. Hopefully that little playstation app in the app drawer finds it’s way into other phones..

  18. It is bud ukly

  19. You should plug it into the phandroidas.s

  20. this phone can suck phandroids dig.

  21. i believe its as disgusting as the black man i shot recently. Color me unimpressed.

  22. You know Kevin Krause digged his sister lately?

  23. please keep stock android on it, and you might have a buyer!!

  24. I suppose its inacceptable that kevin krause is bedding his own little sister! Besides, this phone is not fancy.

  25. They could have thrown in a keyboard on there too. What a waste of space.

  26. And the dumb comment of the day ward goes to…^^^

    Seriously timmyjoe42, its a gaming phone!

  27. *award, lol maybe im the runner up haha

  28. Im gonna get that belt teleknEsis

  29. This looks like an early build of Gingerbread. It has the black notification bar but it is missing the green phone and browser icons.

  30. Sooo sick! Hell yea. Should have playstation name though

  31. Where’s the damn games

  32. ^they don’t want that thing ruining the playstation name

  33. Why didn’t sony just stay with the psp concept and modified their device to function as a smart phone.

    Too easy. :-|

  34. I am with scott….all of that video and no games….silly

  35. Lol i was wondering when you guys were going to post this.
    I saw it on androidcentral like an hour ago

    I would buy it but i absolutely hate stock android

  36. Anyone see the charging port? I will kill somebody if it has a proprietary charging port.

  37. Although it does look chunky, it looks comfortable. Shame there were no games yet. I’d need to see more before I’d be willing to buy not to mention exclusive games for it, else I might as well stick with my Droid and buy a game gripper.

  38. The android version says gingerbread when he shows the about phone, but it actually says gingerbread…. not 2.3 the way we’ve always seen….

  39. I think they should have made a bigger screen like a 4.3-4.6 inch screen because it is a gaming device & kept the little compartment where u have to put the Tape in like the original PSP & make it possible to where u can also download games from the Android Market.

  40. wow does this phone look stupid who the hell would want this phone? I can’t beleive people buy phones just for the games

  41. I’m pretty sure the phone is shaped like that for comfort in gaming. Ever notice how most phones with sliding keyboards feel like they’ll crack right in half with too much pressure? Now think about the pressure you put on a video game controller. I think it would be a bit more comfortable in my pocket as well with the curved back.

  42. @JJ yeah.. its true its a gaming phone but its still a phone, you know for messaging, going on emails, surfing the internet.. i think a keypad in between the analog sticks(?) sensors(?) would have made the phone look better.

    and i thought gingerbreads UI was going to look a lot different. phandroid did mention about the scroll bounce, but other than that and the notification bar being black.. thats it? >=1

  43. doesn’t it seem a little wierd that the android version reads gingerbread, and not 2.3?

  44. obviously you haven’t heard the news…gingerbread is mostly just getting the overall UI to run smoother/quicker. It was originally expected to be a big cosmetic overhaul, but plans change. Now we wait and hope honeycomb isn’t just a tablet update.

  45. Sony Ericsson will most likely stuff up the release of this sexy unit so bad same as they did with the X10!
    Lets not mention the update releases…

    I don’t care if you can fly planes with this unit, i’m only buying Nexus phones, or HTC phones supported by cyanogen


    BUHAHAHAHAHAHAaaaaaa FAIL! LOLZ wow these guys can’t be serious…who da fuuuu designed this??
    obviously the ericsson part of the family.

    All I have to say is… L! O! L!

  47. EWWWW Looks like a hybrid between a Sony with Nokia urgh yuck-!

  48. That awful excuse of a phone is not running gingerbread. It is running plain LauncherPro. How funny.

  49. Actually that’s the Gingerbread UI. It even says 2.3 in the video.

  50. ^^^ um tim242…did you even notice the android and baseband versions? it was right there in the first 10 seconds. i know it was hard to spot, only there for at least 5 seconds on full screen too.

    dude, stop giving tims’ a bad name!

  51. Regardless of whether its a new picture/video, it still looks fake imo. Why the hell would they use an off-white gamepad when the rest of the phone is black? Sony wouldn’t put out a device that butt-ugly! FAYUL!

  52. @Guardian452com Looks like mini USB at 1:29

  53. NGL it looks kinda nice.

  54. This forum is full of complainy pants

  55. im not too impressed still. but i definitly hope it is amazing.

  56. Looks like the middle area of the gamepad is touch sensitive using the 2 small notches as a reference for the left and right analogue sticks or even perhaps L3 and R3. I quite like the design after all you’re going to need to wrap your hands around it and still be able to use the shoulder buttons.

  57. @kc
    Its a prototype. The nintendo 64 didn’t end up looking like the ultra 64 either.

  58. The branding seems silly to me. Granted this isn’t a final release (and they probably don’t want it to draw TOO much attention in the wild) but all that ericson and no playstation branding? Either they change that or they are making a mistake IMO.

  59. Trash it get new design and you might have a phone better yet take the PSP put Android on it add mic. and speaker and then that would be one hell of a phone!!!

  60. I want one of those so badly! I am going to buy G2 this Christmas instead of a Mytouch 4G (which has better hardware)just because of the qwerty keyboard to play emulators. Now imagine how nice a Playstation Phone would be for games!

  61. At first I wanted it, but now not so much.

  62. touch that makes us drift

  63. I’d love to see that status bar theme added to the GEM roms

  64. Seems good. Though I was the form factor was more like a PSP. Probably PSP with android would have been better than this. Nonetheless this looks like a test build hardware and software. I’m sure they will make a lot of changes to this until the release date. Hopefully atleaat.

  65. Maybe the extra thickness could be more space for a larger battery? Considering it is a gaming phone, you would not want it to run out of juice in the middle of your gaming session.

  66. the idiot didnt even show the gameplay on the device!!

  67. Gaming phone so lets pay 599 for a phone when the ps3 is 300?? Are people that dumb ITs a phone who the hell would buy a phone to play games. yea I play the ocassional game here and there but that is why I have a Ps3 so I can play on a 42 inch screen not a 4 or whatever it is what a waste of money and the funny thing is they will make a lot of money on this because people are not smart. I can hear it already all the complaints about it being laggy and graphics not looking good so good luck but if it were me I would just buy a ps3 or xbox or wii

  68. Id rather play games on a gaming system/tv setup as well, but all you have to do is look at the popularity of the psp to gauge how popular a phone like this would be. As long as the market is there manufacturers will continue to give the people what they want. (Which is a good thing)

  69. Nice FC when the gamepad is slid open. Typical Sonny product!

  70. Sony*

  71. @mwl1119 I wondered when someone was going to point that out. Not exactly what I want to see when in the middle of a hardcore gaming session…..

  72. To Brian… the people that don’t want to buy both.

    They are going to buy a 599 phone for facebook, internet, twitter, camera ect…

    I would want one device. A gaming phone would be awesome.

  73. I think the Zeus looks freakin’ sweet. All you people are whinning that it’s ugly or fat. Oh my freakin’ god. Grow up. It’s a phone, a psp, a mp3 player, and a laptop rolled into one. Be happy that it does that. Hell I’ve got a PS3, but when i travel I don’t plan on lugging that thing and a mini tv with me. The Zeus will do all that for me. Sony, hurry up and release this phone. I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!

  74. just another way to piss away your time and money on substandard gaming = yea for not a playstation

  75. Hey, guys, has anyone seen this: http://www.playmobile.pl/pl/telefony/pspgo/index.html_1496357355.html

    This is a popular Polish carrier… went on the site just now and was really surprised.

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