T-Mobile UK Hoping to Begin Android 2.2 Rollout for Samsung Galaxy S Today



T-Mobile UK’s Samsung Galaxy S could be getting some Froyo loving by the end of the day if a message posted to the Samsung support forums is any indication. The reason for the uncertainty, however, seems to be in the delivery method. See, TMoUK wants to deliver the update over-the-air rather than through Samsung’s much-maligned KIES software, but it looks like they might not know if it will actually be successful.

“Our goal is to make the update process smoother and we are working to become the only mobile operator offering FOTA (Firmware over the Air) updates for the Samsung product range. The aim was and still is to have the FOTA update available at some point today. If for reasons outwith our control we are unable to have a FOTA update process fully functioning by close of play today, then we will make the update available for download via Samsung KIES tomorrow (Dec 1st).”

It looks like if for whatever reason the OTA update won’t go through, the update will be tossed up on KIES tomorrow. Either way users should be in for a treat over the next day or two. If you are on TMoUK and have the Galaxy S, be sure to drop us a line if you see the update come through!

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. honestly, this is garbage. i want samsung or at&t would point the finger so i know which to complain to. 2.3 is around the corner & unless i get a christmas surprise where they skip 2.2 and go to 2.3, they both suck. i’m glad i flashed to a 2.2 rom, but i didn’t do it until these 2 clowns decided they weren’t going to push the update to the US market until god knows when.

  2. It’ll happen…just a little bit longer. I’d much rather have a complete and bug free update, then a half-@ss frozen froyo any day!

  3. They originally promised this for sept, then oct, then nov, now dec. First the excuse was testing, then branding, then roaming signal now delivery system. I will simply pick my next contract with the few carriers who were able to deliver their customers the update months ago.

  4. I can’t wait to see how many “news” sites start rumors about the Vibrant TMo US update, based on this TMo UK story.

  5. Geez Samsung your 4 months behind HTC and Motorola. In order to gain customers you make them happy and give them what they want. Samsung is doing the complete opposite. How exactly does Samsung plan to gain more customers for their future phones when they can’t even give us a simple update. The Galaxy S series is their biggest product. How can they mess up this badly? Samsung has the best hardware no doubt but they are losing out on the mega potential they have.

  6. I understand every ones frustration. I am waiting also but from what i have heard its not samsung that is delaying the update but the carriers. The carriers are the ones we have to be upset with not samsung. I can also say that I am glad that they have taken their time to get froyo right. Some of the other phones have had major problems with Froyo being released to early.

  7. make software not war. Maybe Korea should learn that!

  8. I hope at&t offers froyo OTA for my captivate. I still haven’t been able to get my phone working with kies.

  9. Ive Got Froyo On My Samsung Galaxy S A Couple Of Days Ago On T-Mobile..

  10. while america waits….

  11. Kies is garbage. It took me two hours to get my phone to connect. Then another hour to find out that it is not a “supported device”. Really? Idiots, make that stupid thing work first, huh?
    I really don’t feel good about them handling ANY software, leave alone an OS. If I ever get another Samsung phone it’ll have to be the Nexus S or nothing at all. Because they suck!
    I miss a deadline at work – I get penalized. They missed 4 different ones and nobody there seems to care. Very disappointing..

  12. Samsung you suck and T-mobile sucks even more I have had the samsung vibrant from day one and still no froyo!! You know what sucks more is that metro pcs has a android running on froyo.. I will never buy a samsung phone agian.

  13. T-mobile and samsung can take there updates and stick it up there…..

  14. haha i cant believe people are still talking about this… i gave up and stopped caring… all it comes down to is i will NEVER buy another samsung product, and i will NEVER work with t mobile again. you lost another customer… and your gunna lose alot more. i already gave away that crappy bug filled vibrant. htc seems to be the better choice and believe me, im going to tell everyone i know that samsung is shit…. peace

  15. Stopped waiting on them after they broke the first date, been using a 2.2 custom rom for months and it works much better. Seriously something has to be done about these updates.

  16. Hey guys after reading all your comments i begin to realize and been thinking about samsung is not the way to go. I got Vibrant now and im on 2.2 custom. But its such a buggy piece of crap device. Mytouch was way better. Lets switch to HTC. Well unless otherwise samsung will prove that its worth something in the long run, peace

  17. I purchased my Vibrant from T-Mobile on July 7th, and was told by the T-Mobile sales rep that I’ll be getting the Froyo update in a few months. WELL, WHAT HAPPENED!!! Now, I doubt I will EVER see this 2.2 update! I know the 2.2 has been released, it’s just being held up because of BLOATWARE instillation from the manufacture and carrier.

  18. This is getting just plan retarded. sorry if its not PC. but REALLY. so, i wonder how long it will take for us to get 2.3 when that comes out. Funny Tmobile is quick to ask for you money every month. Maybe they need more Techs to test get them from there billing dept.

  19. I also am waiting for the official Froyo update on my Captivate. I do hope (but doubt) will all the time spent on working on this 2.2 update they will just skip it for the 2.3 update. This is hoping the new Nexus S will allow us to port over and forget carrier updates altogether.

  20. I’d rather not think of the number of hours I’ve spent in total searching for information about when Froyo will be out for the Galaxy S Epic 4G. Several times a day, almost every day, since early September, I’ve been googling “galaxy s froyo” or “epic froyo”. Official tweets from Samsung first said September, then mid October, then late October, then late November, and now “by the end of the year”. This is rediculous. I think Samsung shot themselves in the foot with hubris. “Sure! We’re big enough to custom-build a version for your carrier!” They should have only come out with two versions worldwide: GSM and CDMA. That’s it. No custom bodies or ROMs. Maybe physical keyboard or not, but I’d almost rather sacrifice a keyboard to get an OS that’s not over 6 months old, when another one is due out any day/week. I love my phone, but I want the promised Flash. I know people think Myspace is passe, but I can stream all or most of all of an album of many I want to hear, and in many cases all of a band/musician’s entire catalog, for free, with only occasional ad interruptions (like one every three songs). It’s like Rhapsody for free. I wish they’d have a stand-alone music app, but they don’t. So Flash it is, and Galaxy S it isn’t yet.

  21. Wow. You guys need to take a step back and take a second to realize that the attitude you are assuming is one of hostile entitlement.

    Look at what PHONES can do nowadays. Forget about the fact that you can communicate with people from across the globe. That you can do it without being tied to a certain location. That alone is awesome. Now remember that you can also surf the internet, talk TO your phone and have it talk back, have it understand your commands. You can download and send pictures music and files. You can watch the latest viral video and receive important news updates, check your social network sites and download apps that make your like easier all on a single portable hand-held device.

    Now consider that the company that gave you all this is trying hard to produce a BETTER version of it without any flaws. WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING?

    You are not owed anything. You bought a phone, what you got was something better.

  22. Aside from the delay in receiving 2.2 OTA, I love my Samsung Fascinate and have had no problems with it. While everyone has different tastes and needs regarding their cell phone purchase, Samsung made a great product with their Galaxy S line. Claiming a company sucks because of a software update and choosing to never buy another Samsung product again because of it, is a little melodramatic imo. I’m just as anxious for 2.2 as the next person, but it’s not the end of the world, and my phone does everything I want it to do and more. (for now!)

  23. Well I say we all form a mob who iam I kidding we dont need to……..ugh I think iama go to evo,iam hearing GB/2.3 is coming and its dec already.not happy camper

  24. Received the Froyo update through Kies yesterday here in Belgium (Proximus Galaxy S – i9000).

  25. I have been very disappointed with T-mobile/Samsung and it’s lackadaisical handling of the Vibrant. I bought it as soon as it came out and they, seem to have shelved it; forgotten the phone that they were calling a flagship phone. WTF!!! TMO needs to be more aggressive about tech. I want a kick ass android phone 4″ screen or higher, made by someone other than Samsung. I will never buy another Samsung. That Tablet is poised to be a FRAKKING joke, if the vibrant is any example.

  26. I did the most stuped mistake I got htc evo and I change it for a sumsung galazy its sucks I can’t get. Adobe flash pleyer piec,e of shit phone and what get mad is the sell the phone for the same price of htc evo when its. Less then evo its like up buying a ford and paid the same price as the mercedez bush shit

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