Comcast Mobile App Now Coming December 3rd, Xfinity App Delayed Until January



Many Comcast customers were excited to hear that they’d be extending support to Android, but we didn’t have much to be thankful for after thanksgiving as they missed their original November 30th window. Thankfully, it hasn’t been delayed for more than just a few days and you folks should be seeing it on the Android market December 3rd. As for that XFINITY TV app, it won’t be able to make it to your New Year’s party in time but expect it to be fashionably late as it’s still slated for January 2011. [via AC]

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  1. This is dumb. They’re the same company, get it together Comcast.

  2. Does this mean you can watch tv & movie content on demand on your android device or just preview it?

  3. I just hope this is going to have the mydvr manager. Glad to see that it’s actually happening, though. And yeah wtf comcast xfinity I don’t get why they have seperate apps.

  4. Comcast mobile app is different than the xfinity tv app. The mobile app allows access to your email and other misc things. The xfinity tv app allows you to control your set top boxes and dvr from your device. The ability to watch your programming hasn’t been leaked yet but I’m sure its in beta.

  5. still waiting…lol

  6. Has anyone heard an update about this? Still nothing in the Market thus far from Comcast, for the mobile app.

  7. Ok, a Comcast rep just posted about 40 minutes ago:

    “CC_Dete wrote:
    The Android release has been delayed as we are putting some finishing touches to make sure the experience is smooth for customers! We are very excited and looking forward to get the app out early next week”

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