Dec 2nd, 2010


T-Mobile UK wanted to get Android 2.2 for their Galaxy S out two days ago: that was November 30th. That didn’t happen, and they promised that in the event of a delay, it’d certainly be out the day after that: December 1st. I looked at my calendar today, and it’s December 2nd. I didn’t have to look at my calendar, though: you guys are livid and have filled our inboxes up. While I’m not a T-Mobile UK customer (I don’t even live in the UK!), I feel for you. Where’s their Froyo, T-Mobile? Barry – the gentlemen who keeps us updated on the matter over at their support forums – hasn’t been around for a couple of days. Most of you have just about had it. We’ll try to squeeze an official update on the matter out of them. In the meantime, just sit tight. Why not discuss some of your favorite Android games with our other readers?

[Update]: The power of “spreading the word” works wonders. Barry – the gentlemen we were wondering about above – updated us just minutes after we put a spotlight on this issue and had this to say:

Hi folks

I’ve been talking to the handset team and the Samsung people today and the latest news is as follows.

Unfortunately the 2.2 update will not be available via KIES today as expected and Samsung have confirmed that FOTA will not feature as part of this update, but should appear at a later date. Samsung are indicating the firmware will be made available at some point next week.

We’ll keep you posted with further updates as we get them.


T-Mobile forum team

I’m certain you guys aren’t any happier than you were, but hey, it’s a response.

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