Holiday Androids: Sprint Has The Entire Spectrum [SPONSORED POST]


If you haven’t noticed, Sprint has been a great partner with us in kicking off the holiday season and I wanted to take a moment to tip my hat to their Android lineup. They’ve truly got a GREAT selection of Android devices that spread the entire spectrum. Whether you’re a brand new smartphone user looking to ease into the Android area, or a seasoned veteran looking for a high powered piece of smartphone power, Sprint has something to fit your robot needs.

evo-epic-4gHigh-End Androids
Right now, Sprint has two of the most awesome Androids on the market: the HTC EVO 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G. You’ll notice that BOTH have the word “4G” in them which means you’ll be getting lightning fast speeds if you’re within Sprint’s 4G coverage area. A quick note: the iPhone 4 is NOT a 4G phone – I had to dispell that rumor at Thanksgiving dinner. Since the iPhone 3G was a 3G phone, many people assumed the iPhone 4 meant 4G. It doesn’t. The iPhone 4 is still a 3G phone.

The HTC EVO 4G launched as the first ever 4G Android Phone and it’s truly a beautiful device. It’s got a huge 4.3-inch screen that makes everything more awesome, from multimedia to web browsing to typing on that huge software keyboard. It’s got a 1GHz snapdragon processor and is loaded with HTC’s slick and sexy user interface named HTC Sense. For folks wanting a large, beautiful display in a compact package, the EVO 4G is the High-End Android they seek.

But what if you’re a hardware keyboard kind of guy or gal? Check out the Samsung EPIC 4G. This phone is part of Samsung’s Galaxy S series but the EPIC 4G might be the most unique of all of them: it’s got a full slideout QWERTY keyboard that will please a lot of people, from e-mail and TXT obsessors to the mobile gaming crowd. The EPIC 4G also has a 1GHz processor and I think it’s safe to say that this duo of phones gives Sprint a killer Android combo that will please the most elite gadget obsessor.

If you want a high-end Android, either for you or a gadget-loving family member or friend, the EVO 4G and EPIC 4G will MORE than satisfy.

thumb_optimus_sAndroid 101: A Great Everyday Android
Not everybody needs the most powerful phone on the market. Furthermore, not everyone WANTS that. I’ve heard more than my fair share of overwhelmed phone shoppers asking for a more compact phone, that has all the Android goodness built in, yet is affordable and pocketable. Look no further than the LG Optimus S on Sprint.

First of all, it’s free. That’s right… if you buy it online between now and December 5th, it’s free. I’ve had the chance to play with this device and I have to say I absolutely love it for first time smartphone users or first time Android users. It keeps everything simple in a typically sized phone, but comes packed with the latest version of Android and allows you to do pretty much everything Android enables.

The LG Optimus S illustrates the beauty of Android. It isn’t one-size-fits-all. You have an option from various phones with various features and a ton of people are going to prefer the LG Optimus S over even the EVO 4G or EPIC 4G. The price is right – it’s free – but it’s still a tremendously powerful phone that will unlock all the potential of smartphone promise. If you’ve been eager to try Android but are nervous to go from a dumb phone or feature phone to a smartphone, look no further than the Optimus S on Sprint.

samsung-galaxy-tabThe Wildcard: Android Tablets
When the iPad launched, public awareness of tablets grew exponentially. Android tablets have had their fair share of attention, but the discussion was always about potential and possibilities and never about a single product that followed through. Until now.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the first notable Android Tablet and if you’re eager to get something new, innovative, powerful, portable and fun then the Galaxy Tab is an awesome holiday Android. It’s 7-inch form factor makes it enjoyable to use wherever you are and Wi-Fi combined with Sprint service makes it the ultra-portable web connected gadget of your dreams. Maybe you’re looking for an out-of-the-box gift to put in a box or perhaps you’re trying to treat yourself to a self-indulging Android present. I’ve spent some time playing with this device and I can tell you first hand that you’ll really enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Bottom Line
This is a sponsored message and I’ve indicated that both in the title of the post and here as an upfront disclaimer. That being said, this post contains 100% of my own editorial content written 100% honestly from my own opinion. The HTC EVO 4G and Samsung EPIC 4G are two of the best Android Phones on the market – that’s a fact. The LG Optimus S is a tremendously great phone for new smartphone users and beginning Android users – I’ve said that from day 1. And the Samsung Galaxy Tab is quite literally the first Android Tablet worth paying attention too, and after enjoying it for a few days, I’m considering getting one myself.

So yes, this is a sponsored post written at the request of Sprint, but I wouldn’t have agreed to write it if I didn’t fully agree with every paragraph, word, letter and character that I wrote. Good luck to everyone in their holiday shopping endeavors, and I’m confident that if you purchase any of the Sprint Androids suggested above, you will NOT be disappointed.

Happy holidays!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. What Sprint is offering is a flat out joke. When will Sprint get off this idea that these phones are the only technology in existence? Get some new phones on your system Sprint. EVO 4G albeit nice is old news.

  2. there goes ‘unbiased’.

  3. This is just sad you’re marketing for sprint?You are spitting in our faces using their marketing lies,this is a joke goodbye phandroid

  4. Android and me writers probably wouldnt go for this BS because they write the unbiased news

  5. I don’t think you can really argue that everything in this post is pretty dead on. EVO 4G is awesome. EPIC 4G is awesome. Optimus S is great for beginners. Galaxy Tab is best Android Tablet on the planet.

    There are other Androids on Sprint’s lineup I didn’t mention. As for what I said about these 4? I think it’s hard to argue. I chose to talk about them for a reason… because I really believe they’re great devices.

  6. 4g? Nope, not 4g….

  7. Yeah I think im done with phandroid. I thought they were a independent news blog but now they have drank the Sprint Koolaid.

  8. Grats on getting your first sponsored post/more advertising, guys. I’d imagine it’s a pretty big deal for you.

    The above said, I did little more than skim the post because, duh it’s an advert.

  9. Just an FYI example: there is a reason I didn’t include the “Sanyo Zio” or “Samsung Transform” in the article although it was recommended. Had I written this post without any indication it was a sponsored post, nobody would have even blinked… because everything in it is true.

  10. I’m done with phandroid. :( This post just did it in for me.

  11. “The HTC EVO 4G and Samsung EPIC 4G are two of the best Android Phones on the market – that’s a fact.” thats and opinion

  12. unsubscribed. won’t return

  13. People saying they will never return because of this post are, to be quite franc, immature and need to relax. Phandroid, like anyone else, needs to make money to keep posting great news, I don’t see whats wrong in writing an article to do so. If you had taken the time to read the article (because lets face it, you didn’t), you would have seen that it is actually pretty true for every thing he said.

    Anyways, good job phandroid.

  14. Wow guys, get over it. So what if it is a sponsored post. He flat out told you it was. With that said, every carrier has it’s pro’s and con’s, you just have to decide what one is best for you and your needs. I have 4g in my area and the Evo is still a damn nice phone so it made sense to buy it. I looked at the Epic, but didn’t care for it much. And so far everything has been great. If Sprints phones don’t please you, then choose a carrier that meets your needs and taste.

    I have the Evo 4g with the $69.99 package plus the extra 10 bucks which they say isn’t for 4g, but I think it is. So I pay a little more then 80 dollors a month for 450 anytime minutes, and unlimited everything else. Nights and weekends start at 7pm unlike the 9pm with pretty much ever other carrier. I have recently found out that I guess I rarely call landlines anymore because I have barely used any of my anytime minute. Mobile to mobile on any network and any phone is unlimited. So for what I am getting from Sprint for around 80 dollars a month, I am saving nearly 40 dollars a month since I switched from Verizon. So even with that 10 dollars extra a month for the 4g, I am still saving money from when I was with Verizon with only 3g.

  15. Come on now.

    Everybody wants to benefit from a site like this, letting someone else gather the news, dig for the secrets, and post for all to see. But when they do something like make a post that helps them make money and cover the costs of running the website, that’s terrible?

    Grow some realisim people. Websites costs money. Sprint pays money. The equation works out.

  16. I agree the handsets are great Rob. And it’s good you didn’t mention the Transform because then I would hate on you. lol.
    What I’m talking about is how it is Sprint can’t seem to do better, or anything else for that matter.

    We are in the holiday season where people spend money and Sprint is standing there, holding a dusty sign talking about the EVO.

    Being on Sprint is like “mail call” in the military. Everybody gets two, three letters or a package and all you get is to share in someone else’s excitement and smile like it doesn’t hurt that no one gives a crap about you.

    We got Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile on one side pimping all things Android and WP7, and on the other side we got Sprint and that Charlie Brown Christmas tree with one ornament on top the tree cannot support.

    BTW, Phandroid.com is the bomb. Keep it around.

  17. ^
    thatwas pretty funny

  18. @Geoffrey the issue is this will impact future articles. Much like gaming magazines will never rate a game they advertise poorly this kills any journalistic integrity phandroid ever had. I may not stop reading, but I will do so less often and with it in mind that what is posted here is not to be trusted.

    This is a sad moment phandroid, you have broken the cardinal rule of journalistic integrity. If you want to do this in a professional manner, just print something that sprint themselves writes or better yet find alternative income streams that do not impact what you are trying to do in this way. To do this means you will never again be able to speak truthfully about sprint, for fear of losing their sponsorship.

  19. These articles are getting in the way of the ads. Ps, fuck sprint and their fake 4g. oh and fuck u guys

  20. Oh, and I would like to know how the Evo and Epic are “such crap phones”. Any one care to offer up any real competitors? I mean the Droids are nice, but I still think the Evo beats it. And as far as I know of, the Droid is the only other Android phone that can compete with the Evo or the Epic.

  21. Sellouts.

  22. I won’t be back…sellouts…just unsubscribed!
    Boo hoo! Here’s a tissue & the door is thata way :)

  23. @Steve you couldn’t be more wrong, buddy. Phandroid has a LONG history of calling out products and companies when we think they are crappy. Case and point: check out my review of the Samsung Continuum. While other Android sites were brown nosing I directly said it was pointless and stupid. If you’ve been following the site for awhile you’d know that we’re the FIRST people to call out crap products. Our track record speaks for itself, and if you read the entire article in-context, you wouldn’t have a problem with 1 out of 10,000 being “sponsored”. Not to mention… we marked it as sponsored. We’re not trying to hide anything.

  24. I can’t believe these people are mad about this post. I’m not a Sprint user, but I have to agree with this article that the EVO 4G is still one of the best devices out there. All sites have sponsored content, just not all of them mention it. Anyways, thanks Phandroid for giving us all the news day in and day out. Keep up the good work.

  25. Alright. I’m not responding any more to comments on this article but I want to thank the folks who’ve offered their support. If you think this clearly marked SPONSORED post (that is filled with editorial honesty)somehow compromises the journalistic integrity of the site, by all means feel free to unsubscribe and leave. We’ll continue producing the best Android content on the planet and unleashing amazing new features for our loyal readers.
    By the way, I’m leaving the comments open. You’re free to bash us as much as you want, although I think it’s completely unwarranted. That being said, you’re entitled to your opinion and free to say and do whatever you want. Hopefully your opinion will soften as you think about the facts a bit more analytically.

  26. Rob Jackson = Dan Hesse

    Android Central had a sponsored post as well, but that one was formatted in such a way that it didn’t look like one of their regular posts, unlike Phandroid.

    At least the sponsorship was disclosed.

  27. Yes it’s sponsored Rob but don’t leave the thread dude. Mainly because you should not be defending “Sprint” or its business practices. That’s their deal and not yours.

    Defending the phones is one thing. Hell, I’ll defend them right along with you. As I said, they are great phones. My comments are directed at Sprint, not Phandroid and certainly not at you.

    My issue is Sprint.

    It allowed 2010 to end and didn’t do any scouting for new talent. How long do they think the EVO could hold it down?
    Beyond that, short of rooting them, these phones are (probably) not upgradeable to Gingerbread.
    So I’m saying what’s up Sprint? Whats the buzz?

  28. LMAO at all the naysayers…

    GIZMODO and ENGADGET are bought and paid for by Apple, but will never openly come out and say so. Every other article they post gives Steve “Rim” Jobs slobber-time and they make no apologies or acknowledgements about their obvious bias.

    PHANDROID needs to make money like all the rest. Kudos to them for at least coming out and saying so.

    And to anyone who says they’re leaving and not coming back? Yeah, all five of you… The short bus just arrived for all you special kids. Now, get onboard. Now git.

  29. @Rob Jackson, I guess we shall see if you continue to do that in the future. I have my doubts, nothing against you but money generally speaks louder to most folks that their own ethics.

  30. @Techblogger, could just be the product of a well-kept secret. We’re so used to Verizon leaking like a sieve that we forget to realize other companies could just be holding their cards close to their chest.

  31. Good article keep the good job rob Jacksonin my family we all have phones from every carriers and I must say even I love my touch4g fromt mobile and my brother love hes droid x my sister ho have the evo from sprint we all age that her evo the best and that and she pay less then us yet receive more value on her phone so what wrong with that being said shame on those people ho start going creazy for a article Mr Jackson don’t bother with people that rush to say creazy things just keep doing your job and dontworry about some losers ho post crafty things instead of opinion. From my touch 4g g with love to big brother Evo 4g

  32. @Tech, They just released the Epic. The Evo only came out less then 6 months ago, and the year isn’t over yet. Could of swore there was another month after November. As for Gingerbread, Both the Evo and the Epic meet the spec’s. Will they get them though? That isn’t up to sprint, that is up to HTC and Samsung. If you go look at the other android phone that are out right now, the Evo alone is still able to compete spec for spec.

  33. I want “sponsored news” like I want “fair and balanced” news.

  34. I love how the domino effect works with us humans! We all know these little punks will always come back and read their android news here and if they don’t who cares! 5 more or less readers won’t effect anyone and if I was the author if this article, I wouldn’t even bother commenting.

    Don’t like it? GTFO

  35. tl;dr

  36. Nope. Never want to read an advertisement disguised as a blog. I am done.

  37. Wow people need to relax .they have to pay the bills someway .its no different than free radio .

  38. I can’t believe the ridiculousness of some of these comments. The post was CLEARLY marked as “SPONSORED.” Gizmodo has these too, as does Engadget, as does nearly every other blog on the internet.

    The point of the post is to make money to keep Phandroid running… they’re not selling out. Without these kinds of posts there would be no Phandroid. Get over it. If posts like these bother you so much, here’s an idea, don’t read them! They’re clearly labeled for that reason.

    This is almost as bad as that Hitler video contest, or whenever there’s a post about porn on Android. So many people get so ridiculously angry with crazy posts bashing the editors, Phandroid, society… really guys? Wake up and smell the flowers. If you’re genuinely getting mad over these little things, well, good luck with your lives.

    But I have to say my favorite is when people say they’ll “never come back to Phandroid again” or how they “unsubscribed and un=bookmarked.” Congratulations. Now what? It’s not like you’re a paying customer they’re losing. Phandroid will still thrive and continue providing Android news, with or without you. It’s funny, really.

    Rob, don’t let these uptight schmucks get you down. If this is what it takes to keep Phandroid alive, so be it. I’ve been here for over a year now and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. :)

  39. more than 5 will leave and read android and me and android central

  40. I wish that they would offer an Evo without 4g or without the $10 4g fee. Then I would jump at the chance.

  41. Possibly biased article? Sure. Cry all you want about leaving Phandroid — truth is you won’t. It’s only been growing in the past 6 months based off Alexa. Get over it.

  42. Wow, what a bunch of cry babies!

    It was CLEARLY marked as SPONSORED and CLEARLY said that Sprint requested that he write something. If you don’t like it or don’t want to read it then don’t fucking click on it!!!

    @Rob – Great article for those who may be considering the jump over to Sprint. Well written, points are clear and no unnecessary BS. This is exactly what new users want and need.

    I, for one, hope that such articles (regardless or whom may sponsor it) continue as anyone looking for a change may find something useful in them.

  43. Boy, you have an article mentioning VZW or MaBell in a positive light and everybody agrees wholeheartedly. But, don’t dare say anything nice about Sprint. I don’t care if it is marked as sponsored or not, there are almost as many Sprint haters on this site as there are Apple haters. Sprint isn’t as good at marketing as VZW, AT&T or T-Mo, which hurts them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some good products. I can’t find a single thing in this article that I can say is not true, so, who cares if it is sponsored?

  44. Who cares 5 leave 10+ arrive! Keep going strong Phandroid

  45. what are we, 3rd graders??? grow up! if you don’t like the post, just leave quietly. the post being sponsored was made clear in the beginning. as for the need to come up with new phones every so often, what for? the evo can hold its ground against giants like iphone 4 and the like, and that is enough to leave it the king of the hill for the time being. the other companies coming up with new products left and right are doing so because they are trying really hard to bump the evo (and the epic) from their pedestals.

    what’s the term…”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? journalism this and that…let’s see you try better.

  46. I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy, but after Sprint CONSISTENTLY provided me with the worst customer support experiences of my life, I feel compelled to let everyone know that.

    When you decide on a carrier, sooner or later, you’ll need support – and Sprint WON’T be there for you. You’ve been warned.

  47. This is exactly why many webmasters don’t do pay per post. When you do this kind of thing your credibility goes straight out of the window because you might just being it to get paid. Tmonews doesn’t do these kind of things hell then don’t even report rumours unless there is credible sources to match.

  48. You cry babies need to get a life. Rob, do us all a favor and when you do these sponsored articles, please cut of the comments. Nothing in what you said isn’t already backed up by other sites like CNET. The EVO 4G and the Epic 4G are still the best smartphones in the business period. Maybe if you made it a pay site, these people would stop crying. Or maybe not.

  49. @ Matrix, the same can be said of any carrier at one point or another. I’ve had nothing but good luck with Sprint customer service. I have however had nothing but bad luck with Verizon customer service and trying to get over charges removed from my account that didn’t belong. Then they got sued which was nice, but I still never got even so much as a we are sorry, let alone any money back. Point being, everyone has had a bad experience with a carrier. It’s just a fact of life. And from what I have read and heard from people who are still with Verizon, and people who are with AT&T, the grass isn’t any greener on the other side.

  50. Don’t let the basement dwellers in their tighty whities get you down Rob. You mentioned numerous times that this was was a sponsored article. I agree with your analysis. It’s not like he said the Samsung Intercept is the phone everyone should be buying. The basement losers came out in full force in the comments.

  51. “By the way, I’m leaving the comments open” …..sure, that explains why my prior comment doesn’t show up anywhere …. c’mon Phandroid.

  52. I agree with Rob Jackson. There is no false content in his editorial.

  53. Matrix for your info I just come out the phone with customer service from sprint I complained about the connection that it keep dropping will It was a lie on my behave and they come out on top with their customer service they tried their best to fix the problem that I don’t have wait after they finished helping me they said my bill will be cut in half and they will even send me a new phone if the problemhappened again so Mr matrix shame on you and good job sprint and yes after this service my Evo stay on top just don’t cry cause you don’t have one soon your carrier will cary something close to the Evo the phone that made me drop my iPhone4. Sprint the network with good service and great phones and not to forget save me $ 37 a month soe far beat that

  54. im pretty sure anyone who wants a keyboard can agree that the epic is a pretty fucking awesome choice. the evo i cant say the same lol.

  55. He already said this is a sponsored post. phandroid.com is free so it has to be paid by advertisement.


  57. The HTC EVO is the best smartphone around and the best phone currently wielding Android, PERIOD. You people dig too deep into shit when you have NO idea what you’re even talking about. Not a one of the posters is a CEO of any cellphone company or knows about the lights and darknesses of doing so. Dan Hesse has done nothing short of increase the companies ability to survive at this time. This is worse than reading about politics.

    @Phandroid: You always get my nightly view of all articles posted in the day before I wrap the day up and that will continue. Your support of a company, even one hurting financially just shows the ability to stand behind a good product. I’m glad the comments are still open and you didn’t clam up. +1.

  58. Verizon is much better and has even more android, or ‘ droid’, phones. I strongly dislike this biased post.

  59. I LOVE porn and my EVO! I also like turtles.

  60. I’ve seen so many more smarmy posts on this Android site than others. I think Apple lovers have made this a drive-by shooting site. Chalk that up to the site’s popularity, Rob. A symbol of success. ;)

    People have given Rob sh*t for posting honest assessments, but accusing him of schilling when he’s not. Here he makes certain to point out that this is a sponsored post, yet everything he’s saying about the phones is truly his personal opinion, and the flingers still toss the sh*t.

    Ignore them Rob. They’re useless.

  61. First, this site was never unbiased. If someone was to say iphone better than android, everyone will be up in arms. But do an article for sprint or any other carriers, you will have those that are angry and those that will defend the site and android to the end. So please don’t insult people by saying this is an unbiased site. Saying this site is fair is like saying Fox news is fair. The quality of journalism has really gone down since it launch. But this is an android fanboy site so that is expected. Maybe before there was an even hand reporting of news but lately…. I read negative thing about google and android in other site but never see it here, again which is expected. Sure product are review, the truthfulness I do question. I bought an android phone based on what I read and now feel that I was sold a bunch of lies, but that is my opinion.

    This is still a business and Rob saw a business opportunity and took it, and like all other business he needs to support it. Either by basing the competition or advertising for carriers, it is his business and it is his right. As a businessman I have a lot of respect for Rob despite how I feel about his journalism. I might not agree with what he is saying but I will defend his right to say it. So if people don’t like it, it is fine to leave, it is the android way – options.

    I will add I will still read now and then until I can dump this android phone for a WP7. I am through with a phone that forces me to get a gmail account just to use, send me countless spam everyday, and upload all my info to god know where unless I constantly make sure the setting is set properly, crash app all the time,and just slow to use. To each his own, don’t care about apple, android, BB, webos or wp7, just need a phone that isn’t junk, so I will be trolling just to laugh at all the droidbots and ifanboys everyday.

  62. Lots of cry babies. Grow the hell up you idiots.

    So what if this is sponsored? All sites need to cover their costs and people need some money for their time.

    I agree with Rob. I have the Evo and Epic, and for a short while had the Optimus. All are excellent phones, the best I have used so far on any carrier. I also have Vibrant / Captivate and those are very nice as well. But Sprint has a very nice selection of Android devices, and their plans are the cheapest and best values.

    I hope the cry babies leave and never come back. Good riddance!

  63. Sponsored post didn’t offend me. I’m not going anywhere

  64. I tend to agree that Sprint has aggressively pursued a solid lineup of top-end Android devices. The cellular service (3G) is fine; 4G could definitely use some improvement, as I constantly drop and reconnect when I’m on the move in a 4G area. Sprint’s customer service and pricing are also very good.

    I’m not sure why the user base is complaining about this sponsored post. If the author and owner is being honest about his thoughts and feelings towards Sprint, then it only makes sense that he would agree to by the company that he likes.

  65. Neither the iPhone 4, Evo 4G or Epic are real 4G phones. It’s just that the Evo and Epic support WiMax, which is faster than the “regular” 3G that the iPhone 4 uses.
    Yes the Evo and Epic are both faster than the iPhone, but no they certainly are not 4G phones.

  66. It’s a sponsored post.

    People will complain about anything these days…

    If you didnt wanna read it, then don’t click it. I clicked it cuz it was a phandroid first.

    I’m not going anywhere either

  67. fucking WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH you guys are trying to pay the bill around this site. waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

    bye assclowns. phandroid is the shit. pure and simple. dont like it? buy an iphone and stfu sheep

  68. He clearly mentioned sponsored post, why are you people getting your dildos wet?

    I have the Evo on Sprint and I have to say you cant beat the combination of service and hardware right now with any other carrier.

    Im paying $79.99 for unlimited everything except the 450 minutes for landlines (last month my bill said I used 2 landline minutes, no one has landlines). The service is good (no complaints so far, 4G is here in chicago too) and the Evo is one of the best Android phones out right now.

    Even though Phandroid profited from the post, they werent lying when they said you couldnt go wrong with Sprint and their Android phones. The author himself said he wouldnt have wrote the post if he thought otherwise…

  69. Personally I would bitchslap all these complainers. I like Sprint and been with them for ten years.

  70. @IOWA

    of course you do you are a Sprint Fanboy!

  71. Yea is you said the Sany Zio was a good phone .. I would definitely say that you’re lying..

  72. Get your money phandroid! You guys earned it. I’m not going anywhere :)

  73. First off, great post Rob. Everything you said is so true. I am so sick of these people bitching. The people that bitch about such small stuff obviously have a miserable life, and take it out here. Now, the Evo is the best smartphone ever made. People don’t just buy phones as soon as they are released. It’s the holidays, you idiots. A lot of Evos will be sold. The Evo has less virtually no bloatware, compared to verizon’s offerings. I tried Droids 2 and X. The Evo blows them both out of the water. When Verizon gets the Din. c 4G/Mecha, you’ll see what a great phone is like. Of course, it will be loaded with crapware though. I’m sick of these people repeating what there is no true 4G, because of what the itc said JUST A FEW WEEKS AGO. There definition of 3G said that simultaneous voice/data is required. Nobody followed that, nobody cares what they say about 4G either. Wimax and LTE are 4G techs, period. It’s not like posting that fake 4G shit over and over is going to change anything. It does however point out people to be ignored. If all you come here to do is whine


  75. Corrections from my post above: what=that, there=their. Damn swype! I wish we could edit! : )

  76. Kudos to the underdog with the 1st US fractional 4G, video chat phone and still lower / same in carrier prices, and also with the only galaxy s with front cam…haters, hate!
    if this was a VZW post, bet the outcome would’ve been different…

  77. Bunch of f*cking crybabies on this site. If you don’t like SPONSORED posts about a company that’s competing with your carrier then don’t read them! And for all the dumb*sses that are saying they’re “leaving” and “unsubscribing” I doubt any of the editors will lose any sleep.

  78. What a bunch of crybabies. Sprint could pay them to run an ad or they could pay them to write a clearly labeled article listing the things they like about the carrier’s offerings.

    If this wasn’t labeled as [SPONSORED] in huge letters then I could understand the annoyance.

    In this case they just listed the good things about Sprint. At least it’s more informative than a banner ad. Sounds like a bunch of butthurt carrier fanboys out there are mad because it’s the wrong team. Get over it and please leave like you say you will. Grownups are talking.

  79. Posting this from a Droid 2 with an Epic 4g sitting right next to me. Unfortunately, I’m currently in a slow roaming zone for Sprint, but comparing the two for the last two weeks, my honest opinion is that the Epic is superior in nearly every way. I also have an Evo here and it’s superb as well. Some say Verizon has more Droids…so? Each of them lacks some big feature I want that I could get all-in-one with an Epic or Evo. Droid 2 has a keyboard, but doesn’t have SuperAmoled or an HD cam. If I want those on Verizon, then I have to sacrifice the keyboard with getting a Fascinate, so for me the choice is clear. I’d rather have a couple less devices on a carrier that pack a ton of features than more devices, where each seems to lack something significant.

  80. I don’t have any problems with this kind of post as long as it’s clearly marked as this one was. Sponsorship is a big part of every successful tech blog. How else do you expect this kind of service to be funded? Perhaps the folks working on it should do it for free, and pay for the cost of running the servers out of their own pockets?

  81. I think this ad was quite well written, and to be honest, I prefer this type of an advertisement over a blinking banner ad that has a Sprint logo. For those looking at entering the android world, the information in this article can help them make an informed decision. Cheers, phandroid!

  82. I’m just going to assume that anyone who bitches about this post is an Apple fanboy at heart.

  83. I’m quite pissed about how people think that making money for a website to keep up and running is a peice of cake, it isn’t! I’m amazed that when Phandroid makes a post that already says its an advertisement that you click on it and unsubscribe! Try making cash on your own website that costs at very least $100 to pay for each month! Sprint does have good phones also, I got the Transform and its just the phone I wanted and needed, start being considerate of the site and what they need to do to make that little extra cash that keeps them going….

  84. Totally not bothered by a sponsored post. Shakespeare got to get paid, son! As for the actual content, I just recently switched from a Droid Incredible on VZW to my new Epic 4g on Sprint, and I have to say, I agree with just about everything in this post. Sprint is not NEARLY so bad as half of the posters here would have you believe (I have yet to have an issue with them), and their customer service is excellent! I signed up for the 69.99 plan, unaware that I could get a 15% discount because sprint has a deal with the company that I work with. Well after the fact, sprint STILL gave me the discount, AND pro-rated my bill for the months that I had overpayed. When I was on VZW, they wouldn’t even pro-rate my bill when my phone was stolen and used! Sprint is pretty good.

    As for you brainless sods who think that ONE sponsored post means the end of journalistic integrity, get a life. This is like saying you wouldn’t watch TV because commercials compromise the artistic vision of your favorite show. Phandroid is great, and I don’t foresee it becoming less great because of one post. Rob, you’re awesome. Don’t pay any mind to these whiny little shits who purport to be leaving. You’re probably better off without them.

  85. Carry on guys. Clearly marked as Sponsored, anyone with a brain knows what that means. Thank you for your honesty, more power to your keyboard!

  86. First time to Phandroid and I like the website. So as I see so many people whining about a clearly marked advertisement post and leaving, you’ve gained another reader in me.

    To those whining about Sprint. If you’ve had bad experiences in the past with Sprint, you haven’t been there now. I’ve been with Sprint for 7 years and, although they have had issues with customer service, it has changed a lot. Mr. Cheap himself has came out on the radio as nervously going to Sprint with their bad CS history, and he said he has been impressed.

    Let’s just say, if you’re a Verizon customer or an Alltel customer, think of how piss poor your customer service will be when the merging is done. Think Verizon having 10’s of Millions of customers is great now? Wait til you try to call customer service. Verizon requires some sort of data plan on just about every single phone they have. I work for a guy selling used phones and get so many Verizon phones on return because it’s a data phone. The phone could be 4 years old and they would still require a $29.99 data plan. AT&T and Verizon go at it all the time on their commercials while Sprint sits back and laughs.

    I’ve never been more proud to be a Sprint customer.

  87. I’m all for phandroid making their cash where they can. But, come on guys, lets get back to major issues here. No, i’m not talking about the global economy, war, not even pandas…..lets get some more blurry pics of that beautiful Nexus S or atleast some “leaked” info about gingerbread.

  88. I’d have to say that Phandroid needs to get cash somewhere. So long as objectivity is maintained and sponsorships are fully disclosed, it’s fine. Thanks for your honesty.

    I wouldn’t worry about those people whining – they are likely to come back anyways once they realize that everywhere else is sponsored, whether through ads or something else.

  89. Rob, keep up the good work. I’m not Sprint customer but I do agree with the article. He gets paid for telling the truth! He didn’t mention any of the crap phones like the Zio, transform, Intercept etc…

    Thanks for putting “Sponsored Post”

  90. First of all, the people trying to backup phandroid make me laugh. The excuse of “they need to make money” “they have to pay bills” is crap. THERE ARE ADS AT THE TOP OF EVERY PAGE. Did you think they did this for free all this time? I may leave and I may not. It wouldn’t be over one crappy post though. I have not read a post that I truly liked in a long time.

  91. It is what it is. The EVO and EPIC are very good android devices. The G2 and MYTOUCH 4G are very good android decides. I also like the MOTOROLA X as well. To each his or her own. This thread or post was not intended to hurt feelings when phandroid posted it I’m sure.

  92. The ads don’t bring in nearly as much money as you would think. If you are this butt hurt over one article, please get off the interwebz. Its one article that you have a choice to read. Did Rob hold a gun to your head and say READ IT OR ILL KILL YOU?” Of course he didn’t.
    Honestly, if this offends you enough to call him a sellout for simply writing an article because sprint paid him, WHICH let me remind you Sprint does right now have some of the best phones, then leave.

  93. I love your website but I hae freaking ads, and now theyre in articles…. thanks a lot phandroid

  94. You people are a bunch of complaining mindless sheep! WTF have any of you done for phandroid.com besides come here, and gripe about what the author posts? I see nothing wrong with this post, especially since it educates more people on what we all love … ANDROID. So STFU, sit back, relax and … Thank you phandroid.

  95. I have lots of complaints about Sprint’s products (the Samsung Moment annoys me daily) and services… but even I don’t have a problem with a sponsored “article” that is marked as sponsored.

    All you haters need to get your heads screwed on straight.

  96. Nice Jorb landing the paying gig. My reaction…. jealousy!
    Appreciate the disclosure.. not doing so would be the only unpardonable. Thanks for all the tips tricks and traps over the years Rob. Can I borrow a Benjamin?

  97. lol whiny people havent seen sprint banners on every other site you visit.

    FYI morons thats the same thing as this post. There is no such thing as unbiased journalism because somebody somewhere is def getting their palms greased. Good thing too cause if not we’d all be using pagers still.

  98. I know I am quite late but id like ro say u people r crazy knocking this man and the site leave if u want I am new and am thankful and enjoy the site and all aspects very much on my laptop and the phandroid app how awesome well all I’m saying is keep up the great work phandroid and ty

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