Dec 1st, 2010


If you thought mobile processing technology was already ridiculous, NVIDIA’s got a bone to pick with you. As their Tegra 2 makes its way into devices of all shapes and sizes starting yesterday (figuratively), they’re already looking toward the future to Quad-Core. In a whitepaper about mobile multi-core processors, NVIDIA confessed to Tegra 3 being nearly-finished and Tegra 4 currently being developed.

“Every single year, there will be a new Tegra,” says CEO Jen-Hsun Huang. That doesn’t surprise me at all, but what does surprise me is how big of a step they’ll be taking with each release. Per the whitepaper, “Dual-core processors will be the standard in 2011, and quad-core is coming in the near future.”

“In the near future” could mean anything in technology, but just as slow as some innovators are, there is an equal amount that are ridiculously fast. I bet NVIDIA wants to be the latter going forward and I can’t imagine we’ll go more than a year before we hear about quad-core Android devices from the world’s top manufacturers. Let’s just hope battery technology will be able to keep up.

[NVIDIA via A&M]