Nov 30th, 2010

T-Mobile G2_Landscape

It didn’t take long for the T-Mobile G2 to get root, but it didn’t last long either. HTC had taken precautions to prevent permanent rooting of the device, resetting every time the phone was powered down. Still, a workaround was found to allow for permanent root, but why stop there? Flashing ROMs is one thing, but the G2 still wasn’t as developer-friendly as, say, the Nexus One or original G1. Well, thanks to some savvy work and dedication by the folks over at XDA the T-Mobile G2 is now as primed for tinkering as it could be.

The methods to accomplish all are detailed in the source links below, but this isn’t for your first-time hacker. Those of you who want this type of access without the risk may want to hold off for automated methods that will surely come later. An interesting read either way!

[XDA via AndroidCentral]

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