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We’ve been waiting… and waiting… and waiting for this app to come ouut, but after 2 long years, we can finally say that Google’s officially launched their own Google Reader app. While many apps out there do the job and do it wonderfully (I still personally recommend NewsRob), it’s nice to see Google supporting it themselves with some native mobile love.

google reader

I haven’t had a chance to check it out for myself, but Android Central says everything a Google Reader user could want is there to manage your Google Reader account. Unfortunately, Google Reader still falls short where other apps still prove valuable: offline reading. It sounds like a decent offering for their first release, but developers of Reader-capable apps shouldn’t worry: there is still a TON of value to be had over Google’s offering. For you users, just give it a shot and see if its straight-forwardness and simplicity fits your style. [Link to the App on AppBrain]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on NewsRob. Had never heard of it and I use Google Reader every day. I’ll try the official Google Reader app too for comparision.

  2. No widget. FML. I wish I was dead.

  3. Great, now if they just polished their Listen app. Seriously, the best one out there is Doggcatcher and its not even that great. Listen is a great idea, if they would only finish it.

  4. What keyboard is that in the screen shot? Anyone know?

  5. Argh! This doesn’t work with a google apps account (hosted domain). Same reason that I can’t use Listen.

  6. It’s still really lacking in its current state. gReader is still king at the moment.

  7. Silly question from one ignorant user who is too lazy to research this on his own, but WHAT exactly does this read? RSS feeds perhaps? Some sort of ebooks?

  8. What….no Yahoo! love?

  9. I’ll be sticking with FeedR. I love being able to press “Mobilize” and get a very quick, stripped down version of the complete article.

  10. This is either 2.2 only or really, really hard to find.

    It’s cool when you include a market q code.

  11. Works great for me with my Google Apps account. I knew there was a reason I enabled Google Reader for my Apps account last week.

  12. its there for me (1.6)

  13. @Don LaVange The Q Code is in the Android Central link in the body of the article.

  14. Just installed it and I don’t think it’s anything that amazing. I have no comparisons to any of the other RSS apps, but when comparing this app to the mobile reader site that Google offers, nothing much changes.

    It allows for direct syncing with Google (much like Gmail, Calendar and Contacts) but it doesn’t seem to show an unread count or anything in the notification bar (not sure if I would even want it there but just a note). If anything this syncing may cause an increase in battery drain whereas the mobile site would just refresh when the page is open. I would have welcomed a homepage widget of some sort as well.

    The only thing that I do like about the app is that it allows for scrolling through the entries with the volume buttons. That is an ingenious use of the buttons to scroll and it is effortless and quick. This MAY be the one feature that keeps me using this app instead of the mobile site bookmark that I have.

    Overall, I don’t think this app accomplishes anything the mobile site doesn’t.

  15. Wow, what a coincidence.. I just setup my Google reader account and was looking for this app 2 hours earlier in the Android Market to see and was surprised it wasnt supported by Google!

    To my surprise, I come here and see they ahve created an app. How awesome is that, lol….

  16. Meh Even the free version of NewsRob straight-up KILLS this app. Back to the drawing/buying board, Google.

  17. Good for a first release… but NewsRob is still much better IMHO… hopefully they continue to work on this and add in offline capabilities as well as clean up the navigation a bit

  18. Hey Colin, it DOES work on an Apps account.

  19. Awesome. I just uninstalled NewsRob and Pulse to sync all my RSS feeds via Google Reader. Now, Google, when are you releasing that Google Docs app?

  20. Ugh, I wish there was a widget for this! I know whats coming in their next update now!

  21. guy’s can anyone share the apk please

  22. ahm….where’s the app for iphone ?

  23. @SSMI The symbol in the bottom left corner implies it’s a Swype keyboard, but the coloring is different from the Swype keyboards I’ve seen.

  24. DNW. Can’t comment, it seems? The client is much slower than Dolphin HD running the fuller, more visually appealing web UI. /sad.

  25. Now give us a google docs app.

  26. Damn, now I just need an awesome desktop client which syncs with Google Reader with the social features.

    I wish Liferea had full sync with it.

  27. @SSMI and @Jake: That’s what Swype looks like on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and presumably other Samsung Galaxy devices as well.

  28. i cannot download it from market : i am in Kuwait, can anyone give me a apk file please thank you in advance

  29. Why? My Google Reader is just a link to the Google Reader webiste and works perfectly as an “app” on my Droid. No need for a standalone app.

  30. You are right about off-line reading being a shortfall but but overall it’s a great 1st release. All my nexus one needs now to make me happy are docs and google books/editions apps …and better way to share mobile numbers via text messages …and more in depth game info on their scoreboard app for football and the cricket …google task to be incorporated in the calender app …but they’re almost there.

  31. hopefully, they do end up doing a google docs app eventually

  32. I had trouble find the app too using search so I just went to another Google app in the marketplace (Maps) and picked “View more applications” by developer (my phones see 21 by Google Inc). Or you can just click on of the links in the article.

  33. Can someone offer instructions on how to add an account to this app? The account shown to me is a gmail account, but I use Reader under a Google Apps account and I can’t see how to add a new account. /noob question

  34. Oh noes. I found this page which shows a screenshot of the Accounts screen including an Add Account button, which doesn’t show on my device (Archos 5). Hmmm.

  35. BuzzBox FTW!

  36. ehh….too little too late. Been using FeedR and have had not issues. I wish they would have come out with this sooner but now my loyalty for a reader is elsewhere lol.

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