Galaxy S Gets Ripped Off in a Big and Small Way; Promises Froyo Before the Real Phone



It’s been a while since we’ve seen an Android phone rip off the iPhone, an iPhone-look-alike running Android, a Win– you get the point. Today’s occurrence rips off the Samsung Galaxy S’s design, runs Android 2.1, and does it with a screen that’s a half an inch smaller and a chassis that looks twice as thick. The screen isn’t AMOLED, we’d assume, and it has a measly HVGA resolution. We’re also sure it won’t have that snappy fast 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor inside, but it does come with a respectable 512MB of RAM and ROM. They even include the logo, for good measure! The irony in all of this is that they promise an upgrade to Android 2.2 is forthcoming within a few weeks, but a lot of us (especially in the United States) are having trouble getting that from Samsung for the REAL Galaxy S line of phones. Hmph. [M8Cool via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Not surprised.

  2. 1st!!!!!!!

  3. I bet it is from China.

  4. Imitation is a form of flattery.

  5. I guess you know you’ve hit the big time when your phone gets KIRFed.

  6. Holy shitake mushrooms! It’s got a 500 mega pixel camera!

  7. Last night tmobile USA posted this on its Facebook page ” What are the must have tems for your holiday menu? We’re big fans of pumpkin pie and gingerbread cookies. How about you?”
    Honestly I won’t believe untill I see it.

  8. It wouldn’t be shocked if it actually happened.

  9. omfggg im still waiting on froyo for my captivate.. Im sooo pissed at samsing its like unreal. about time we get froyo every othger phone will have gingerbread

  10. i would like to see them ship this phone, as it is in the pic above. if they keep the galaxy s logo, i can see a huge lawsuit against this company for copyright infringement. if you’re going to make a knock off of a big name phone, at least make it somewhat decent.

  11. check out the other ripoffs theyre flogging lol. the PSP phone actually looks way better than the spyshots of the genuine one..

  12. I would laugh so hard if this phone got froyo before the actual US Galaxy S variants do.

  13. lol, Even the new motorola looks exactly like the Galaxy S – Vibrant. Imitation is indeed the greatest form of flattery. Ah, Sammy, give us the Nexus S or Galaxy S 2 now!

  14. um, i’ve been runnin froyo on my vibrant for like the past 2 months lol. it’s called xda

  15. @jc not everyone knowa how to hack phones.

  16. @jc, funny you say that, as the galaxy line looks mighty similar to the iphone.

  17. Of course it will get froyo before the us variants. Samsung can kiss my ass. iPad better than galaxy tab.

  18. Ipad sucks

  19. It says 2.1 but has the application tray tab from 1.6?

  20. Look at the two failures that tried to claim first. Dumbasses.

  21. Samsung is so fucked. Everyone is rightfully complaining about getting froyo. Then, if thy actually give us froyo we will all already be rightfully bitching at them about gingerbread which is all but certain to come out before we even getvfroyo.

    @jc the guy is right Samsung clearly copied the 3g so any subsequent copies are “flattering” the iPhone, not Samsung. Also we shouldn’t have to fix our own $600 phones by hacking it. I used to do that but I have a life now and we deserve to have our phones no more than a few months behind everyone else regarding software. Samsung shouldn’t have bothered with touchwiz if they aren’t good enough with mobile devices to update the software. Of course, they couldn’t get GPS right like every other phone has been able to for the past 5 years so I should’ve known they couldn’t handle the mobile phone business.

    BTW i tried the galaxy tab its kind of a bummer. Resolution almost as good as I4 (which is half the size wity higher resolution thus sharper) but otherwise unimpressive

  22. Look at all the Idiots that laid claim to first!!!! It is like the short bus stopped and all the riders logged into androidforums

  23. Wish you US guys would stop blaming Samsung for late Froyo on US Galaxy S variants.

    It’s been out officially for carrier-free phones since early October.

    Blame AT&T-MoVeriSprint for the holdups.

  24. And it has fireFox?! Nice…

  25. you guys act like its SO hard to “hack” a phone. its not even hacking it. your just changing a file. your using the base commands from the android(READ: LINUX) system to point to a different operating system or your just replacing it with a newer version. THAT IS ALL.

    jailbreak this…hack that…blah blah blah marketing bullshit to scare ppl from there own fucking phones. can you read? than you can follow simple guides to change EVERYTHING about your phones and customize it. fuck waiting for the damn carrier to do it.its your phone you paid for it so do it your damn self.

    would you buy a new mustang and KNOWING theres a ton of parts out there to make it balls quick, bitch to the dealer cuz THEY wont throw parts on it? Sure they will if you buy the parts yourself and pay them to do it.

    but to expect them to do it free of charge and quickly is it yourself and quit whining about froyo.

  26. @Croak +1 … I’ve had Froyo on my phone for about a month already. Upgraded via Kies on it’s own without hacks. It’s not Samsungs fault.
    Funny part is how people slate a phone because it hasn’t got the latest OS. So what, wait a while, there’s not that big a deal between the old and new.

  27. @ rickdick failed. Lol.

  28. @ Aeok18109….. True what you said but not everyone wants too go and change a file or hack their phone. When sammy promised and update way before the phone was even released. Thats what I think people are bitching about. They make great tvs but not phones

  29. @Myron, FROYO is in the works at Samsung, XDA has several leaked test FROYO ROMs for the Cappy. I’m running an I9000 ROM and kernel on my Cappy.

  30. This is why I have an incredible! My wife has the fascinate ok phone but samsung has a bad rep so far on updates.

  31. At least Samsung is releasing 2.2…Sony just released 2.1 on the X10…

  32. Aeok makes a valid point. Rooting your phone is not as daunting as you would think. Especially when there’s a number of “one click” root methods now out for almost every phone.

  33. @joedon3.. Uhh if you feel like helping me please email me.. [email protected]

  34. Can’t see myself supporting a company that simply imitates others but charges as if they have extensive R&D. Rather buy from a company that can show at least a bit of inventiveness like HTC.

  35. WOW, a 3.5 inch, 320*480 high definition HVGA display?

    It’s the coolest phone I could’ve asked for…3 years ago.

  36. guys, cmon now lets me nice lol. I guess i used to be anti-[whatever phone I don’t own] but in all honesty, we should all grow up, including me and um just enjoy our phones. more competition the better.

    ps – it really isn’t hard to hack a phone, especially the sgs.

  37. Well idk how 2.. I read how to do it and its like a foreign language for me

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