Tablet Friday: Notion Ink Adam Easter Eggs Reveal Dec. 9th Date, Woow Tablet, Advent Vega Hack Adds Market


Black Friday? Pssh. More like Tablet Friday. Today, some very interesting pieces of information have come out of Notion Ink’s new website thanks to the easter eggs they’ve been putting up. Firstly, a daily binary counter in the upper-right corner of the site has been counting down, and through countless man hours of scientific experiments and deductive reasoning, we’ve been able to peg December 9th as a special day for the Adam tablet. Announcement? Pre-orders? We don’t know, but we’ll be watching closely come that time.

Another hint was found in the site’s source code. The Notion Ink team silently slipped this message into the markup:

“For any sneaky fellows looking through the code, here’s a tidbit for you, there’s a very awesome hidden sensor we’re going to be revealing soon :D .”

I’ve never been one to get excited for sensors on a smartphone or tablet device, but Notion Ink seems to have gotten me. I want to know what it is and I want to know now. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll have to wait to hear more on that unless someone is able to find out ahead of Notion Ink’s timeline. Finally, what looks to be a model number of some sort has appeared below the binary countdown. It reads “-D5720A80”. Actually, I haven’t the slightest idea of what it could be. It’s rather long-winded for a model number, and it’s not often you see a model number with letters sitting between the integers.


Thinking back to my programming days, I realized it looks a lot like Hex code, and a quick spin of a hexadecimal converter brought about the following number: 3,581,020,800. A quick trip to Wolfram|Alpha lets me know that 3,581,020,800 miliseconds is equivalent to 41.44700, or 41 when rounded down. I then thought back to the daily countdown timer and figured out that January 4th is 41 days from now. What else is on January 4th, you say? Of course, it’s CES.

Other theories have popped up, but this just makes too much sense. I could be wrong (especially considering the hex code would have to change very often to support a countdown theory unless it’s programmed to update once per day), but there’s really nothing else to go on. Just circle January 4th and December 9th on your calendars and be on the lookout. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the site from now on to see if anything changes (if that Hex number isn’t any different tomorrow, then we can rule out the countdown theory for sure.)


I almost forgot there were some other tablets to talk about! Woow’s bringing out their 10-inch tablet that has Tegra 2 packed in, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and more according to the source who leaked information on it. We’re sure we’ll here more about it as CES nears.

Finally, the Advent Vega has been hacked and a ROM has been made to include the full suite of Google apps to help round out the experience. MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien was our benefactor – as he often is – and he even has an add-on which will speed the thing up even more. If you were able to get your hands on one of these tablets (they sold out like hot cakes on a cold Sunday morning), then you might want to take a look at this thread.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. These articles are getting in the way of the ads

  2. Upon further investigation, the -D5720A80 is hard-coded into the html. So unless they are updating the html everyday, your theory may not hold.

  3. The hex read each as 2 digit converts to a random weight UPC code determining the product code is 21311 and the price is $403.21

  4. Remember kids always double check your reading. I misread so now I have to tell you that if you convert it out it comes to 213 114 10 128 I added a 0 in front of 10 and came out with 2 13114 01012 8 still close to $401..01 This is most likely extremely wrong.

  5. @wolverineguy55 you won’t see javascript-generated markup in the form of actual javascript. It just shows up as plain text in source when it’s all said and done

  6. Rohan gave the following hint for the mystery bonus feature in his blog :

    Few came dangerously close,
    to change the fundamentals of light,
    but few realized the power of the same,
    and now it even works at night!

  7. Somebody in the notion ink blog came up with this interesting theory :

    HEX -D5720A80 = DEC -3581020800

    Unix timestamp -3581020800 = 7/10/1856

    July 10, 1856 is the birth date of Nikola Tesla, the legendary Serbian inventor!! It could be an IR sensor.

  8. January 4th is my birthday :D

  9. @jessie You’re right!

  10. HEX -D5720A80 = DEC -3581020800Unix timestamp -3581020800 = 7/10/1856July 10, 1856 is the birth date of Nikola Tesla, the legendary Serbian inventor!! It could be an IR sensor.

  11. What IR sensor could be useful for?

  12. Cool this may have night a night vision camera, if it has a IR sensor built into it.

  13. Seems like u were right with the binary counter, but the hex counter didn’t change…

  14. I don’t care what the code means. I just want an Adam!

  15. Can’t wait for this tablet crap to go away! ! They are so useless and such a waste of money. Total crap! !

  16. interesting. Will Adam eat Apple..?

  17. Such anger, Steve. Were you wronged by a tablet in your younger years?

  18. I don’t think the code in the top corner of the site and the sensor announcement are related. If you look through some of the adam videos on youtube you will find one of Rohan showing off a trackpad on the back of the tablet. The trackpad isn’t listed on the website yet so I assume that’s the sensor. The code is probably related to the release date or price.

  19. Isn’t there an IR sensor in the Xbox Kinect? :)

  20. A countdown? Wait, a coundown to what?


    It’s an invasion!

  21. @rahul maybe 4G? He keeps talking about the future and all that. 3G is not the future. IR sensors are definitely not the future. And it really wouldn’t make sense to release a 3g only device into a market that’s gearing up for 4G/LTE. Then with the -D5720A80 linking to Tesla it could definitely be something to do with radio, ie. 4g.

    I can hope can’t I?

  22. The riddle in conjuction with the Tesla Date seems that it would be an infared light for night vision cam.

  23. Oa80 is the nvidia vendor id. D572 is the device id. I am sure this corresponds to some new chip/hardware/sensor built-into tegra 2.

  24. Well, today the code in the top right is 111 in binary which = 7 in decimals, so the theory of something on December 9th seems to hold. I wonder what will happen on the 9th though… Order or Pre-Order. I sure hope I can order it then!

  25. I would LOVE if it was truly the track pad on the bottom side. I thought that was a cool feature back in the day, but considering the photos released do not show that anymore, I doubt it will be on the device. I also don’t know why you would want to hide this feature until then.

    I don’t know how I would benefit from an IR sensor. Just seems like one more thing to have to hack when I try to put Ubuntu on this thing.

    Also, the countdown is surely a pre-order countdown if a countdown to anything dealing with ordering. Is it the pre-pre-order mentioned to followers, or the regular pre-order?

  26. Will The Adam Release Date really be tomorrow?

  27. when is the tablet available and what price. where do i buy it

  28. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy a Notion Ink Tablet until I read some stuff a website called The tablet looks very promising and I can’t wait to get it. I would also recommend that everyone visit that website and sign up for the forums. Looks like it’s going to be a great community .

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